How to Demonstrate Your True Feelings Through Flowers

Did you know that flowers can speak? Not an actual language, of course, but every flower holds its meaning. Based on their color, shape, and type, people began to use flowers to express certain feelings, and eventually, this unique way of communication was called floriography. In today’s world, everyone is used to thinking that roses are the only love tongue that can be used for delivering their feelings, but only a few know that there are so many better options. If you are bored of gifting (or getting) roses every time you meet someone new or just want to learn new ways of expressing your fondness, let’s find out what other choices you have.

gifting succulent flowers

Make Sure Your Date Understands Flower Language

Of course, you can’t expect everyone to understand the meaning of each flower. So prior to diving into the art of floriography, you should ensure your partner is genuinely interested in this field. If you are a married couple looking for a unicorn girl to date for the first time and want to make everything as sweet as possible, gifting flowers is a perfect move. But how can you find not only just a unicorn but also ensure she’s into floriography? Turning to online resources is the best bet on a complicated quest like this. Using the Internet, you can find a couple looking for a woman website, created for people looking for casual dates with bisexual girls. Thousands of unicorn women flock to such casual dating sites in search of couples to have fun with. The only thing to remember is that if you want to know that your date gets the meaning of flowers for sure, don’t forget to use built-in filters to narrow your search. And to get even better results, mention in your profile that you’d love to meet someone who can understand flower language. Now that the perfect date is found, it’s time to choose flowers to charm her.

What Flowers to Bring on a First Date


Carnation is a well-known love flower. The color plays an important role here: red carnations symbolize deep passion and eroticism, so they are the perfect choice to gift your unicorn girl on a first date if you want to make the mood sexier. On the other hand, if you are too shy to be this direct, go for white carnations, as they stand for sweet, carefree love and are ideally suited to frame a tender flirt and underline your intentions.


Lilies have always been characterized by strong symbolism. They are full of grace and dignity. By giving this flower as a gift, you are also communicating these qualities to the recipient. Did you know that brides are often given this flower on their wedding day, as white lilies inherently have a pure, virtuous meaning? It doesn’t mean you must marry your unicorn, of course, but if you want to have a lasting casual relationship with her (become sex buddies for the long run), it’s the best way to demonstrate the serious intentions of your couple. A small note: you should always gift white lilies, as the colored specimens express a rather negative attitude towards the recipient.


Often called the “queen of flowers,” orchid is a hardy plant with more than 30,000 species worldwide. Their durability and durability can be interpreted as metaphors for a long-lasting, healthy relationship. Orchids symbolize profound longing, affection, beauty, and fertility. Furthermore, orchids always have a certain exoticism because most specimens can be found in Asia. Accordingly, this plant combines honest affection with fascinating, sensual eroticism. So it’s a perfect choice for a more daring couple who wants to demonstrate their passionate nature.


Tulips are often given as gifts when dating, but here too, the colors have different meanings. As a spring flower, the tulips are also based on the themes of new beginnings, awakening, and reproduction. Basically, you can use the following rule of thumb: the darker the color of the tulip, the deeper the feelings towards the recipient. If you choose red tulips, you clearly express your deep love for the recipient. Pink tulips are somewhat less meaningful, although they, too, send clear signals of affection. Yellow tulips, with their sunny color, express optimism and cheerfulness with a view to flirting. If you gift white tulips, you want to demonstrate your pure intentions with a pinch of fondness.

Preparing for a First Date

Now that you’ve found a third for your couple and decided on the best flowers, it remains the case of small. If your date will take place on neutral territory, where you will communicate and get to know each other better, bring tulips or carnations in white or pink. This way, you can start the acquaintance on a more gentle note. On the other hand, if you agree to meet at your place because you can’t wait to seal the deal, decorate your bedroom with orchids or red carnations. You can put bouquets on bedside tables or strew the bed with flowers. Orchids and red carnations will help create an erotic mood from the threshold and awaken passion in all participants of the action. It will also help your couple relax and let passion take over your mind to make this threesome date go perfectly.