About Us

How nice of you to visit our succulents blog! Surely you are wondering who actually is behind Succulent Alley.

We are Evan & Janie, a married couple living in San Diego, California.

What began in 2011 with a few succulents ended in a hobby full of passion and laid the foundation for Janie’s heart project Succulent Alley.

In doing so, she was supported by Evan as a partner in both business and private life. So, we started a small blog to widen the popularity of succulents and tell the world what makes us so enthusiastic about this special group of plants.

Succulent Alley should become more familiar and get a face – Sorry, more like two faces. Who are these two faces?

Evan: Creative head and incorrigible perfectionist. He takes care of technology, communication, organization, marketing and is optimizing existing processes.

Janie: The biggest fan of succulents and an enthusiastic collector herself. She is particularly fond of Echeveria (an Echeveria tattoo on her arm proves it). She takes care of writing, marketing and of course our succulents.

Our Motto

Our mission now is to bring succulents closer to the people, to share our passion with you and bring them into your home. Succulents convey a modern sense of style, joie de vivre and at the same time bring peace and relaxation into every room. The blog should also work as an easy access for ‘newbies’ to get to know more about these great plants and to be on hand with help and advice. Therefore, we not only answer your questions in the comments, but are also there to help you via email.

Write to Us!

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, just write to us! We are always happy to receive a message!

Evan & Janie