6 Best Low-Effort Succulents for Your Dorm Room

Candles used to be your favorite decor when you lived at home. They look stylish on your shelves. They bring coziness and Danish hygge when you light them on your table. Candles can also fill your home with amazing fragrances.

Once you move to a dorm, you can’t use candles anymore. It is forbidden for safety reasons. Well, it makes sense. But it also means that you need to find something else that can replace your favorite decor.

Potted begonia seemed a great alternative. It brought a fresh touch to the dorm room and filled it with a nice flowery smell. But there is one significant difference. Candles need no care, while begonia demands attention. You have to set reminders to water it timely.

One day you are sitting at your desk. You are looking at your begonia, trying to focus on your essay topic. Unsuccessfully. Begonia’s dry leaves and faded flowers are whispering: I need you to water me… That was a moment of enlightenment: I need EssayPro to write my paper for me! – you thought. And, full of gratitude, you grabbed the sprayer.

Since then, you never forget to water your friend. We are happy that your story with begonia had a happy ending. But just to mention: there are simple decor solutions for a dorm room. Succulents are low-effort but also green and beautiful.

succulents for dorm room

What is the Superpower of Succulents?

Succulents are desert plants. Such an environment is airy and unfriendly but they managed to adapt to the challenging conditions. They have thicker leaves that store a lot of water. In other words, they will survive even if you neglect them for weeks.

Top Pots For Your Dorm Room

We understand how busy you are with all your college assignments. You do not need to spend time researching this topic. We have made a selection for you.

1. Aloe Vera

These succulents do not mind shade and are generally unpretentious. They are a great alternative to brighten up your room in the dormitory. Apart from aesthetic value, aloe also has some other benefits.

You have surely heard about aloe vera juice. The leaves of this succulent hold it. Its holistic properties are well-known. If you get scrapes, cuts, or sunburns, it is great to have access to the tropical treatment in your room. Thanks to aloe vera juice, the wounds heal much faster.

2. Pincushion Cactus

If plain green plants are not good enough for you, this cactus is a challenge to take. If you take due care of it, elegant pink flowers will be your reward. They will not be as big as begonia’s, of course. But they look beautifully exotic.

closeup spiny pincushion cactus desert garden

These succulents enjoy the sunlight. So it is best to place the pot on the windowsill. These cacti are round with spines, so you will not damage yourself a lot if you touch them. If you do, you can always apply some healing aloe vera juice!

3. Zebra Cactus

Despite its name, zebra cactus has more in common with aloe vera than with cactus. The difference is the striped leaves that remind of a zebra pattern. It is a great home improvement trick – they look very unusual. Their extravagant look will be a healthy distraction from studies.

You only need to water this succulent once a month! This will satisfy both you and the plant, won’t it? When it comes to light, they are unpretentious either. Not too shady, not too sunny. So plenty of places in your dorm room will do.

4. Jade Plant

If you like bonsai trees, you will love this plant, too. It looks like a mini tree. But do not forget: it is a succulent that stores water in its coin-shaped leaves. So, it does not need as much care as a bonsai does. Thanks to the shape of its leaves, the jade plant got its nickname – money plant. If you are superstitious, you can place it in your room for prosperity.

Use a medium-sized deep pot. If a jade plant anchors its roots properly, it can live for many years (or even generations!). Make a mental note; this succulent is sensitive to temperature variations. So place it somewhere away from the window to minimize the risks.

5. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo (also known as Dracaena sanderiana) has a very Instagram look against the white wall. If you are not fond of working with soil, you should consider this plant. It can also be grown in water with decorative rocks. Bright to low light works equally well.

lucky bamboo

6. Snake Plant

When you buy this African plant, it is a “3 at the cost of 1” purchase. You also buy a natural air purifier. Besides, you purchase an amulet. According to Fengshui, snake plants have protective energy. You can study home decor to decide where the best spot for them is. According to Fengshui, it is the entrance.

Another benefit is extremely low maintenance. Even low light conditions are satisfying for this succulent. They are easy to care for. But their vibrant appearance is a great asset to your dorm room.

What Does a Succulent Need?

As we mentioned before, they are generally unpretentious. But still, they need something to grow, don’t they? Well, the list is very simple:

  • sunlight
  • water
  • soil
  • pot

Not much. Yet, remember about the peculiarities. Every succulent needs an individual amount of water and sunlight. Cacti can survive without water for weeks; other plants may be more demanding. Depending on how much sunlight your succulent needs, you should decide where to put it.

Soil is a must for nearly all succulents. Yet, water and stones are also great for lucky bamboo, for instance. Various plants prefer different sizes of pots. The depth also matters for some of them.

Useful Tips for Growing Succulents

Do you want them to flourish? Succulents are not very demanding. But there are some basic rules that you should follow.

1. Apply water directly to the soil

Avoid pouring water over the top of the plant. As you remember, succulents store a lot of water in their leaves. So extra water can cause their roots to rot.

2. Water your plants less in the winter

Succulents grow a bit faster in the summer than in the winter. They are seasonal growers. That means they also require more water during the growing season.

3. Do not move them

Succulents are slow when it comes to growing. So if you rotate them once or twice a year, they will be more than happy.

4. Add some artificial light

That is a useful tip in case your dorm room does not have enough natural light. An artificial light bulb mimics the sun. They are usually not very expensive. We review the best ones here: 5 Best Grow Lights for Succulents

5. Dust your plants

When your green friends become dusty, they cannot absorb the sunlight properly. So make sure you dust their leaves off.