You’ve Been Potting Succulents Wrong This Whole Time – Here’s How the Pros Do It

Succulents are the cool, low-maintenance plants everyone seems to have these days. But have you struggled to keep yours alive? The secret is in how you pot them! Most rookie succulent owners are making major potting mistakes without even realizing it. Read on to discover the pro tips for potting succulents the right way. Your succulents will finally thrive!

Potting Succulents Like a Pro

how to pot succulents

Succulents are super easy to care for since they don’t need much water and can handle harsh conditions. But you have to start them off right by potting them properly. Mess this up and even the best plant parent can’t save their succulent.

Follow these simple steps from the experts to pot your succulents for success:

Step 1: Gather Your Gear

Before you start, get a pot with a drainage hole, small shovel, special succulent soil, mesh tape, and your succulent. Succulents hate sitting in water, so drainage is key. Terra cotta and ceramic pots are great breathable options.

Step 2: Prep the Plant

prepare the succulent

Gently remove your succulent from its current pot, shaking off as much old soil from the roots as possible. Don’t wash the roots or you could damage them. If potting multiple succulents, trim some roots so they have room.

Step 3: Prep the Pot

Cover the drainage hole with mesh tape – this lets water out but keeps the soil in. Genius!

Step 4: Fill’er Up

Add your special succulent soil, leaving a few inches at the top for the plant.

filling pot with succulent soil

Step 5: Plant It

Dig a hole and carefully place your succulent in the pot at the right depth so the leaves aren’t touching the soil (or they’ll rot). For multiple succulents, plan their placement first.

potting succulent

Step 6: Final Touches

Top with more soil if needed, keeping leaves uncovered. Add pebbles or gravel on top to hold everything in place. But DON’T water right away! Let those roots settle for a few days first before watering to avoid rot.

What’s the Perfect Pot Size?

Succulents like to be snug as a bug, so the pot should be about 10% wider and taller than your plant (or combined width/height for multiple). Too small and it’ll get rootbound fast. Too big and the soil stays soggy. Just right is key!

what size pot is best for succulents

Succulent Planting FAQs:

Can I pot multiple succulents together?

can i put my succulents in one pot

You bet! Just match ones that want similar light and water. Pack them in close for a tighter look that maintains shape or space a half-inch apart to allow for more growth. Keep those leaves above the pot rim though to prevent rot.

Do succulents need a draining pot?

Absolutely – drainage is essential for preventing overwatering and rot. No drainage = succulent suicide. Always go for pots with a drainage hole to let excess moisture escape.

Can I use regular potting soil?

Nope, regular soil holds too much moisture for moisture-savvy succulents. You need a fast-draining succulent/cactus mix to keep those fragile roots dry and happy. Toss in some pebbles or other gritty stuff too if your mix needs better drainage.