Best Place to Buy Succulents Online (2020 Reviews)

The moment has finally arrived. You’re ready to buy your first succulent. Or you’ve finally decided to expand your already massive collection of succulents. (Who says there’s not enough space?) Or maybe you’re looking for where to buy succulents online for your bridal party, or for your corporate event—and you’re probably wondering where is the best place to buy succulents online.

Depending on where you live, local nurseries, garden centers, or succulent shops may be in short supply, and even if there is one in the area, it may not have the precise, in-trend succulents you’re looking for. (There’s nothing wrong with wanting some of the gorgeous succulents you see on Instagram.)

Fortunately, it’s the 21st century, and there’s an easy solution: Buy succulents online. Lots of online succulent stores are popping up to make buying succulents online possible, easy, and good for the succulents themselves. For everything from table top decoration to outdoor garden, you can buy succulents online to get the exact look you want, and then have those succulents shipped straight to your door.

Where to Buy Succulents Online

In summary, the 13 best places to buy succulents online are:

  1. Succulent Market *New Addition*
  2. Leaf & Clay
  3. Harddy
  4. Succulents Box
  5. Fairy Blooms
  6. The Succulent Source
  7. Twisted Succulents (Etsy)
  8. Queen of Succulents (Etsy)
  9. NorCal Succulent Shop (Etsy)
  10. Annie’s Garden And Patio (Etsy)
  11. My Oh My Maggie (Etsy)
  12. The Next Gardener (Amazon)
  13. Fat Plants San Diego (Amazon)

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Succulent Market

Succulent Market is a third-generation cactus and succulent farm. They have been growing cactus and succulents for well over 50 years. The family behind Succulent Market primarily sells wholesale, and have now begun to sell their succulents online!

Something unique about Succulent Market is that they are the only company that sells large 4-inch succulents by variety online!


  • Over 100 individual varieties of cactus and succulents for sale
  • Succulent cuttings available for sale by variety & in bulk
  • Cactus and succulent collections are offered in varying packs


  • Very reasonable prices for 4-inch succulents
  • Wholesale prices available for collection packs


  • Free shipping on orders over $65!
  • Orders are typically shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Ships to U.S. only
  • Shipped in pots and soil (except bare root succulent cuttings)

Extra Benefits

  • 10% off your first order when you subscribe

Why You Should Buy From Succulent Market

  • The only company that sells large 4-inch succulents by variety online
  • Premium quality succulents
  • Reasonable & affordable prices
  • Awesome selection of succulent cuttings
  • Friendly and helpful customer service

Latest Succulents for Sale:

>> More succulents by Succulent Market

Leaf & Clay®

where to buy succulents online

Leaf & Clay® specializes in premium succulents with some of the rarest and most interesting succulents you can find. They provide a variety of starter packs which range from quirky weird to pastel pretty. If you are looking for where to buy succulents online to add to your collection, look no further than Leaf & Clay®.

Leaf & Clay® also have wholesale succulents and cactus for sale, which is ideal for those looking to buy in bulk.


  • Good variety of succulent and cactus packs
  • Plants available in 2″, 2.5″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ pot sizes
  • Wide variety of succulent species


  • Average to high: Leaf & Clay® is a premium store


  • Bare root
  • Free shipping for orders above $75!
  • Ships to U.S. and territories only
  • USPS, Ships Monday through Friday; 1-3 day processing
  • Safe Arrival™ Guarantee. If your plant isn’t in perfect health upon arrival, you can get another one for free
  • Wrapped tightly but gently in tissue paper
  • Box filled with paper shreds for support
  • Each box sealed with tape & has FRAGILE printed on each side
  • Heat pack available for winter orders for an extra charge

Extra Benefits

  • Monthly subscription available – $15.95 for 3 handpicked 2.5” plants every month
  • Coupons: 15% off for new customer email newsletter subscription
  • Giveaways and discounts often announced on Facebook and Instagram
  • Wholesale plants available

Why You Should Buy From Leaf & Clay®

  • Fastest and best shipping
  • Premium quality plants
  • Occasionally rare species
  • Frequent discounts and deals
  • Succulent subscription box available
  • Awesome collection of curated planter

Latest succulents for sale:

where to buy succulents online

>> More succulents by Leaf & Clay


where to buy succulents in bulk

Harddy is a private marketplace for with plenty of succulents and cactus for sale. Orders ship directly from their amazing nurseries in California, but if there is a problem or question, you only talk to Harddy.

Harddy has one of the largest selection online, with competitive pricing, and the best customer service. Each premium plant is hand-picked for every order, which is why they may not be the cheapest source for succulents online, but you get what you pay for – beautiful, healthy, fat and juicy succulents.


  • They have the most varied succulent packs and succulent collections online
  • They source their succulent collection from participating nurseries
  • Uprooted succulent cuttings available


  • Average, reasonable considering greenhouse-grown
  • Market standard price for common varieties


  • Orders are typically shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; expedited shipping upon request
  • Via USPS Priority Mail
  • Shipped in pots and soil (except bare root succulent cuttings and 4 inch plants)

Why You Should Buy From Harddy

  • Wide variety of succulents packs and collections for sale
  • Top quality succulents
  • Great customer service
  • p/s: Use coupon code SUCCULENTALLEY for 5% discount on your orders

Latest succulents for sale:

buy succulents online

>> More succulents by Harddy

Succulents Box

succulent store

Succulents Box is yet another amazing online succulent store that currently offers more than 200 varieties of succulents along with 5 types of monthly subscription boxes. We like them because they carry many rare succulents.

Succulents Box is also passionate about saving the environment. If you make purchases through Succulents Box, a portion of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization of choice. Therefore if you wish to be involved with saving the environment, buying from Succulents Box is a no-brainer.


  • 200 varieties of succulents
  • Many rare succulents


  • An option for moderate to cheap succulents online


  • Year-round shipping, with heat packs available for purchase
  • Plants are shipped in pots with soil

Extra Benefits

  • 5 types of monthly subscription boxes available
  • Also sells air plants, or Tillandsia
  • Offers full refund for valid unsatisfying purchases eg. dead or broken plants
  • Detailed care instruction card is sent with each order
  • Portion of proceeds go to non-profit organizations

Why You Should Buy From Succulents Box

  • Good selection of succulents
  • Many rare succulents for sale
  • Friendly customer service, quick to respond
  • Great choices of succulent wedding/event favors, gifts, accessories, and more
  • Excellent shipping quality and speed

Latest succulents for sale:

best place to buy succulents online

>> More succulents by Succulents Box

Fairy Blooms

succulents for sale

Fairy Blooms is a succulent store based in California. They are nice sellers with a huge social media following. We especially like their miature pixie succulents!


  • A great variety of interesting succulents
  • However, most of their succulents are usually sold out


  • Moderately priced
  • Rare succulents are generally priced higher


  • Free shipping with orders above $75
  • Generally ship within 3-5 business days
  • Succulents are shipped bare-root

Why You Should Buy From Fairy Blooms

  • Some rare selection of succulents
  • Moderate prices
  • Come in cuttings, miniatures and arrangements
  • Great choices of succulent wedding/event favors, gifts, accessories, and more

Latest succulents for sale:

succulents for sale

>> More succulents by Fairy Blooms

The Succulent Source

cheap succulents online

The Succulent Source is a small family-owned nursery (perhaps the best online succulent nursery) in Southern California, and have been selling succulents & cacti for 15 years.

They ship thousands of succulents each week, to every state in the US, all year long.

True to their motto “From Our Family to Yours”, they are known for their family-oriented customer service, and passion for plants.

The Succulent Source also caters to wholesale customers, so if you’re looking to buy wholesale succulents online, The Succulent Source is where you want to have a look.


  • They have 200 varieties of succulent for sale, as well as cacti, and tillandsia.
  • Most succulents are in 2” or 2.5” pots, although some come in 4” and 6” pots and even gallon-sized containers.
  • Succulent cuttings and bare roots available
  • They provide succulents for guest favors, bridal parties, home and garden, and corporate gifts.
  • They offer DIY projects, arrangements, corporate packages, and wholesale plants.
  • They also have holiday-themed seasonal succulents.


  • Best choice for cheap succulents online
  • Can purchase leaves/succulent cuttings at low prices
  • Wholesale plants options
  • Usually have discounts around holidays


  • Regular shipping in 7-10 days
  • Rush shipping available
  • Shipped in-pot, not bare-root
  • Free shipping on some of their products (mostly cactus cuttings)

Extra Benefits

  • They have a monthly succulent subscription – for $30 a month, you will get 5 handpicked 2.5” succulents from their mature collection.
  • They also sell succulent-themed apparel, custom cards, books, and gift cards.

Why You Should Buy From The Succulent Source

  • Great variety
  • Low prices
  • Come in succulent trays, plants, leaves, and cuttings
  • Great choices of gifts, accessories, event/wedding favors, and more.
  • Excellent shipping quality and speed

Popular succulents for sale:

cheap succulents online

>> More succulents by The Succulent Source


Etsy has emerged to be one of the major sources of succulents online. There are many succulent sellers on Etsy, and we narrow down the best ones here.


How could we exclude Amazon when it comes to buying succulents online? There are a few amazing succulent sellers at Amazon that give you the best bang for your buck.

It’s a good deal if you have Amazon Prime and the item you are ordering is a Prime eligible item. Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? Grab this 30-day free trial now

Bestseller No. 1
Kurrajong Farmhouse 7' x 4.5' Artificial Plant in Concrete Cement Pot, Beautiful Feaux Plant for Home Decor, Artificial Plants, Fake Plant Decor, artificial succulent plants potted, fake indoor plants
54 Reviews
Kurrajong Farmhouse 7" x 4.5" Artificial Plant in Concrete Cement Pot, Beautiful Feaux Plant for Home Decor, Artificial Plants, Fake Plant Decor, artificial succulent plants potted, fake indoor plants
  • THESE DECORATIVE ARTIFICIAL PLANTS LOOK AND FEAL REAL, are set in a rustic handmade concrete pot with black pebbles to secure the artificial potted plants in place
  • DECORATIVE PLANTS ARE STUNNING IN ANY ROOM OF YOUR HOME, indoor or outdoor area, coffee table, lamp table, console table or office desk
  • 7" HIGH AND 4.5" WIDE, These nearly natural plants, feaux plants in pots are a great size.
  • BEAUTIFUL QUALITY faux plants are effortless to maintain and make a great addition for staging your home for sale, or to decorate your home for any special event (small fake plants, potted plant, plastic plants, feaux succulent plants in pots, faux plants in pots, fake potted plants, potted succulents, suculants plant
Bestseller No. 2
Shop Succulents Unique Collection of Live Hand Selected for Health, Size | Mini Succulents in Gift Box, Love You a Bunch
41 Reviews
Shop Succulents Unique Collection of Live Hand Selected for Health, Size | Mini Succulents in Gift Box, Love You a Bunch
  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE | (5) Hand selected cacti & other succulent varieties. Each succulent may vary from pictures shown. Succulents come in 2 " square pots fully rooted in soil. Comes in a Gift Box
  • WATERING NEEDS | Water 1x/week. During dormancy (winter), 1x every 2 -3 weeks. Completely soak the soil, then dry out completely before watering again. Do not use a spray bottle as water on leaves could cause damage.
  • FERTILIZING NEEDS | During the growing season, a balanced fertilizer, which has been diluted to 1/4 strength, can be added to the water for each watering.
  • SOIL | SUN | POTTING | Use well-drained soil. Regular potting soil or dirt won’t do. Use cactus soil/mix potting soil with sand/pumice/perlite. Approx 6 hrs of sun per day. Gradually give plant more sunlight each day.
  • | We strive to provide the highest quality plants delivered. 30-day Health . If plants arrive damaged or unhealthy, we will issue a full refund or replace your plant.
Bestseller No. 3
caqpo Artificial Succulent Plants - 15 Pack - Premium Unpotted Face Succulent Plants - Realistic Textured Succulents - Fake Succulent Plants for DIY - Faux Cactus Plant Bulk - Feaux Succulent Plants
366 Reviews
caqpo Artificial Succulent Plants - 15 Pack - Premium Unpotted Face Succulent Plants - Realistic Textured Succulents - Fake Succulent Plants for DIY - Faux Cactus Plant Bulk - Feaux Succulent Plants
  • DECORATIVE Fake Succulent Plant Set – Every order includes 15 highly-detailed faux cactus plants that create beautiful ambiance, style, and warmth for any indoor or outdoor setting, making them stunning home decor.
  • ELEGANT – Handmade Craftmanship – These artificial succulents come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and textures that feature hand-painted art over lifelike plastic to give them a vibrant, realistic form.
  • NATURAL LOOKING – We use a pet-safe, odorless plastic in the creation of our artificial succulents to ensure they boast realistic colors, intricate design qualities, and long-lasting durability.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT SELECTION – Get these unpotted face succulents for your own indoor garden or get them for a friend or family member who loves gardening but doesn’t have a green thumb. Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Here at Caqpo we take the quality of our fake succulent plants very seriously, as we do our customer service. That’s why every feaux succulent is backed by our unbeatable lifetime guarantee.

Succulents for Sale in Other Countries

These succulent providers have earned great reputation as reliable online succulent stores because of their amazing customer service and having a variety of unique succulents for sale.

Be sure to also check out the list of Top 50 online succulent sources all over the world if you’re looking to purchase succulents that are out of this world (including rare Korean and Japanese succulents). Some even have lithops and cactus for sale, too!

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