Gifting Cacti: Understanding the Symbolism of a Cactus

The different varieties of cacti have become a fashionable gift. We tell you what its meaning is and why it is a very special gift.

what does a cactus symbolize

Cacti are plants that belong to the succulent family and there are many varieties. With flowers, with thorns, bigger, smaller and with the most diverse shapes, they have become a fashionable gift. We tell you what it means to give a cactus to understand its symbolism when delivering or receiving it.

What Does a Cactus Symbolize?

Cacti have very special characteristics and giving them away means wishing the person who receives them strength. That is perhaps the best known symbol of this plant characterized by its great resistance and its low demand for care.

In addition, experts say that they are perfect for changing the energy of the home or workplace. In fact, in some cultures cacti are symbols of protection and transmitters of peace.

Cactus and Feng Shui

While these plants often generate some controversy, the meaning of giving a cactus is important to Feng Shui. For this Chinese philosophy, cacti are closely linked to success, both personal and work, and that is why they become a perfect alternative to decorate environments, both at work and at home.

In addition, they are not only synonymous with strength but also help to absorb radiation and negative energies, promoting a climate of harmony. What’s more: another of the meanings that is usually attributed to giving a cactus is to face up to the worst moments with a good face.

Gifting Cactus: What are the best options?

There are different types of cactus that you can give away. Some alternatives to surprise:

  • Flowering cacti – While there are many types of flowering cacti, one of the most famous is the Christmas cactus, which is one of the most common species. In them the color of their flowers can vary between red, white and pink.
  • Barrel cacti – They have a rounded shape and their spines are usually thick and strong, usually yellow or orange in color.
  • Cladode cactus – It is a variety that does not grow generating a rounded shape but upwards. They have a slightly oval shape and are thin in thickness.
gifting cactus

Other Reasons to Give a Cactus

Giving this type of plants is in fashion because some meanings and benefits that previously only some cultures or fans of succulents knew about have become very popular. We share some:

  • Giving a cactus is giving life. It is something associated with giving away any type of plant. It is associated with nature and the vital. It demands care, involves taking care of another living being and generates a certain happiness and joy to see it grow.
  • Plants increase well-being. Being in contact with nature increases well-being and helps relaxation. That is why it is a very good alternative to contribute to health.
  • It is a long-lasting gift. Because they are so resilient, it is a gift that will accompany the honoree for a long time.
  • They require little care. Cacti are varieties that are characterized by being very resilient and staying alive even in the most adverse conditions, which is why they are great for those who want to add green to their home without spending much time.
  • They are highly decorative. Plants in the home not only add decoration and style but are an excellent resource to add color and freshness to any environment. In this framework, small cacti are ideal for decorating spaces inside the home or office. You can put them in a window frame, on a coffee table or in decorated pots to create a picturesque corner. The larger ones can be used to decorate larger spaces, such as the garden or a balcony.
  • They get along with some form of “personalization”. Since they became more popular, the options to integrate them into a more personal gift have multiplied. In fact, they are an increasingly common souvenir at different types of parties and events.

How to Care for a Cactus

The key to growing strong is that they are in the sun and watering them only occasionally; once a week or every 15 days is usually ideal. Of course, this depends on the particularities of each cactus and the environment where it is found. But, in general, they are able to store water in their stems and that helps them stay hydrated.

They only require watering a little more than normal during the hottest days, but avoid excess because if their roots get waterlogged they can be damaged and rot. The best way to know when they lack water is to observe and touch the soil: water only when you feel it’s dry.

Cactus Pots

If you decided to join the trend of gifting this type of very particular plants or you want to add them to your home, an excellent option is to put it in a beautiful pot. If it’s a gift, you can even personalize it.

The alternatives can be two: plastic or clay. The former are, in general, cheaper, although they do not allow novel or original designs. Clay pots are a more decorative option and, as they are fashionable, you can find models with super original designs on the market.

cactus pots

One detail: be careful when wrapping them for gifts because they can be damaged. Take care to move it carefully. You can add colored pebbles on the soil and a nice dedication on a little poster. It is super cool and has a great vibe.