Spiritual Meaning of Succulent Plants According to Feng Shui

It is a known fact that growing plants at home or indoors brings many benefits. Not only do they purify the air and decontaminate it, they also create an environment of freshness and life that helps reduce stress and relax tensions by enjoying the greenery of plants, the showiness and aromas of which beautiful flowers give us.

But did you know that we can enhance these benefits through the correct choice and arrangement of plants in spaces? The ancient technique of feng shui can guide us on how to arrange plants spatially and which are the most recommended for the home. Today we dive into the spiritual meaning of succulent plants according to feng shui.

spiritual meaning of succulent plants

For many researchers it is a truth without discussion that having plants in internal spaces brings many benefits to the physical and mental health of the people who live there. Plants, through the photosynthesis process, expel not only oxygen, vital for respiration, but also release water in the form of vapor through perspiration, which helps to preserve the humidity of the environment, facilitating the respiratory function of those who are near them. On the other hand, it has been found that many plants can help decontaminate the air of volatile compounds that are released by different elements such as carpets, vinyls, cigarettes, books, paintings, among others.

As if that were not enough the benefit to physical health provided by the presence of plants indoors, also having them in a closed environment can improve the mood. In hospitalized patients it is observed that they help to reduce their stay in the health facility. It has also been found to increase the mental concentration of office workers by enhancing their performance.

For those who practice feng shui as a guide to harmonize spaces, the presence of certain types of plants balances energies and Chi, optimizing the flow of positive energies in the home or office. This means that if we make a correct selection and arrangement of the plants to grow in our home, we can enhance the attraction of positive energy to it and with it the harmony in the home.

succulent plants for feng shui

Spiritual Meaning of Succulent Plants

Plants according to feng shui can emit different types of energy and this will depend on the shape of their leaves, their flowers, their aromas and their longevity. For feng shui, plants store energy by capturing the sun’s rays to carry out photosynthesis. This trapped solar energy (Yang energy) is transformed into Ying energy by converting light energy into chemical energy through the synthesis of organic compounds that supply food to plants. This makes them excellent for balancing the Chi of the space or room where they are, bringing vitality, beauty and harmony to it.

The succulents generally are among preferred by followers of Feng Shui to place indoors. They are plants that by accumulating water in their leaves show an evergreen and lush appearance. They are also quite resistant and require little care, for this reason they are considered plants that attract positive energy of abundance, activators of Chi. For feng shui, the most appreciated succulent plants for spiritual significance are jade plantaloe veracacti and echeveria.

Jade Plant

Among the succulent plants feng shui meaning to grow inside the home, we have the favorite Crassula ovata, also known as the jade plant. The jade plant is called the plant of prosperity, as it attracts wealth and abundance, reduces stress and balances energies. It is recommended to place this plant in the spaces where visitors are received.  

Aloe vera

Another of the plants highly recommended by feng shui to grow in homes is aloe vera. It is a very resistant plant that you can grow indoors or outdoors and that is believed to ward off bad energies and provide protection to the home or office, in addition to being used in the treatment of various ailments due to its proven medicinal properties.


As for the spiritual meaning of cactus, feng shui recommends placing them outside the house, in open places so that they can fully fulfill their protective function as it removes negative energies. By this we mean that you do not get carried away by some comments that say that cacti are not suitable for growing at home, in fact it is good to have them because they are related to an important function, that of protection. Cacti at home attract good luck according to many followers of feng shui.

If you grow succulent plants, it is good that you take into account not only its ease of cultivation or the environmental conditions that it requires for it to grow healthy, but also the shape of its leaves and the aroma of its flowers. For feng shui, plants with rounded and / or aromatic leaves activate good Chi and if you also have cactus flowers and succulents, you add an additional spiritual benefit due to their color.

succulents feng shui

Function of Succulents According to Feng Shui

Like all plants, succulents, although they do not require much care, require a minimum of attention and therefore you should not forget about their maintenance. In order for them to fulfill their activating or protective function, you must keep them healthy and cared for, granting love in their care.

A plant in poor condition, neglected or diseased will not be able to properly fulfill its function and rather instead of attracting harmony, it will do the opposite effect. A plant in good condition and correctly located will activate energies that will affect your spiritual, intellectual, economic and emotional state by filtering and rejecting toxic and harmful energy or Sha Chi.

For feng shui, plants symbolize life, growth and prosperity and therefore in a closed room they improve the flow of energies, in addition to beautifying the place, favoring environmental Chi.

Who better than the plant itself to tell us if it is fulfilling the function we expect of it. A plant that remains off, lifeless despite the care we give it is a sign that it is located in the wrong place or that something is wrong with the balance of energies. Remember that plants are living beings that have the ability to express through their appearance when there is no adequate environmental Chi.