24 Exquisite Pink Succulent Plants: Nature’s Artistry on Display

Succulents are super beautiful plants that you’ll love having around. Not only are they stunning, but they’re also really low-maintenance, meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of them. And guess what? Pink succulents are some of the most beautiful ones you can find! They can totally brighten up any room or space. Check out these amazing pink succulent plants that are both pretty and have a unique and cool look. You might want to bring them home with you!

pink succulent plants

Pink Succulent Plants With Pictures

1. Aloe Pink Blush

aloe pink blush 1

Aloe hybrids are known for their small size and unparalleled beauty, but Pink Blush is a larger variant of Aloe that clumps profusely and gives rise to gorgeous pink and green leaves. Its foliage is so amazing that you can use it in a quiet corner and see it liven up.

It has minimum caring needs and all you need to provide is partial shade and well-draining soil.

2. Anacampseros telephiastrum ‘Variegata’

anacampseros telephiastrum ‘variegata 1

Also known as the Anacampseros telephiastrum ‘Sunrise’, this is a pretty succulent that resembles a rose with green and pink hues. It grows in clusters and the pot or the container that houses it would resemble a small bouquet with beautiful roses. The succulent is in full bloom during the months of summer and you can expect the flower to grow up to 1.4 inches in size.

The best part about this pink and green succulent is that it has minimal caring requirements and works excellently as both an indoor and outdoor plant.

3. Variegated String of Hearts

ceropegia woodii variegata 1

If you like trailing succulents that are also dense, this is the one to go after. This succulent has one of the prettiest leaves that are bathed in hues of green and pink with a tinge of cream.

One look at the plant and you will be mesmerized by the bounties of nature. The succulent also has a brief flowering summer season that makes it even more charming and eye-catching. Make sure you plant it in a good container and ensure you meet its fertilizing needs occasionally.

4. Echeveria ‘Can Can’

echeveria can can 1

Resembling something like cabbage or cauliflower, this is one of those pretty pink succulents that may seem weird to some people. Its stout, fleshy leaves can grow up to 15 inches in diameter. The leaves undergo a transition in color as they age.

They could be pale green with a pink border in the beginning and may even turn brown and violet as the succulent ages. The ruffled margins of the leaves with a bright pink hue give this succulent a dreamy look.

5. Echeveria cante

echeveria cante 2

Resembling a fully bloomed rose, this succulent is too gorgeous to look at. The color combination adds to its innate charm. The leaves are pale green with a pink border. Sometimes, during full bloom, it may even resemble a lotus.

6. Echeveria Afterglow

echeveria cv. afterglow 1

If you have a preference for a pink succulent that is showy yet simple, this is the ideal one for you. It is a gorgeous succulent with pastel pink and blue leaves bordered by bright pink edges that give it a unique shade. Together, they weave an otherworldly tapestry.

7. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

echeveria cv. perle von nurnberg 1

This is a clumpy small succulent that has gorgeous waxy pearly blue and purplish leaves with a pink tinge to them. The pink is pale and the leaves look particularly beautiful in the sun. This succulent is very easy to grow and makes for a great summer outdoor plant.

8. Echeveria gigantea

echeveria gigantea 1

This is a short and stocky succulent with big leaves that have a green and pink tinge to them. This succulent enjoys full sun and needs well-draining soil to thrive. You will also need to irrigate it occasionally to keep it in the best shape. Plant it in a pot and see it shine!

9. Echeveria ‘Gorgon’s Grotto’

echeveria ‘gorgons grotto 1

This is a slightly big succulent that can grow up to 12 inches in diameter. It consists of multicolored leaves that are curled at the edges. The predominant colors in the leaves are pale green and pink. It is a fairly easy succulent to grow, provided you get the basics right such as not overwatering.

10. Echeveria ‘Pink Champagne’

echeveria ‘pink champagne 1

This is one of the finest rosette-forming succulents you can get home. It resembles a flower in full bloom with leaves akin to waxy petals clustered together. The summer sees this succulent bloom with orange flowers. This succulent is susceptible to fungal infections, so you have to be cautious to not let water sit.

11. Echeveria ‘Pinky’

echeveria ‘pinky 1

Adorned with pale blue and green leaves with purple flowers, this is a single rosette succulent that is too beautiful to look at. This is called ‘Pinky’ because the leaves are edged with a bright and glistening pink color that makes it charming. The succulent is easy to care for and can be even nurtured by a novice.

12. Echeveria ‘Rainbow’

echeveria ‘rainbow 1

This is a colorful succulent with multicolored leaves that change color every season. The edges of the leaves are bathed in a mesmerizing shade of pale and bright pink. To make it reach its full potential, you would need to keep pruning old leaves from the bottom as the succulent grows.

13. Echeveria subrigida

echeveria subrigida 1

Known to be one of the most distinct Echeveria, this succulent has cream leaves with a flush of pink that makes it distinct and endearing. This is ideal for those who enjoy simpler things in life and find beauty even in the most unheard-of places.

14. Euphorbia abdelkuri cv. Damask

euphorbia abdelkuri cv. damask 1

It is one of those weird pink succulents that have a distinct beauty. Resembling a pink candy with melting wax on it, the succulent truly comes alive because of its color combinations, which are a mix of all colors pink. It is valued for its unparalleled and unusual beauty.

15. Euphorbia mammillaris Variegata

euphorbia mammillaris variegata 1

This is a slender, short-stemmed succulent that grows in clusters. It has short ephemeral leaves and produces a yellow flower at the top of each stem. It has a truly distinct appearance for a succulent and that makes it special.

16. Graptopetalum amethystinum

graptopetalum amethystinum 3

Imagine small white rocks arranged asymmetrically atop each other with a beautiful flower blooming from among them. Ravishing, isn’t it? This is what this succulent looks like with its pale whitish leaves that give birth to deep red flowers.

17. Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi Variegata

kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegata 1

These succulents sport green leaves that take on a pinkish hue in variegated light situations i.e. extreme bright light or the lack of it. This is a bushy succulent that is also known as the ‘Rainbow kalanchoe’ because of its long leaves that can change color.

18. Lithops olivacea var. nebrownii

lithops olivacea var. nebrownii 1

This is a unique succulent featuring divergent fissures in pale brown and pink color. It can be grown and nurtured easily but you have to ensure that its basic water soil and lighting needs are met without fail. It is a slow-growing succulent but it would be worth it when it blooms.

19. Lithops optica cv. rubra

lithops optica cv. rubra 1

One of the most gorgeous Lithos, this succulent is distinguished by its club-shaped leaves that make a pronounced fissure. The color of the succulent is a mix of white green and grey with a distinct pink tinge. It is relatively easy to grow and care for.

20. Pachyphytum oviferum

pachyphytum oviferum 1

Pachyphytum oviferum is a slow-growing succulent that features small cluster-esque leaves with beautiful pink flowers. The leaves are stout and waxy and are whitish-pink in color. It is easy to grow and can flourish if you do the basics right.

21. Pachyveria scheideckeri

pachyveria scheideckeri 1

This succulent features fleshy blue-green leaves that are edged by a tinge of pink. The summer and spring seasons see this succulent bloom with beautiful yellow flowers. If you fend for its watering, light, and soil needs adequately, this pink and green succulent will never cease to amaze you.

22. Sedum sieboldii

sedum sieboldii 1

This is a trailing perennial succulent that features blue-gray leaves with a visible pink tint. Bright pink flowers bloom during the autumn season. The only downside to this succulent is that it usually dies during the winter season and has to be repotted.

23. Graptosedum Francesco Baldi

graptosedum francesco baldi 1

A small, stout succulent with beautiful yellow flowers, that bloom in the winter season, makes this succulent gorgeous. The leaves are pale pink and grey in color. The succulent enjoys the sun and thrives in it.

24. Graptoveria Fred Ives

graptoveria fred ives 1

This succulent is characterized by small clusters that give way to broad, overlapping, and stiff leaves in beautiful glistening pink and bronze shades. It is an adaptable succulent and can survive in both summers and winters. It grows slowly but its beauty makes it worth it!