9 Ideas for a Perfect Succulent Garden

Succulents are amazing plants for interior design and a garden outside. They come in a huge range of colors, shapes, and forms. And they can also survive almost in any type of condition without much effort from your side. That’s why they are perfect for busy people, whether you are a college student, a professional, or a parent. 

If you are interested in planting succulents, this guide is exactly what you need. 

ideas for perfect succulent garden

Why Choose Succulents? 

First of all, they are really easy to take care of. This is one of the major factors that drive people towards succulents. They grow perfectly outdoors in hot and sunny places, and they can add greenery indoors almost anywhere in the world. 

Also, they do not take much space. Meaning they will have as much space as you decide to give them. This makes them perfect for students, for instance. Students notoriously do not have time for gardening. They often do not have time even for their top priorities, like balancing social life and work with the college curriculum. 

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As for plants, succulents come to the rescue when one wants to add greenery to their life without adding too much responsibility. Even if you haven’t done much gardening before, the chances of killing these plants are close to zero. 

Also, they offer several benefits students might enjoy, including: 

  • They purify the air. According to NASA research on the matter, they are able to remove a lot of volatile organic components from the air. All the contaminants are drawn to the plant roots and turned into its food;
  • They improve the humidity, which is directly linked to better health and less risk of common colds and dry cough; 
  • They bring fresh oxygen that is incredibly good for well-being and productivity
  • According to Richard Louv’s research, exposure to nature, even in the form of house plants, helps to focus better; 
  • They can improve memory. The scientists of the University of Michigan have found a link between exposure to nature and cognitive functions. Only one hour spent in nature increased memory retention by 20% in this research. 

So even if you do not have a large garden, bringing succulents home can improve your overall well-being. And it can make any space much more welcoming and comfortable. Here are some ideas of how to create a perfect garden both for indoor and outdoor options. 

Creative Ideas for Succulent Plants

Hanging From the Ceiling

If you have a birdcage, you can use it to plant some beautiful flowers hanging down. It doesn’t have to be a birdcage per se; it can also be a hanging pot. The idea is to let succulents grow down and create a messy yet beautiful look. 

This is great for a patio and a dorm room. And the best part is that it doesn’t take any space on the floor. For instance, one can hand a pot beside the window or in the kitchen to brighten the room. 

Color Coordination

Succulents come in different colors. One can use their creativity and design a rainbow display by using different types of them. Or you can create color-based presentations of various kinds. 

These can be done outdoors by planting them directly into the soil. Or you can use a plate, wooden box, or planter inside. 

Picture Frame

Succulents can grow vertically as well. This allows for designing unique pieces. For instance, one can plant them in an old picture frame. You need to attach the moss foundation to it, and that’s enough. It is quite easy. 

After that, you can hang it anywhere in the room or outside and marvel at it whenever you want to gain some energy and tranquility. This type of gardening is perfect for small spaces as it can be very minimalistic. And it can become an art form to cover bare walls. 

ideas for a perfect succulent garden

Rock Garden

If you have a small space near your house, you can decorate it with succulents. They look perfect within the rocks and gravel. Also, stones help to prevent weeds from growing. And it also saves time for gardening. Even if the spot is tiny, you can fit several plants in there. Use different textures to make it look rich. 

They also work amazingly with hard landscaping, if you want to put a patio deck, for instance. One can create small breaks with greenery to make it all look vivid. 

Glass Bowl

If you want to add some special touch to the interior, you can use a glass bowl to create a succulent centerpiece. Different types of this flower blend wonderfully together. A bowl or container of any size can do. And see-through glass adds more lightness to the composition.

However, be aware that there is no drainage in a glass bowl, and be careful with watering. The soil needs to be relatively dry. 

Pot Waterfall

It is a simple yet marvelous arrangement. Take a pot and place it as if it is tipped over on the ground. You can reuse a broken terracotta planter for this as well. Plant the succulents in as though they are spilled from the pot. So they need to go beyond and spread over the garden. 

To make it more exciting, you can mix them with cacti as they grow perfectly together. 

Make a Lawn Border

Another outstanding way to incorporate these flowers into an outdoor garden is to create borders. If you have a small space between the lawn and the patio, you can fill it with different sorts. Use succulents of different heights to add a creative twist. 

Tea Cup Garden

Here is another idea students might like – an indoor garden out of teacups. Each one of them can fit one or several succulents. You can use old cups you no longer use or buy some at a thrift shop. To make it more concise, one can paint cups in the same color. If you prefer a more chaotic take, you can play with shapes, forms, and colors instead. 

Such a display takes little space and is easy to transport if you move places. 

Wall Garden

Those who have a spare wall can create a beautiful vertical garden. Such composition works for indoor and outdoor spaces. Succulents can grow even in a stone wall with a suitable foundation. Inside, they can be planted in wooden frames, boxes, or pots. 

It can be one big frame or a multitude of separate ones; there are no limits to creativity here. 

In Summary 

Succulents are a perfect choice for almost anyone. They offer a huge variety of shapes, forms, and colors. They do not require a lot of maintenance, and they can grow anywhere, from a cup to a stone wall. So if you want to add some greenery to your garden indoors or outdoors, it can be a great fit.