Rising Popularity of Succulents: The Driving Factors

The natural charm of succulents made them a popular topic on different social media platforms in recent years. Google also shows a continued increase in searches related to the plant worldwide.

why have succulents become sopopular

The chance of seeing succulents wherever you go is high. You’ll see these plants being used as wall art decor, as party favors, wedding flower arrangements, and even as jewelry. They’re popular not only among adults but even the younger, hipper crowd. So, what are succulents and why have they become so in demand?

What Is A Succulent?

Succulents are plants that store water. They tend to have thick and fleshy leaves. Note that succulents don’t like humid environments and tend to thrive in areas with dry climates.

As with any other plant, proper watering will help ensure the best growth and flowering of succulents. However, what makes them different from most plants is that they can endure long periods of drought. During these times, they rely on their leaves’ stored water and nutrients.

One can identify succulents quickly because of their rosette-shaped, needle-shaped, or spiky leaves; they’re actually known for their unusual or exotic appearance.

The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Succulents

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The popularity of succulents has skyrocketed tremendously, especially during the pandemic when most people turn to plants as a stress-relieving hobby. Aside from their natural charm, here are several other reasons why the succulent market is booming:

1. Easy Maintenance

The typical maintenance regimen for most plants includes regular watering and checking for pests and diseases from time to time. Frequent pruning is also necessary, not to mention the need to move them around as they start to outgrow their spaces. Succulents can grow without all those requirements. They’re easiest to care for, and although they have their own maintenance regimen, the application’s intensity is much lower.

For example, as mentioned, very few watering sessions are needed for succulents to survive and look vibrant. Also, unless they experience dry leaves during the winter, there’s not much pruning required.

2. Capable Of Surviving In Any Setting

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Succulents can be indoor or outdoor plants. Although they require a surrounding with sufficient lighting, they can survive even without direct sun exposure. They can grow in a bright area inside the house or a lightly shaded patio outside.

As to the type of pot you’ll plant them in, succulents are also not picky. However, because they don’t like to sit in water, it’s best to use pots with drainage holes. Other than these minor requirements, succulents can survive in areas where the majority of other plants will suffer.

3. Affordable

Succulents are ideal for anyone planning to decorate their home with plants but don’t have a big budget. Succulents are budget-friendly and are actually more affordable than most other house plants.

Without stretching the budget, succulents can give any décor an additional touch of warmth. They’re perfect for first-time apartment dwellers who want to start a green hobby.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Plants

popularity of succulents

Succulents are a real jewel because they’re appealing in various aspects. When you have these plants, they serve as natural decorations in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. An interesting part is that you can vary the colors of certain succulents by controlling the water and sunlight.

A prolonged period of minimal watering and abundant sunshine can trigger color changes in your succulents. An ideal approach is to combine different succulents to achieve varying colors, shapes, and sizes.

5. Easy Propagation

Another reason why succulents are favored by many plant lovers is that they’re easy to grow. All you need to do is cut the leaves or branches and plant them in the same soil to gain new plants. Yes, all it takes is the cutting and planting. Roots will then develop and, later on, turn the piece into a new plant.

easy propagation succulents

Remember, most succulents usually need up to a month and at least two weeks to form roots. The leaves should be kept away from direct sun and water exposure. When watering the plant, use a spray bottle to control the amount of water.

Starting with a few varieties of succulents will, later on, provide you with several plants. Low maintenance and easy propagation combined with aesthetic appeal make these plants hard to resist.

6. All-year Beauty

Succulents are the best bet if you’re looking for house plants with beauty that can last all year long. The varying seasons in an area won’t affect succulents. Hence, you can enjoy their beauty throughout the whole year. Even in the winter, succulent owners will have something lovely for their eyes to relish at home.

Final Words

Succulents should be at the top of your priority list if you’re looking for something that can be an appealing centerpiece or décor in your home. Succulents are also ideal for those who want to start growing plants and caring for them.

By now, you already have an idea why succulents skyrocketed in popularity, not only for homeowners but also for artists eager to create something out of the lovely gems.