30 Cutest Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulents are plants that can easily thrive indoors, especially if you do not have a lot of space to accommodate a garden outdoors. Check out the following 30 cute and innovative indoor succulent garden ideas!

Shamrock Succulent Planter

While this planter design is referred to as Shamrock, you can experiment with all kinds of designs. The idea is to cut out a shape into a small square plywood (using a scroll saw or any other tool) and then assemble all the parts so that the succulents may be arranged within the area that has been cut out.

Seashell Terrariums

Making a succulent terrarium adorned with seashells is a great way to experiment with a succulent garden. It’ll give the succulents an almost ethereal vibe and is a great way to use the beautiful seashells one may have collected from holidays over the years.

Mermaid Garden

Similar to the seashell terrarium, one can simply take a shallow bowl to arrange the succulents as they please. Then have fun with pebbles and marbles in different shades of blue, to create the seabed. Finally, add the beautiful mermaid figurines resting by the succulents!

Succulent Centrepieces

One has heard of flower centerpieces during weddings or special functions, but a succulent centerpiece is an even better option because it will not wilt, unlike cut flowers! With the right care and drainage, succulent centerpieces can last for years.

Tea Tin Succulents

indoor succulent garden ideas
Cr. Sisoo

Old school tea tins make for extremely colorful containers to plant succulents in. This method does not demand much. Simply a shallow tea tin that will provide the succulent with the right drainage.

Succulent Wall Planter

You can make a vertical succulent garden using simply a picture frame! Typically, the frame would have pictures hanging on the walls, but with the right kind of assembly, you can have succulents hanging on the walls! It might also be a great idea to combine it with a wreath or a garland for a better look. You may find some great options in stores like HeftyBerry.

Succulents on Driftwood

A piece of driftwood is a great and unique container to plant succulents in. This project will require some hot gluing, which can take some people aback. But when done correctly, it will not harm the succulents. You also don’t need soil for this method, good old green moss should do the trick!

Mason Jar Succulent Pots

If you have been on Pinterest anywhere in the last decade, you may have noticed that the internet loves a good Mason jar aesthetic. So why not use these hardy Mason jars to plant your succulents?

Succulent Dish Garden

If you have an old dining set that’s getting ruined because it never gets used, then upcycling the set for your succulent dish garden is a great idea. You can plant the succulents in the gravy boat, teacups, juice glass, etc, and create a miniature garden.

Succulents in a Baking Dish

A baking dish is a great container for planting succulents. It has the perfect depth for a vibrant succulent garden.

Cork Planters

Wine corks can be great for small succulents. Corks provide excellent drainage while also retaining long enough for the succulents to absorb.

Hanging Planter

hanging planter
Cr. Brit+Co

You can make a hanging planter using green moss, soil and a hardy string or ribbon that can withstand the weight of a hanging succulent garden!

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

Great for fall decoration, a large pumpkin is an incredible material for succulents to grow and prosper in. The larger the pumpkin, the more room you have to experiment with a variety of succulents.

Succulent in a Whelk Shell

People often bring back these decorative Whelk shells from beach holidays, but they only gather dust on the showcase before finally, you decide to throw them out. Instead, use them for succulents!

Sea Urchin Succulent Planters

If you can get your hands on empty sea urchin shells, they can be converted into some of the cutest succulent planters!

Upcycled Candle Jars

Instead of throwing used candle jars out once the wax has melted, you can simply use the jars to plant succulents!

Easter Egg

Fill a good old eggshell with soil and use it to plant succulents! You can place the eggshells over a tray of pebbles for better stability.

Gravy Boat

gravy boat planter
Cr. Brit+Co

A gravy boat is one of the easiest ways to convert a kitchen dish into a succulent planter—these cute little things will add a little spark to any space.

Mother’s Day Teacup Planters

Succulents make for great presents and who better to gift them to than your beloved mother? Use vintage teacups to create a beautiful and personalized present.

Hanging Himmeli Plant Holder

If you are looking for a cool, geometric design, no need to look beyond a DIY himmeli planter with straws.

Bowl Planter

If you have a bowl that you no longer use, convert it into a succulent planter!

Succulent Boats

succulent boats
Cr. Sunset

Plant succulents in boat-style vessels to make them look like the famous Kashmiri flower boats!

Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

Use industrial trimmings like aluminum end caps, metal tubes, and more to create a cool, tiered succulent garden with an industrial look!

Green Pallet Table

An extremely fun and creative project to undertake, you can build your own succulent table using pallet boards!

Succulent Birdhouse Wreath

Take any birdhouse and convert the roof into a succulent garden! Hot glue and green moss will be your best friends for this DIY project.

Copper PVC Wall Planter

PVC is a hardy and useful material to plant succulents in, but when you add copper into the mix, things elevate to another level of style!

DIY Succulent Pot

Take any spare container—it can even be an old yogurt container—and simply decorate it how you like for your succulent garden!

Book Succulent Planter

If you have an old hardbound copy that is thick enough to accommodate a succulent, this is a great way to upcycle old literature!

Hoop Terrarium Globe

You can create cool geometric patterns with embroidery hoops! You will need a lot of hot glue and copper wires to reinforce the project, but it is worth it!

Wooden Letter Rack

Since people hardly write letters anymore, what possible use could a letter rack be other than for your beautiful succulents! A great and sophisticated way to add to your succulent garden.

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