Succulent Bucket List: 30 Exotic Varieties You Need to Collect

Succulent obsession is real, and we’re here to enable your plant addiction! If you’re a succulent fanatic always on the hunt for rare, jaw-dropping varieties, this list is for you. From rosette showstoppers to chubby-leaved cuties, we’ve rounded up 30 exotic succulent stunners that will make your indoor garden the envy of all your friends. Get ready to add some serious beauties to your succulent bucket list!

exotic succulent plants

1. Aeonium ‘King Kong’

aeonium king kong

This dramatically dark and dazzling aeonium is an absolute head-turner! ‘King Kong’ lives up to its monstrous name with a bold kaleidoscope of burgundy, lime green, and pink hues. As it frequently branches out into a full shrub, the contrasting colors meld into an eye-catching display.

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2. Echeveria ‘‘’Mebina’

echeveria mebina

Bursting with color and personality, the ‘Mebina’ echeveria is a total must-have! Its elongated, thin leaves form a perfectly petite rosette, each leaf outlined in a bold red edge that really pops.

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3. Echeveria ‘Crispate Beauty’

echeveria ‘crispate beauty

A true fairytale plant, this echeveria hybrid stuns with delicately ruffled blue-green leaves covered in a powdery farina coating. As if plucked from a whimsical garden, the farina causes the foliage to blush pretty shades of pink-purple – like an elegant, magical fairy dress! To heighten the enchantment, dainty bell-shaped orange-pink blooms appear in spring and summer. Ethereal and eye-catching, ‘Crispate Beauty’ is a must for bringing a touch of folklore charm to your succulent collection.

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4. Echeveria ‘German Champagne’

echeveria german champagne

This rosette-shaped stunner boats long spatulate leaves with distinctive keeled backs and short red tips. A thin layer of glaucous farina coats the slightly concave, acute surfaces for an icy blue-green tone. But the real pièce de résistance? The dark pink shadowed center that gradually fades outward, resembling the ombre hues of a perfectly chilled champagne flute. An undeniably elegant and eye-catching echeveria variety.

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5. Echeveria ‘Desert Camel’

echeveria desert camel

Prepare to be smitten by the unique charms of this spoon-leaved echeveria! ‘Desert Camel’ forms a perfectly plump rosette of broad, flat leaves with delightfully rounded tips – like tiny desert spoons fanning out. When thirsty, the succulent foliage has a sunny yellow-green glow. But provide this beauty with ideal care, and those spoon-shaped leaves take on the most alluring pinkish blush. A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind hue that’s certain to become the showstopping focal point of your succulent oasis! Don’t miss out on adding ‘Desert Camel’s mesmerizing colors to your collection.

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6. Echeveria ‘Arze’

echeveria arze

Get ready to do a double-take with this show-stopping echeveria hybrid! ‘Arze’ is the gorgeous love child of Echeveria ‘Arje’ and Echeveria ‘Robin’. Its thick, elongated leaves form a lush rose-like shape, each one speckled with vibrant red freckles over a greenish-yellow base. No powdery farina coating here – just smooth, plump foliage with pointed tips. Practically a dead ringer for its ‘Arje’ parent at first glance! But provide ‘Arze’ with plenty of light and cool nights, and those speckles deepen into an all-over ruby red blush. An irresistible color-changing echeveria that’s worth obsessing over!

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7. Echeveria ‘Swan Lake’

echeveria swan lake

Impossibly elegant with blue-green to silver-grey leaves curling inwards like a graceful flock of swans, this echeveria variety is pure poetry in plant form. But just when you think ‘Swan Lake’ couldn’t get any more romantic, tall flowering stalks appear in summer and autumn, bearing dainty pinkish-red blooms. An undeniably exquisite variety that elevates any succulent collection to prima ballerina status.

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8. Echeveria ‘Spotted Deer’

echeveria spotted deer

With plump, ovate leaves covered in a velvety coat of epicuticular wax, ‘Spotted Deer’ echeveria is the embodiment of succulent luxury. Each fleshy leaf tip ends in an elegant, acuminate point as they spirally arrange into a perfectly compact rosette. But the real showstopper? Come winter, when this variety gets happily sun-stressed, those pale pinkish leaves become dappled with the most vibrant purple-red “spots” – like a fanciful fawn! Prone to branching into a lush, dense cluster, ‘Spotted Deer’ is a quirky, one-of-a-kind gem you’ll want for your collection. Its whimsical appearance and resemblance to Sedum clavatum make it an absolute must-have!

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9. Echeveria ‘Subcorymbosa Lau 026’

echeveria subcorymbosa lau 026

Rare plant alert! This strawberry-tinged echeveria variety is causing quite the collector frenzy. ‘Lau 026’ stuns with plump green leaves edged in a vibrant pink-red hue and dusted with a thick, white powdery coating. But the real magic happens when this variety gets sun-stressed – those edges deepen into an unreal, jellied ruby tone. Extremely easy to grow into a full, lush cluster of jewel-toned rosettes. It’s no wonder ‘Lau 026’ shoots right to the top of every succulent enthusiast’s must-have list! Prepare to be obsessed with this unique, color-shifting beauty.

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10. Aeonium ‘Superbang’

aeonium superbang

You’re going to go totally gaga for this aeonium showstopper! ‘Superbang’ is a total clusterphobic, happily multiplying into a full, volumized bouquet of thin, smoothly rounded leaves. Each one sports large, rounded tips and petite, tapered bases in the most vibrant green hue. But here’s where it gets even better – provide this variety with plenty of sun, and those perfectly plump leaf surfaces take on the most mesmerizing purple-blushed tones from tip to base. The ruffled, cilia-lined edges add serious texture and that coveted undone-yet-done succulent vibe. I’m calling it now – ‘Superbang’ is absolutely destined to be your newest plant obsession!

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11. Aeonium ‘Maybach’

aeonium maybach

A luxuriously chic Mediterranean succulent stunner! Aeonium ‘Maybach’ sports exquisite cream and green crosshatch patterned leaves with delicately serrated edges arranged in a tailored rosette. As it matures, an irresistibly sturdy, elongated woody stem develops. Pure sophistication in succulent form that will leave you and your guests utterly entranced. An undeniable must-have for the discerning collector!

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12. Echeveria ‘Blue Peacock’

echeveria blue peacock

An ultra-rare, velvet-dipped beauty! ‘Blue Peacock’ stuns with luscious reddish-pink obovate leaves forming a perfectly compact, fuzzy rosette. Acuminate tips and blood red dapples make each one glow. The delicate curled edges and velvety texture create next-level visual interest. Coveted by collectors for its extravagant yet refined looks – you’ll be utterly smitten!

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13. Graptoveria ‘Avant-garde’

graptoveria avant garde

A trendsetting succulent sculptural masterpiece! ‘Avant-garde’ stuns with thick, geometric rectangular/oval leaves in green with pretty light pink edges. The tightly arranged, artistic shape screams high fashion meets botanical inspiration. This fresh, modern variety elevates any space with its clean lines and delicate rosy accents. Impossibly chic in the best way!

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14. Variegated String of Pearls

variegated string of pearls

An obsession-worthy trailing dream! Variegated strings of plump, green bean-shaped “pearls” speckled in creamy white. Dainty white floral tassels top the bohemian jewel-toned garlands. Fresh texture and subtle color variations – you’ll be utterly smitten by this trendy beauty.

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15. Echeveria ‘Snow Angel’ Sugar Heart

echeveria snow angel sugar heart

Swoon over this vibrant, velvety Echeveria stunner! Blushing outer rosette leaves give way to an irresistible deep crimson “sugar heart” center that intensifies with the seasons. Larger-than-life with incredibly saturated drama, it commands all attention. Your heart-throbbing new obsession!

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16. Echeveria ‘Sweet Orange’

echeveria sweet orange

An enchantingly attractive autumn succulent stunner! ‘Sweet Orange’ enchants with plump, obovate leaves arranged in a perfectly compact rosette that clusters into a dense bouquet. Each pruinose leaf features a slightly concave face with a convex arched back. But the real showstopper? Those intoxicating orangish-pink to golden yellow hues that blush over the foliage when this cutie gets happily sun-stressed in cooler months. One glimpse of those sugary, citrus-inspired tones and you’ll be utterly smitten!

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17. Sempervivum ‘Grey Lady’

sempervivum grey lady

Effortlessly elegant with large silvery green rosettes of downy-edged leaves, this sempervivum variety is about to make your heart skip a beat! ‘Grey Lady’ slowly transforms into a blushing beauty as the right sun stress bathes her slender, smooth foliage in dreamy shades of pink, purple and finally deep burgundy. But the real swoon-worthy moment? When those irresistible little “chick” offsets start to sprout, creating a kaleidoscope of colorful rosettes. One look at those velvety pigmented tones and you’ll be hopelessly romanced by ‘Grey Lady’s’ captivating looks!

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18. Rosularia platyphylla

rosularia platyphylla

Prepare to be utterly charmed by this tiny Turkish treasure! Rosularia platyphylla, also known as Turkish stonecrop, forms the most adorable fuzzy rosettes you’ve ever seen. Petite succulent leaves range from vibrant greens to fiery reds, each one delicately fringed with tiny hairs. This hens and chicks lookalike is capsule-sized perfection! Just imagine a miniature living jewel adorning your spaces with its colorful, velvety whorls. You’ll be smitten from the very first sighting of this utterly irresistible little succulent gem straight from the Mediterranean.

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19. Echeveria ‘Colorshift’

echeveria colorshift

With multicolored leaves bathing it in a vibrant rainbow, this succulent is a complete one-of-a-kind. The way it radiates sunlight is simply mesmerizing.

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20. Echeveria ‘Allegra’

echeveria allegra

Love rich, deep tones of blue and green? You need this perfect-for-beginners succulent. Its gorgeous good looks will level up any collection.

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21. Echeveria ‘Fleur Blanc’

echeveria fleur blanc

The lovely muted pinks and greens on this wax-coated beauty protect it from sunny rays. A soft, romantic vibe in plant form.

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22. Echeveria ‘Irish Mint’

echeveria irish mint

Calling all experienced green thumbs! This stunner is sensitive but so worth the effort with its patterned leaves. Just be sure not to overwater and use a well-draining pot.

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23. Haworthia fasciata ‘Zebra Plant’ Variegata

haworthia fasciata variegata

An eye-catching variegated succulent with stripes of green, white, and pink. Thrives in partial shade and adds wild vibes.

24. Haworthia magnifica ‘Enigma’

haworthia magnifica enigma 1

Totally unique with gorgeous patterned leaves radiating from the center. The colors are simply enigmatic!

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25. Pachysedum ‘Ganzhou’

pachysedum ganzhou

Pink finger-like leaves creating a charming little bouquet? Yes, please! This vibrant succulent is the epitome of quirky chic.

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26. Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

titanopsis hugo schlechteri

Rock-like green stems give this variety an otherworldly, sculptural beauty that glows in the sun. Recreate the moon on your patio!

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27. Aloe ‘Blizzard’

aloe blizzard

With classic green and white stripes, this aloe is a perfect windowsill companion. The blizzardy vibes will brighten any space!

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28. Lapidaria margaretae (Karoo Rose)

lapidaria margaretae

Call it the fancy cream puff of succulents! This creamy rose-shaped variety even blooms sunny yellow flowers in summer.

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29. Echeveria decora (Variegated)

echeveria decora variegata 1

Resembling an exotic flower from far-off lands, the unique colors and UFO-like shape of this echeveria are utterly to-die-for.

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30. Cotyledon tomentosa (Variegated)

cotyledon tomentosa variegata

With its cream and green chubby leaves coated in soft, fuzzy hairs, who could resist the urge to constantly pet this branchy succulent?

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