25 Rare Succulents Names and Pictures

Succulent plants come in an amazing array of shapes, sizes, and colors. From spiky cacti to plump and fleshy beauties, these drought-resistant plants are truly nature’s wonders. If you’re a succulent enthusiast eager to expand your collection, get ready to discover some of the rarest and most captivating varieties out there!

rare succulents plants

Pachyphytum ‘Angels Finger’

pachyphytum angels finger

Pachyphytum is a genus of succulents native to Mexico. The name refers to the thick leaves of the plants in this genus. Pachyphytum ‘Angels Finger’ are usually small in height and easy to take care of. They have lovely tiny pinkish leaves. You can get one here.

Graptoveria ‘Titubans’ Variegated

graptoveria titubans variegated

Graptoveria ‘Titubans’ is a cross between two different succulents. The Graptopetalum paraguayense is native to Mexico and usually grows in the shape of rosettes. Echeveria derenbergii is a flowering succulent commonly known as the painted lady. Graptoveria ‘Titubans’ have charming dual-toned leaves. You can get one here.

Echeveria ‘Dragon Fin’

echeveria dragon fin

Echeveria ‘Dragon Fin’ is a hybrid plant created from the highly diverse Echeveria genus of succulents. These plants are known to be short in height with tightly packed leaves in rosette formations. The Echeveria ‘Dragon Fin’ has dark pink rosettes with a green tint on the tips.

Echeveria ‘Rainbow’

echeveria rainbow

The Echeveria ‘Rainbow’ is a hybrid form of an already hybrid plant known as the Echeveria ‘Perle von Nürnberg’. This plant gets its name because the leaves are brightly colored and change their hue throughout the year.

Greenovia Pink Phoenix

greenovia pink

Greenovia ‘Pink Phoenix’ is a succulent lover’s version of a rose. This plant has tiny leaves arranged in the shape of roses and the leaves take on a beautiful pink color straight out of a fairytale. They are simple to take care of like any other succulent.

Echeveria ‘Cinderella’

echeveria cinderella

Echeveria ‘Cinderella’ is another cultivated form of the Echeveria genus of succulents. Like other plants from the genus, the plant has short and thick leaves. This version has beautiful pink-tinted tips. You can get one here.

Echeveria ‘Twin Berry’

echeveria twin berry 1

Echeveria ‘Twin Berry’ is true to its name as these adorable little Echeveria succulents look as bright and fresh as berries. These tiny plants look like fruits in terms of their shape and size. You can get one here.

Greenovia ‘Blood Cherry’

greenovia blood cherry

The Greenovia ‘Blood Cherry’, like other plants from the Greenovia genus, is reminiscent of a rose. This version is bright red and stunning, like a cherry. The plant needs to be protected from frost but is otherwise easy to take care of.

Echeveria ‘Red Tinkerbell’

echeveria red tinkerbell

The Echeveria ‘Red Tinkerbell’ is a cultivated form of the Echeveria succulent. The perky leaves are arranged in tight circles to form a circular plant. The plant has beautiful leaves with red edges. You can get one here.

Echeveria ‘Jasiri’

echeveria jasiri

The Echeveria ‘Jasiri’ is a cultivated form of Echeveria succulents that has adorable little juicy leaves. The leaves are a pale green color that will provide a beautiful contrast to your other plants. You can get one here.

Pachysedum ‘Ganzhou’

pachysedum ganzhou 1

The Pachysedum ‘Ganzhou’ is a hybrid between succulents of the Pachyphytum and Sedum genera. This plant has unique elongated leaves that are full of moisture. The leaves are primarily green in color and change to red and pink when stressed.

Cotyledon ‘Choco Line’

cotyledon choco line

The Cotyledon ‘Choco Line’ is a form of succulent from the Cotyledon genus, which is mainly native to Africa. This plant has unique leaves shaped almost like small cookies with a red line on the edge, like a line of chocolate.

Echeveria cv Beniothine

echeveria cv beniothine

The Echeveria cv Beniothine is another cultivar with thick pale green leaves arranged in a circular pattern. The leaves have red and pink edges and look smooth and waxy. You can get the seeds for this plant and grow them yourself.

Echeveria ‘Fantastic Fountain’

echeveria fantastic fountain 1

The Echeveria ‘Fantastic Fountain’ is a recently created hybrid plant from Taiwan. Although the leaves are arranged in a rosette formation like other plants of the genus, they give an appearance of a fountain with leaves coming out from the center.

Echeveria nodulosa hybrid

echeveria nodulosa hybrid

The Echeveria nodulosa is a succulent plant native to Mexico. The name refers to the nodules in the stem of the plant. It is commonly known as a painted echeveria due to its beautiful bright colors. You can get one here.

Crassula ‘Mermaid’

crassula mermaid

The Crassula ‘Mermaid’ is a cultivar from the succulent genus known as Crassula. Plants of this genus are characterized by tiny leaves arranged intricately and densely on a stem. The leaves of this plant look just like a mermaid’s tail.

Echeveria ‘Asante Sana’

echeveria asante sana 1

The Echeveria ‘Asante Sana’ has beautiful chunky leaves in a pale pinkish hue with blue undertones. This plant is simple to take care of and grows best in soil that drains well. The plant must receive sunlight to retain its bright colors.

Graptoveria ‘Harry Watson’

graptoveria harry watson

The Graptoveria ‘Harry Watson’ is a cross between plants of the Graptopetalum and Echeveria genera. It is a small plant with thick leaves arranged tightly around the stem. The leaves are a pale green color with bluish and pink tints.

Graptoveria ‘Mrs. Richards’

graptoveria mrs richards

The Graptoveria ‘Mrs. Richards’ is another cross between a Graptopetalum and Echeveria succulent. It has similar thick leaves as the previous plant. The leaves have a stunning red and pink color palette. You can get one here.

Echeveria ‘Monocerotis Variegata’

echeveria monocerotis variegata 1

The Echeveria ‘Monocerotis Variegata’ is a cultivated form of Echeveria succulent plants. This plant has pointed leaves that have variegation in color. Beautiful and unique yellow-colored leaves pop out of the dark green of the rest of the plant.

Haworthia obtusa ‘Hybrid Variegata’

haworthia obtusa hybrid variegata

This variegated hybrid form of the Haworthia obtusa succulent is an extremely unique-looking plant. The leaves are small and plump, resembling an Aloe plant. In this hybrid form, the leaves are slightly larger and multicolored. Pale yellows and greens are mixed in these beautiful leaves. You can buy one here.

Echeveria ‘Lenore Dean Variegata’

echeveria lenore dean variegata

This Echeveria ‘Lenore Dean Variegata’ is a hybrid variegated form of Echeveria succulents with tightly packed leaves in the rosette formation. The leaves are yellow and green with beautiful patterns on the surface. You can get one here.

Lenophyllum guttatum ‘Variegata’

lenophyllum guttatum variegata

The Lenophyllum guttatum ‘Variegata’ is a variegated form of the Lenophyllum guttatum succulent plant. This genus of plants is native to the United States and Mexico. This plant has unique pointed leaves with green and bright red patterns. You can get one here.

Greenovia aurea ‘ex El Hierro’

greenovia aurea ex el hierro

The Greenovia aurea ‘ex El Hierro’ is a form of the Aeonium aureum succulent plant. This plant looks like a larger version of the rose with dusty and pale pink leaves arranged in a circular formation around the stem. You can get one here.

Graptoveria ‘Winds of Change’

graptoveria winds of change

The Graptoveria ‘Winds of Change’ is another hybrid between the Graptopetalum and Echeveria genera. The plant has large and velvety pointed leaves arranged in a circular formation. The leaves have a stunning dark green color with purple highlights around the edges.

These rare and beautiful succulents are sure to take your succulent collection to the next level. They are still simple to take care of and will add a unique look to your home.

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