30 Exotic Succulent Plants and Where You Can Get Them

Succulents are beautiful additions to any space and can make the space come alive. They are pretty and have a unique charm. This is why they are loved by people across the board.

You see them in and around workspaces, studies and living rooms adding vibrancy and life. We tell you about 30 exotic succulent plants and where can you source them from.

exotic succulent plants
Some exotic succulent plants

1. Echeveria ‘Colorshift’

echeveria colorshift

With leaves bathed in various color shades, this succulent is one of its kind and is pleasant to look at, especially when it radiates the sunlight.

2. Echeveria ‘Allegra’

echeveria allegra

If you love deep tones of blue and green, this is the perfect succulent to bring home. It looks gorgeous, to say the least, and can be a beautiful addition to your collection. If you are new to the world of succulents, this is perfect for you too as it is easy to grow and nurture.

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3. Echeveria ‘Fleur Blanc’

echeveria fleur blanc

This comes in lovely muted shades of pink and green covered in lots of wax to protect it against the rays of the sun.

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4. Echeveria ‘Irish Mint’

echeveria irish mint

A succulent for seasoned gardeners, this is beautiful but sensitive. You will have to be mindful of not pouring a lot of water and ensure at all times that the pot is well drained. It is perfect for warmer temperatures.

5. Haworthia fasciata ‘Zebra Plant’ Variegata

haworthia fasciata variegata

A variegated succulent that has an interplay of green, white and pink, this plant is a treat to the senses. It thrives in partial shade.

6. Haworthia magnifica ‘Enigma’

haworthia magnifica enigma 1

A very unique succulent, this has gorgeous leaves spreading from the center towards the outside. The color combination is to die for.

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7. Pachysedum ‘Ganzhou’

pachysedum ganzhou

If you love shades of pink, this is the plant you should get home. It looks like a bouquet of pink fingers held together, giving it a distinct appeal.

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8. Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

titanopsis hugo schlechteri

This succulent looks like an assemblage of rocks emanating green stems. It is stunning and brightens in the sun.

9. Aloe ‘Blizzard’

aloe blizzard

If you are looking for an addition to your windowsill, this is the succulent you should go after. The stripes and classic green and white make it stunning to look at.

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10. Lapidaria margaretae (Karoo Rose)

lapidaria margaretae

The Karoo Rose is a distinct creamish-white succulent that has two to four pairs of leaves in one plant. In summers, it blooms yellow flowers.

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11. Echeveria decora (Variegated)

echeveria decora variegata 1

This succulent looks like a beautiful flower from a faraway land, such are its unique allure and color. The shape is to die for!

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12. Cotyledon tomentosa (Variegated)

cotyledon tomentosa variegata

A densely branched succulent, this has cream and green chubby leaves covered in a layer of hair making it soft to touch.

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13. Aeonium ‘Bronze Medal’

aeonium bronze medal

Belonging to the Crassulaceae family, this succulent boasts of colorful, foliage-like leaves in green and pink.

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14. Echeveria ‘Brown Rose’

echeveria brown rose

Echeveria succulents are known for their vibrancy. This particular species comes in shades of pink and green.

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15. Echeveria ‘Mexicana’


The sharp pointy leaves in green and pink make it an unmissable succulent.

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16. Echeveria ‘Blue Prince’

echeveria blue prince

The interplay of green, blue and pink makes this succulent truly breathtaking in the Echeveria family.

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17. Echeveria ‘Preta’

echeveria preta

Consisting of dark leaves, this is for those who are bored of looking at bright green and pink succulents.

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18. Echeveria ‘Silver Queen’

echeveria silver queen

Resembling Echeveria ‘Preta’ plant only that its leaves are lighter and creamier in texture.

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19. Echeveria ‘Rejoice’

echeveria rejoice

A compact rosette-shaped succulent in colors of light green and light pink.

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20. Echeveria ‘Lotus’

echeveria lotus

It is similar to others in the Echeveria family except that its leaves are lotus shaped.

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21. Echeveria ‘Echoc’

echeveria echoc

This Echeveria variety comes in its typical rosette-shaped leaves that are drenched in shades of coffee.

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22. Echeveria punto rose

echeveria punto rose

A succulent in bright shades of green and pink, this is a must have for your home.

23. Echeveria ‘Sanyatwe’

echeveria sanyatwe

Cream and pink in color, this Echeveria is a treat for the senses.

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24. Echeveria ‘Green Pearl’

echeveria green pearl

A cluster of green and pink leaves emanating from the center, this succulent is a beautiful variety of Echeveria.

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25. Echeveria texensis


Rosette-shaped leaves arranged in neat symmetry make this Echeveria variety look gorgeous.

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26. Echeveria moranii

echeveria moranii

One of the most beautiful Echeveria, this is distinguishable both in color and form from its brethren. Though it retains its customary green tinge, its leaves are outlined by a dark shade of brown, making it look simply exquisite.

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27. Pachyveria scheideckeri

pachyveria scheideckeri

If you want to adorn your home in beautiful rosette-shaped succulents in muted green and pink undertones, this is your plant.

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28. Haworthia venusta

haworthia venusta

If you are looking for a beautiful yet easy to nurture succulent, this is the one you should go for.

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29. Dudleya brittonii ‘Giant Chalk Dudleya’

dudleya brittonii

A gem of a succulent, Dudleya brittonii has leaves that are covered in white, chalky wax-like covering that gives it a regal texture. If you have an outdoor garden, add some rocks to it and place a Dudleya brittonii in the middle.

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30. Sempervivum kalinda

sempervivum kalinda

Seems like a cluster of miniature pine trees, this succulent thrives in dry climates.

More Exotic Succulent Plants

Succulents are beautiful plants that can be nurtured with limited resources if you make the right choice. We hope that the guide above would have introduced you to some of the most exotic succulents out there.

Besides this list, there are other exotic succulent plants offered by these succulent sellers.

Go treat yourself to some gorgeous plants! What are you waiting for?