Growing Succulents In Bathroom – What You Need To Know

Bathrooms can feel dull and boring sometimes. But not anymore! You can brighten them up by adding some cute, low-maintenance succulents. These trendy plants are perfect for bathrooms because they don’t need much care.

succulents in bathroom

Can Succulents Survive In A Bathroom?

Absolutely! Succulents love warm environments like bathrooms. Just keep them away from direct spray from showers or bathtubs. They like bright, indirect light so make sure your windows let in plenty of airflow. Use a well-draining cactus or succulent soil mix to keep them healthy.

8 Best Succulents For The Bathroom

Not all succulents are created equal when it comes to bathrooms. Here are the top 8 picks that will look gorgeous while helping purify the air:

1. Snake Plant

snake plant in bathroom

This tall plant has striped, sword-like leaves. It’s extremely hardy and filters out nasties like formaldehyde. Perfect for low-light bathrooms.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera in bathroom

The gel inside this aloe’s thick leaves can soothe sunburns. It removes toxins like benzene from the air too!

3. Elephant Bush

elephant bush

From South Africa, this stumpy plant has thick stems and glossy green leaves up to 4 inches long. It loves humidity.

4. Chinese Money Plant

chinese money plant

With its round, glossy leaves, this cutie is said to bring luck. It clears formaldehyde and other pollutants.

5. Panda Plant

panda plant

This fuzzy succulent has velvety, oval leaves with white hairs giving it a silvery look. So adorable!

6. Fishbone Cactus

fishbone cactus

Its flat, angular stems covered in spines make this one look like…you guessed it…a fishbone! Unique and easy to care for.

7. Ox Tongue Succulent

ox tongue succulent

These fleshy, tongue-shaped leaves are dotted with white speckles. They come in shades of green, gray and purple.

8. Haworthia


The tiny, spiky leaves spiral into tight rosettes. These geometric beauties have interesting striped patterns.

How To Care For Succulents In Bathroom

Succulents are super low-maintenance, but they still need some TLC:

  • Let in fresh air daily by opening a window or using a fan
  • Use room temperature water when the soil is bone dry
  • Bright, indirect light for 3-4 hours per day is ideal
  • Check for pests like mealybugs hiding on the leaves/stems
  • Feed with a slow-release fertilizer every few months in spring/summer

With just a little attention, your adorable succulents will thrive and purify the air in your bathroom oasis!

Can Succulents Live In A Bathroom Without A Window?

No windows? No problem! Install some fluorescent or LED lights to give your succulents 3-4 hours of bright, indirect light daily. Grow lights work too. With the right lighting, your succulents will be happy campers.

So grab some of these cute, easy-care plants to instantly perk up your bathroom! Your air will be fresher and your space instantly more inviting.