Succulent Care Made Easy

Have you ever seen a succulent and thought to yourself, “How the heck do I care for that?” If so, this blog is for you. Succulents are plants that have thick leaves or stems filled with water-storing cells which allow them to survive in low-water environments. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes!

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Succulent Care Guide

1. Water

Overwatering is the number one cause of death for succulents.

Learn how often and how much to water your succulents so they can keep on thriving.

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2. Light

How much light should you give your succulents? Too little, and they etiolate. Too much, and they burn.

Find out what’s the right balance in this article.

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3. Soil

Succulents need special soil to grow. Wrong soil often leads to rot and eventually death in succulents.

Learn what’s the best soil you should use for your succulents.

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4. Pots

Where you plant your succulent plays a huge role in its survival. It is always recommended to use pots with drainage holes.

However, if your pot does not have a drainage hole, we have some tips for you.

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5. Fertilizer

What is the best succulent fertilizer and should you be using it?

When and how often should you fertilize succulents?

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6. Propagation

Find out how to make more succulent babies by propagating in soil and in water.

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Identify Your Plant

types of succulents with pictures
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Common Succulent Troubles

white fuzz on succulents

White Fuzz

Find out what these cottony stuff are and how to remove them

succulent leaves turning black

Black Leaves

There are 4 main causes for succulent leaves turning black

why does my succulent have spots

Brown Spots

The appearance of brown spots in a succulent is certainly a cause for concern

succulent leaves splitting

Splitting Leaves

For the most part, the splitting of succulent leaves is a result of excessive care

leaves falling off succulents

Dropping Leaves

These 7 care mistakes can cause succulents to shed their leaves

how do i know if my succulent has root rot

Root Rot

Learn how to detect root rot in your succulents before things get out of hand

succulent leaves turning yellow and soft

Yellowing Leaves

If your succulent leaves are yellowing, what you do next is vital

can you cut off aerial roots

Aerial Roots

Why succulents grow aerial roots and if you should cut them

etiolated succulent

Etiolation / Stretching

Why succulents stretch out and what you can do about it

Resources & Buying Guides

succulents under grow light

LED Grow Lights

Grow lights are almost a necessity for indoor succulents

best soil for succulents in pots

Succulent Soil

These 6 are by far the best soils for succulents in pots



At Succulent Alley, we research and review the 5 best fertilizers for succulents

best gloves for handling cactus

Cactus Gloves

We’ve compiled a list of some of the toughest gloves on the market

best drainage pots for succulents


Check out the different types of pots with drainage holes for your succulents



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