Top 50 Online Succulent Stores Around the World

If you’re wondering where to buy succulents online, you’ll be glad you arrive at this post! We list the top 50 online succulent stores around the world.

top 50 online succulent stores

Succulents have been a growing phenomenon in recent years, and it doesn’t seem that the craze is dying down.

In fact, more and more online succulent stores have been emerging over the years – which is great for succulent lovers like us!

But, how many times have you stumbled upon an online succulent store which has the succulent you like, but do not ship to the country you live in?

Luckily, many local succulent stores around the world have emerged because of the recent popularity of succulents. Some also provide tips on propagating succulents.

It is now easier than ever to find local online stores which have high quality live succulents for sale. Some even have succulent cuttings for sale, if you prefer a cheaper alternative. Just click on the region you live in below and you will see some of the top online succulent stores near you. Some have cactus for sale as well, so if you’re thinking where to buy cactus, check out the list below.

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Worldwide Shipping

These succulent stores around the globe do offer worldwide shipping of their succulents and other live plants, most of them with Phytosanitary Certification with extra charge. Feel free to check out their shipping costs, duration, and method, and find if they will work for you.

When it comes to shipping internationally, most of the stores will ship in bare-root, which means that they remove the plant from its pot and soil, wash it clean, and inspect its roots to ensure that it is pest-free. Being bare-root allows a lighter package and hence cheaper shipping, and reduces the risk of damage during shipment.

However during transit, plants do dry up, leaves do drop or change color due to extended periods of being in a box without light and good air circulation. You need to unbox your plants immediately when you receive them, and pot them. Healthy plants will survive shipment and recover. Healthy, well-grown plants are able to adapt after this period.

Succulent Stores in North America

United States

  1. Sunwater Succulents *Unique Gasterias & Haworthias for sale
  2. SMG Succulents *Low prices
  3. Arid Lands Greenhouses *Unique cactus for sale


  1. Valley Succulents *Succulent seeds for sale too
  2. Rare Exotic Seeds *Succulent seeds for sale

Succulent Stores in Australia


  1. The Succulent Store *Many colorful succulents for sale
  2. Succulents Australia Sales *Wide variety of succulents selection

Succulent Stores in Europe


  1. Giromagi Cactus and Succulents *Many colorful succulents for sale


  1. Sunny Plants *Seeds & cuttings for sale too
  2. Cactus Plaza *Succulents & cactus for sale


  1. Rareplant *Succulent seeds for sale
  2. Unusual Seeds *Succulent seeds for sale


  1. Suculentia *Many colorful succulents for sale
  2. Canarius *Great selection of Adromischus for sale

United Kingdom

  1. Surreal Succulents *Large succulents for sale too

Succulent Stores in Asia

Hong Kong

  1. Green Egg Store
  2. Succulent Zone *Located in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong


  1. Succulent Zone *Located in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong


  1. Magnifica Plants
  2. Kaktus
  3. Istana Bunga Kaktus

South Korea

  1. K Shop Succulents
  2. Succulent Zone *Located in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  3. X Plant


  1. Succulent Zone *Located in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Succulent Stores in Africa

South Africa

  1. Kambroo

Local Shipping

These stores provide shipping to regions within their country only. However, some of the store do ship internationally upon request.

Feel free to check out their shipping policy to see if they allow shipping to your country.

Succulent Stores in North America

United States

  1. Mountain Crest Gardens
  2. Leaf & Clay®
  3. Succulents Depot
  4. Simply Succulents
  5. The Succulent Source
  6. Paradise Found Nursery
  7. Succulent Gardens
  8. Planet Desert *Saguaro/Giant cactus for sale
  9. Pistils Nursery


  1. Grow Something
  2. Plant Collective
  3. West Coast Gardens

Succulent Stores in Australia


  1. The Succulent Garden
  2. Succulents Online
  3. MLD Succulents
  4. Let Love Grow – Succulent & Cactus
  5. Australian Plants Online
  6. Garden Express

Succulent Stores in Europe

United Kingdom

  1. Succulent Plants UK
  2. Hortology
  3. Crafty Plants *Also ships to EU countries
  4. Simply Succulents UK
  5. Gardens4You *Also ships to EU countries

Succulent Stores in Asia


  1. The Succulent Shop


  1. Noah Garden Centre
  2. Green Thumb X
  3. Candy
  4. Happy Succulent
  5. Succulent Succulents
  6. The Garden Store
  7. Pick a Plant
  8. Rabbit Island

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