Sedum makinoi Limelight 101: Care and Propagation Simplified

The Sedum makinoi Limelight is a real showstopper! With its vibrant lime green leaves and sunny yellow flowers, this pretty plant will brighten up any garden or indoor space. But did you know it’s super easy to care for too? Read on to find out all the insider tips for keeping your Sedum makinoi Limelight looking its best.

sedum makinoi limelight

This low-growing plant reaches about 4 inches tall, but can spread out up to 2 feet wide, making it perfect as a ground cover. Those bright green rosette-shaped leaves grow on reddish-brown stems, and in summer they’re joined by masses of cheerful yellow blooms.

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Caring for Sedum makinoi Limelight


This sun-lover does best in full sun for at least 6 hours per day. It can handle some partial shade, but not deep shade. Indoors, place it in a sunny window or under a grow light.

sedum makinoi limelight


Sedum makinoi is drought-tolerant but still needs weekly watering from spring to fall. You may need to water more often in extreme heat or if it’s in a container. Never let it sit in water though – good drainage is a must to prevent rot.


Use a well-draining cactus/succulent potting mix combined with about 40% mineral grit like perlite or gravel. This mimics the lean, rocky soil it prefers in nature.


Outdoors it’s hardy in USDA zones 4-9, able to take winter temps as low as -30°F. Indoors, aim for 60-70°F in winter. Below 50°F it goes dormant.


Too many nutrients make this plant stretch out and flop over. Unless your soil is very poor, skip the fertilizer or just give a light compost top dressing.

Pruning Sedum makinoi Limelight

sedum makinoi limelight

No need for constant pruning with this low-maintenance plant! The only grooming required is an optional light trimming in early spring. Use clean pruners to snip off any dead, damaged or unsightly growth from the previous year. This will neaten up the plant’s appearance.

For the low-growing, spreading varieties, you can also do a light shearing to keep the plant contained within its boundaries if desired. Otherwise, let it spread naturally as an effortless ground cover.


One of the best things about Sedum makinoi Limelight is how easy it is to multiply your plant collection. You can propagate new plants from an existing one in just a few simple steps:

Propagating From Cuttings or Leaves

  1. Using clean pruners or scissors, take 2-3 inch stem tip cuttings from a mature, healthy plant. Or gently twist off some thick lower leaves with their stem bases intact.
  2. Allow the cuttings or leaves to dry for 2-3 days before planting. This lets the ends callous over to prevent rotting.
  3. Fill a shallow tray or pot with cactus/succulent potting mix.
  4. Stick the dried cuttings into the soil, gently firming them in place. Space leaf cuttings an inch or two apart.
  5. Water just until the soil is lightly moistened.
  6. Place in a warm, bright spot and water sparingly, keeping the soil almost dry, until new growth appears in 2-4 weeks.

Propagating From Division

  1. In early spring, carefully dig up the entire Sedum makinoi plant and its root system.
  2. Gently pull or cut the root mass into two or more sections, making sure each division has stems and roots attached.
  3. Replant the divisions at the same soil depth in fresh potting mix, spacing them apart as desired.
  4. Water well and provide partly shaded conditions for a few weeks while new growth establishes.