How to Plant Succulents in the Ground

Today we’re going to show you how to plant succulents in the ground. We have many succulents here in our garden and we plant them from either plants we bought in pots or cuttings.

Before you begin planting your succulents outdoors, you ought to consider where you want them to grow. If you live in a hot climate, you should look for an area in your garden that receives partial sun and shade.

Contrary to popular belief, succulents often get sunburned if they are placed in direct sunlight in hot temperatures all day. However, if you live in a cold climate, you want to position your succulents in an area where they will receive the optimum amount of sunshine.

how to plant succulents in the ground

Once you know where to plant your succulents, the next thing you want to make sure is that your soil is not heavy. This is very important to succulents’ survival. Succulents will not do well in a clay soil. So before you begin planting succulents in the ground, check the soil with your hands – are they lightweight and loose with lots of drainage or clumpy and heavy?

Succulents love soil that dries easily and has good drainage. They do not like to sit in water, and tend to develop root and stem rot if they do. If your garden soil is naturally heavy, we suggest mixing a specialized soil – one part perlite, two parts coarse sand, and three parts peat moss. Pumice or grit can also be added into the mix if you are missing one of these items.

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Make sure to provide your succulents with at least 6 inches of this specialized soil. This can go on top of the existing soil, or you can mix it in while adding additional porous materials such as sand. This will allow the roots with plenty of space to grow without being bogged down by moisture.

Planting Succulents in the Ground

Now that you have the right soil in your garden, let’s begin the process of planting your succulents.

What you will need:

  • Gloves (optional but preferable)
  • Garden trowel
  • Succulents (rooted or cuttings)
  • Compost mixture (organic compost and worm compost) or slow-release fertilizer

First, make a hole in the ground twice as wide as the succulent’s root ball and as deep as the length of its roots. Next, gently remove the succulent from its existing pot and slightly pinch the soil to loosen its root balls. Be careful with the succulent’s leaves as they do fall off easily.

succulent garden

Then, add a little organic compost and worm compost mixture or slow-release fertilizer into the hole. Plant the succulent into the hole, leaving the crown to stay at least half an inch to an inch above the ground. This is because the weight of the succulent will pull it down into the soil; and you do not want it too far down.

Finish up by pouring a little bit of organic compost and worm compost mixture or slow-release fertilizer around the soil.

As you plant your succulents in the ground, remember that your succulents will grow, so do not plant them too closely together if you want them to spread out and grow larger.

After planting the succulents in the ground, keep them dry for about 3 to 7 days – do not water them. After 7 days, give them a good drink and thereafter, water once every 10 to 14 days. If you live in a dry and sunny area, you may need to increase your watering frequency up to once a week.

Now that you know how to plant succulents in the ground, your outdoor succulent garden awaits! Whether you are looking to plant a single succulent or to create a lush garden, succulents are not only simple to plant, but also simple to care for.

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