7 Tips To Help Keep Your Lawn Looking Good In Winter

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Winter is a very cold and harsh season, which means it can affect the appearance of your lawn. This is the time when your lawn requires major care and nurturing. Regardless of the type of lawn that you have, there are several steps that you can take to maintain it and keep it looking great this winter. These include:

1. Remove Snow And Ice 

If you have a lawn that is exposed to snow or ice, it will be more susceptible to brown spots and a lack of vibrant color. This is because water tends to freeze, and as it does, it expands to fill up all available space for plants to grow. You can remove ice sheets from your lawn by gently raking it. 

2. Rest The Lawn

You must give your lawn at least two weeks’ worth of rest between watering. This gives the grass enough time to recover, as well as keeps it from wilting. Water is essential for the growth of your lawn, but too many watering sessions will lead to saturation. Keep in mind that the grass is going to be moist most of the time during the winter season.

3. Pull Out Weeds 

Removing unwanted weeds while keeping intact the beautiful green surface of your lawn takes some special care. First off, you need to make sure that the area being treated with weed killer is clear of any rocks, bricks, logs, or anything else that might obstruct the weed-killing agent. Then, you’ll need to mow the grass close to the surface so that the chemicals work efficiently.

You can alternatively invest in a quality weed eater, such as the one offered at ProperlyRooted. What weed eaters do is that they will carry out an efficient weed elimination session without any damage to your lawn.

Make sure that you wear the appropriate coveralls and gloves when you mow large areas of lawn because chemicals can easily damage your skin if they aren’t properly applied. Finally, be careful when raking the leaves off the plant beds because the leaf litter can be a food source for birds and other wildlife, so you want to make sure that it’s removed completely before the next watering can is used!

4. Aerate The Lawn

If you have a deep frost on your lawn, then you should water the entire edge, but if it is just lightly frosted, then you can just lightly water the lawn. However, if the ground is deeply frosted, then you should aerate the entire lawn by ploughing it up, making sure that you don’t compact the soil.

5. Planting More Lawn

You can decide to plant lawn during the winter, provided you take extra care to nurture it throughout the cold. Make sure to apply fertilizer to the soil before you water it because the fertilizer will help to thicken the soil. This way, the soil would be better suited for the seeds. Once you have finished applying the fertilizer, you should wait until the sun is about to come up before you water the area again. This will allow the fertilizer to soak into the soil, and it will help your plants grow properly as well.

6. Guard Your Lawn

You can also consider guarding your lawn from the snow. You can build a snow fence that will help protect the grass from snow and ice, and it will also keep weeds from growing. This will help them to stay safe from the frost that is about to come, and it will also help them to stay alive in the midst of harsh winter conditions. 

7. Cut The Grass 

A well-kept lawn needs to be cut regularly so that it doesn’t develop unsightly clippings on the sides. You can either cut the grass by hand or use a hedge trimmer and get it cleared using one of these lawn sweeper models. You can also get a weed eater that you plug into an outlet and start mowing right away. You can alternatively get the lawn mower blade that you have to push along with the grass blade. You must be careful not to cut the grass too short. Cutting your lawn short is more dangerous than keeping it long as you don’t know exactly where the grass is growing.

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Lawn maintenance during the winter requires attention and nurture. You should remove ice and snow by gently raking the grass, resting the lawn, pulling out weeds, and aerating the lawn. You can plant lawn seeds during this time and make sure to keep your lawn cut.