No-Fail Ways to Ship Succulents Without Damage

Succulents are the perfect plants for modern living. They’re low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and come in various shapes and colors. But what if you want to share these amazing plants with friends or family who live far away? Shipping succulents might seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. This guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

First Things First: Can Succulents Survive Shipping?

how to ship succulents

Absolutely! Succulents are built to endure harsh conditions, thanks to their ability to store water in their leaves and stems. This makes them ideal for shipping, as they can go without water for several days or even weeks. However, there are a few precautions you’ll need to take to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

Preparing Bare-Root Succulents for Shipping

how do you ship bare root succulents

If you’re shipping succulents without soil or pots, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gently remove the succulents from their soil, shaking off any excess dirt from the roots.
  2. Let the roots dry completely for a day or two.
  3. Wrap the roots and base of the plant in soft tissue paper or newspaper.
  4. Place the wrapped succulent in a small cardboard box, cushioning it with more paper if needed.

Shipping Potted Succulents

how do you ship potted succulents

If you’re sending a succulent in its pot, follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the plant and soil surface with plastic wrap to prevent soil from spilling.
  2. Cushion the potted succulent with soft paper or bubble wrap.
  3. Place the wrapped pot in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring it’s snug and won’t shift during transit.
  4. Clearly mark the box with “THIS SIDE UP” arrows.

Mailing Succulent Cuttings

how do you ship succulent cuttings

Succulent cuttings are even easier to ship:

  1. Water the plant a few days before taking cuttings.
  2. Allow the cuttings to dry for a day or two.
  3. Wrap the cuttings in tissue paper or newspaper.
  4. Place the wrapped cuttings in a small cardboard box, cushioning with more paper if needed.

Shipping Timeline and Recovery Tips

how long can succulents survive shipping

Succulents can survive shipping for up to 2 weeks, but it’s best to aim for delivery within 7 days. Ship at the beginning of the week to avoid weekend delays.

If your succulents look a bit worse for wear after shipping, don’t worry! Gently remove any fallen leaves or stems, water them, and provide bright, indirect light. With a little TLC, they’ll bounce back in no time.

how to recover succulents from a long shipping time

Winter Shipping? No Problem!

how do you care for succulents after shipping

Shipping succulents in winter requires extra care. Pack them as usual, but include a heat pack to keep them warm during transit. Choose an expedited shipping option to minimize time in cold temperatures.

With these simple steps, you can confidently ship succulents to your loved ones, no matter where they live. Share the joy of these resilient, beautiful plants with the world!