Discover 23 Stunning Trailing and Hanging Succulent Varieties

If you’re someone who loves the idea of having plants around, but worry about forgetting to take care of them, don’t worry! There’s a solution that will bring beauty into your life without the hassle of constant care.

Enter succulents – the ultimate plant companions for those who may not have a green thumb. These stunning plants not only add a touch of beauty to any space, but they also require minimal maintenance.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to 23 incredible hanging succulent plants that are sure to transform your home or workspace into a botanical paradise. Get ready to discover these captivating plants that will effortlessly elevate your surroundings.

hanging succulent plants

Types of Trailing Succulents

Let’s dive into the stunning world of succulents as we explore the countless types of hanging succulents that will leave you in awe.

1. String of Pearls

string of pearls hanging

The string of pearls is a stunning succulent that cascades down like a string of round pearls. Unlike other succulents with angular leaves, this one has dense, spherical leaves.

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2. String of Tears

string of tears hanging

Native to South Africa, the string of tears is a creeper-like succulent with beautiful, shimmering teardrop-shaped leaves. It comes in various colors, including green (the most common), pink, and purple, creating a dense foliage as it grows.

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3. String of Watermelons

hanging string of watermelon succulent

The string of watermelons is a low-growing succulent that trails along the ground. It features a unique color combination of pink and green, resembling a watermelon. Picture small watermelons strung together in a dense mat.

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4. String of Dolphins

string of dolphins

If you want to bring dolphins into your home, look no further than the string of dolphin succulents. With long, hanging tendrils and leaves that resemble dolphins, this plant is truly a sight to behold. Place it in a white pot and hang it on your balcony for a stunning display – no other accessories needed!

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5. String of Bananas

hanging string of bananas plant

Imagine a string of miniature bananas woven together and hanging from your balcony – it’s a vivid picture, isn’t it? The string of bananas is a sturdy succulent that can grow up to one foot long. It has fast-growing trailing vines, and you’ll see it trailing along before it becomes dense. Propagating the string of bananas is easy and can be seen here.

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6. String of Hearts

string of hearts hanging succulent

Reminiscent of a bygone era, the string of hearts is a succulent with vivid and dreamy textured leaves. Its leaves are a beautiful combination of violet, pink, and green, creating a stunning variegated appearance. Words can’t describe the beauty of this succulent!

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7. String of Coins

string of coins succulent plant

Similar to its counterparts, the string of coins is distinguished by its leaves that resemble green coins strung together. We have written a post on how to care for the string of coins plant.

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8. String of Turtles

string of turtles hanging succulent plant

Among the most exquisite succulents in the string family, the string of turtles boasts beautiful green leaves speckled with dots, resembling tiny turtles. It is a truly unique and captivating plant.

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9. Burro’s Tail

hanging burros tail

Imagine a cluster of grapes strung together. That’s what the Burro’s Tail succulent looks like. Thriving in warm climates, this succulent can instantly liven up your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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10. Ruby Necklace

ruby necklace succulent plant

The Ruby Necklace is one of the most popular hanging succulent plants, often adorning balconies and terraces. With its reddish-purple stem and oval-shaped leaves, it is a true beauty!

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11. Crassula marginalis rubra ‘Calico Kitten’

crassula marginalis rubra

This vibrant succulent variety showcases shades of cream, green, and pink, creating a breathtaking sight. The colors seem particularly vibrant when the plant is basking in the sunlight, making you feel alive!

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12. Peperomia ‘Ruby Cascade’

peperomia ruby cascade hanging succulent

Although not a pure succulent variety, the Peperomia ‘Ruby Cascade’ has been used as one due to its similar qualities to other succulents. Its dark leaves form dense foliage, adding to its appeal.

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13. Cotyledon pendens

cotyledon pendens

This succulent features pearly green leaves that cluster together, blooming gorgeous orange flowers. This combination creates an aura of regality and adds a distinct charm to any space.

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14. Aptenia cordifolia

hanging aptenia cordifolia succulent

Belonging to the ice plant family, this succulent showcases heart-shaped leaves and small, pink flowers. In addition to being a great ornamental plant, it is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties in some regions.

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15. Trailing Jade

trailing jade succulent

Originally from Africa, the Trailing Jade succulent is characterized by its large oval-shaped, emerald leaves that look stunning when hung. What’s more, it is extremely easy to grow and take care of.

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16. Sedum Little Missy

sedum little missy

Known for its mat-forming growth habit, the Sedum Little Missy features rosette-shaped grey-green leaves with a hint of pink. It adds a pop of color to your succulent collection.

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17. Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Beans’

sedum rubrotinctum

This fascinating succulent undergoes a color transformation throughout the seasons. Its leaves change from green to reddish-bronze during summer. It is a hardy plant that thrives even with minimal care.

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18. Sedum sieboldii

sedum sieboldii

From the Crassulaceae family, this flower-bearing succulent adds a dreamlike quality to any balcony or terrace. Its icy, frosty leaves contrast beautifully with the bright pink flowers, creating a magical appearance. Plus, it’s easy to maintain!

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19. Sedum makinoi ‘ogon’

sedum makinoi ogon

For those who love bright colors, the Sedum makinoi ‘ogon’ is a cheerful succulent. Its gleaming golden foliage forms a dense mat, creating a beautiful display. Small yellow flowers bloom in the summer, adding to its distinct beauty.

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20. Hindu Rope Plant

hindu rope plant

The Hindu rope plant is a semi-succulent variety that features green leaves intricately woven into a rope-like structure. It is adorned with big pink flowers, resembling knots in the rope, and creates a unique tapestry. When hung from balconies, it adds a beautiful touch to the surroundings.

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21. Hoya obovata

hoya obovata

With its combination of green and silver, the Hoya obovata is a gorgeous addition to any space. Its leathery leaves are soft to touch, and after two to three years, it produces pink flowers, adding another burst of color. Remember to avoid overwatering and direct sunlight.

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22. Ghost Plant

ghost plant

The ghost plant is a beautiful succulent that resembles a blooming flower, featuring shades of grey and green. It is often used in ornamental arrangements, and while fake versions are available, the real ghost plant is easy to grow and maintain. Hang it as a trailing succulent to enjoy its unique colors, which change with the amount of sunlight it receives.

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23. Anacampseros rufescens

anacampseros rufescens

This slow-growing succulent forms dense mats with its green and purple leaves, creating a unique appearance. When hung on your patio or balcony, it will surely turn heads. It thrives in partial to full sunlight and requires minimal watering. Don’t miss out on this beauty!

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Hanging Succulent Plants FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about caring for hanging succulent plants. By following these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your succulents for years to come.

How do you hang succulent plants?

Hanging succulent plants can transform your balcony or terrace into a dreamy oasis. Here are a few ways to hang them:

  • Use a wire basket: These baskets, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, aid in drainage. You can easily find them online or in stores.
  • Get creative: Wreaths, frames, and fabric pockets make perfect homes for succulents. Hang them on walls or roofs using ropes.
  • Go evergreen: Terracotta pots have a unique charm and can be used with barbed wires to hang succulents. The contrast between the pots and the greens and pinks of the succulents adds to their appeal.

How do you care for a hanging succulent?

Proper trailing succulent identification is essential to ensure you provide the right care for each variety. By providing the right environment, you’ll ensure optimal growth for your plants.

  • Check the plant’s requirements before purchasing, as each succulent may have different needs.
  • Maintain a regular schedule for spraying pesticides and applying fertilizers to keep your succulents clean and free of bugs.
  • Choose the right size of pot, glass, or container when hanging your succulents. This will promote their overall well-being and save you from frequent container changes.

Can you hang succulents outside?

Certainly! Hanging succulents outside is possible, as they thrive in warm, dry temperatures. Some hanging succulent plant species even shine in sunlight, enhancing their beauty. However, certain varieties are better suited for colder climates and should not be kept outdoors.

Just as pleasure can be found in the darkest of moments, succulents can bring greenery into your home. With minimal care and stunning appearances, these plants have much to offer. We hope the above varieties and care tips serve as a great starting point.