15 Creative Succulent Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers [With Pictures]

Succulent lovers are specially gifted people, as they have the nurturing hands that can make a beautiful succulent garden thrive. As with aficionados for any kind of hobby, they probably talk about their love for succulents constantly, even if you don’t want to hear about it!

If you want to do something special for them, a succulent-themed present is one of the best things!

The following are 15 creative succulent gift ideas for succulent lovers:

succulent gift ideas

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1. Succulent Seed Starter Kit

cactus succulent seed starter kit - indoor garden grow kits, seeds for planting mini cactus succulent plants, plant markers, soil, pots, wood box - fathers day gardening gifts

A succulent seed starter kit is a great gift idea for succulent lovers. The kit has four packets of non-GMO seeds, four soil disks, pruning shears and everything else that one may require to get started with a beautiful succulent garden.

Even for a budding hobbyist, this is a great gift, as it will walk one through the process of growing a succulent garden. The mixture of seeds in the kit includes Lithops, Argyroderma, Mesembryanthemum, Gibbaeum, Crassula, Cheiridopsis, Carpobrotus, Faucaria, Fenestraria and others. Within no time, one can have a thriving succulent garden and a much brighter window sill, thanks to this helpful starter kit!

2. Succulent Pillow

tyison 3d succulents cactus pillow, cute succulents, for garden or green lovers baby green plant throw pillows for bedroom room home decoration novelty plush cushion

A succulent pillow is an adorable and quirky gift to get someone who loves succulents. Of course, this is not a gift that can be put in the garden (or, perhaps it can be if the garden has a covered gazebo and a sitting area).

They also come in a variety of colors and shapes, just like the wide range of succulents available in nature. The perfect way to make any room cozy and also something that perfectly matches the personality of a succulent lover.

Rest assured, this will be their favorite pillow to fall asleep with! Not only because it represents something they love, but also because it came from someone who appreciated their affection for succulents!

3. Succulent Duvet Set

arightex colorful succulents duvet cover purple green and black 3 pcs rainbow desert succulents bedding stylish bedspreads for boho girls boys (queen)

This is another great idea for a gift if your friend loves succulents (or even if you love succulents and want to treat yourself). These duvets have a range of prints and illustrations, depicting a great variety of succulent species.

They make for an incredibly fun way to make any room brighter and also immediately gives away that the duvet owner is also a succulent lover! Just a quirky and sweet present to let someone know you care for their interests and likes.

4. Succulent Necklace

pinky rose live succulent terrarium plant necklace with 17' black woven string

Succulent necklaces contain living plants that you can plant, grow and also wear! This is simply incredible craftsmanship that anybody could enjoy, even if they are not succulent lovers.

Imagine a tiny vial around your neck that contains a beautiful and exquisite succulent! There’s a conversation starter! It can also be an incredibly thoughtful and sensitive present to get someone who loves succulents! Rest assured, this is a truly unique present.

5. Succulent Earrings

pretty smart hypoallergenic succulent earrings for sensitive ears (aqua, 100% metal free plastic posts)

Succulent earrings could be one of the most adorable pieces of jewelry one may set their eyes on. They are especially cute when they are in stud forms. It is like a miniature succulent for your ears!

Again, these earrings may be shaped in various ways and also boast several colors, depending on what type of succulent they have been modeled on.

You can also look for dangler earrings if stud earrings are not your preferred choice. There are plenty of options out there when you are looking for succulent earrings!

6. Succulent Watch

interestprint green aloe succulent plants waterproof women's classic wrist watch with black leather band

When you look for succulent watches online, you can go in two directions. One, is a custom-made pocket watch that would have tiny succulents in the dial area. Of course, this watch is purely decorative and chances are it will be no good for actually telling the time.

Still, it is a perfectly unique piece of jewelry. The other option you may find is a regular wristwatch with some succulent-themed accents in the dial or the strap. Both are great options if you are looking to buy a present for a succulent lover.

7. Succulent Mask

titafel gnomes succulents cacti terrarium cloth face mask reusable adjustable washable for adult & teens with 2 filters

With the amount of pollution and viral strains going around in the air at any given point in time, it is advisable to protect oneself with a face mask when out in public, especially while using public transport.

But there is no reason why a face mask cannot complement one’s outfit or reflect something about their personality, likes and dislikes. A succulent-themed face mask shows not only that you care about the person’s health and well-being, but also that you pay attention to what they like and spend their time on.

8. Succulent Stickers

succulent plants stickers pack cute flower vinyl decals for water bottles hydroflask book macbook laptop phone case(50pcs)

A great way to let your creative juices flow is to play around with stickers to decorate any plain surfaces in one’s vicinity. A water bottle, a diary or even one’s laptop sleeve. The idea of working with stickers is to use stickers that are attractive and also reflect something about what you like and believe in.

Succulent stickers are an incredible idea for giving any plain surface a boost. These stickers may have a variety of cool illustrations and patterns based on succulents. You will have plenty of variety to choose from as succulents lend themselves beautifully to design and illustration ideas.

This is also a versatile present as with just a single batch of stickers, they can go on a decorating spree, embellishing various things around them. Each time they look at these stickers around their home or work desk, they’ll think of you!

9. Succulent Mug

dei 13303 succulent mug,20 ounce
perfectostore what the fucculent retro vintage cactus succulent plant gardening ceramic coffee mug, cup 11oz, 15oz (11oz)
what up succa succulent plant mom cactus pun coffee mug 11 & 15 oz

Finally, nothing says you care more than a well-thought-out coffee mug. This is a simple idea, but it is certainly tried and tested. Sure, if you simply buy a standard mug from a regular gift shop it means nothing.

But if you buy something that reflects actual thought behind it, by picking something the recipient can relate to, it can be an incredibly sweet and fun present.

A succulent mug can have an illustration of their favorite succulent, a well-thought-out limerick or perhaps just a customized message that lets them know you care. This is a small but fun present that could work very well for a succulent lover.

10. Succulent Keychain

stock show 4pcs/pack cute succulent cactus pot keychain creative plants charm pendants keyrings for car key holder women girl kids friends cactus lover gift

Everyone needs a keychain to keep all their important keys safe and accessible for when they need it.

A succulent keychain not only looks cute, but you also know that it is something that will be frequently used, as typically one does not leave the house without their keys!

11. Succulent T-Shirt

in a world full of roses be a succulent t-shirt

Adding succulents to one’s sartorial styles can be a great way to wear one’s interests, quite literally, on one’s sleeves!

There are several adorable succulent-themed t-shirts, with graphics and funny quotes that you can give a succulent lover.

12. Succulent Water Bottles

25 oz.insulated stainless steel water bottle by studio oh! - succulent paradise lavender - 12' tall - bpa-free - double-walled with special vacuum seal keeps liquids cold up to 24 hours

Succulents may not require daily watering, but a succulent lover certainly does!

Ensure your friend is well hydrated with an adorable succulent-themed water bottle or flask. This is a small but fun present that could work very well for a succulent lover.

13. Succulent Phone Case

heyorun succulent clear case fit for iphone 11 year 2019, succulent girls and women floral back case cover, cute design transparent flexible tpu bumper shockproof protective case

No matter what kind of phone one has, whether a budget model or a high-end one, a quirky phone cover is something everyone likes to invest in.

Incorporating succulents into a succulent lover’s phone cover theme could be a great idea! You can even get customized ones printed if you have an idea in mind.

14. Succulent Gift Box

beginner kit gift

What could a succulent lover enjoy more than a gift box of succulents and related items! Curate your own succulent gift box with a small succulent, pot and decorative materials. Any succulent lover would appreciate this present greatly.

15. Succulent Gift Card

succulents box gift card

Finally, a succulent gift card is a great idea that gives one the freedom to choose the succulent they like and any other items that are related to its care.

It may seem impersonal at first, but every time they look at what they purchased with their succulent gift card, they will be reminded of you!