How Climate Zones Affect Your Succulents During a Move

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Speaking of moving, packing is just the beginning. If you love your succulents, it pays to understand their needs under these conditions. These plants are both strong and fragile at the same time. Just the change of climate can have negative effects.

Treacherous climate

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What’s important to know about:

Three important points about the treacherous climate:

  • Temperature shock: All living things (and maybe not just living things) get hot and cold in this world. You already know well what temperature your plants like, don’t you?
  • Don’t get wet: Our friends are quite attached to dry climates, no waterfalls! But seriously, humidity is one of the most important things. Imagine if you were, say, sitting in a bathhouse all the time?
  • Do not burn: The process of photosynthesis is of course an important thing, but it should be understood that not all plants are immensely happy with unlimited sunlight. It’s worth thinking about future habitats.

Having laid out these points, your next step is to find out the specifics of your new area’s climate and take caveat steps accordingly.

Thriving in a New Environment

If you’ve moved and think your hustle is over, you’re wrong. Surprise surprise, succulents are acclimatized. This process is mostly triggered by the new substrate and the change in water intake due to this.

Why Professional Movers Make a Difference

If you think that it is better to save money and take the whole load of the situation on your shoulders, it is very wrong. All the same, people work every day in the field of transportation, they know what to do. They have a special transportation is with climate control. The most important thing is that there is a staff trained for contact with plants and this will throw off your full responsibility, we love it.

Embracing New Climates: A Pathway to Succulent Reinvention

Whether or not your favorite plants will survive or not, whether your actions will match the conditions of the new climate. Everywhere and there are many nuances and it is impossible to keep track of everything, you will learn about something in time by your observations or if someone tells you something from the locals. It is worth mentioning that still monitor the PH level of water for irrigation and drainage. It will not be superfluous to measure the amount of dissolved salts in tap water, if you use it. It may be necessary to resort to a reverse osmosis system. In any case, with your sensitive control you will develop survival tactics. By the way, another plus for you may be new varieties that live in a new climate.

The important role of lumens for succulents

We all know that sunlight is essential for photosynthesis. But our sun shines differently everywhere. We wanted to tell you that if you go where the light is less, think about additional lighting, there are many options, but the leaders now LED lamps, they have a specially selected spectrum and embedded diodes with UV and IR radiation. Let’s talk about the zoning of lighting:

  • Lots of light: Yours will require adaptation to more light, this is done gradually. There are no specific guidelines as you have to see how the plant feels.
  • Like in a crypt: If you are a fan of rain, but love succulents, then the advice above with an LED lamp is very helpful.
  • Homemade lighting: If it so happens that LED lamps are not suitable for you, there are also sodium discharge lamps, but they require connection through a ballast and pulse device, although they have their advantages under certain conditions. There are also other light sources, but their cost-utility ratio tends to zero, or not applicable in the home.

For information on how light affects plant health, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

So, it is worth considering that in order for your beautiful succulents to continue to please you with their presence, with lighting will have to think about.

Some thoughts on humidity

As you have already guessed, we will talk about the fact that humidity is also the main element of plant viability. The heroes of this article originate from deserts or semi-deserts, so they like it drier. And it’s not just that succulents don’t like moisture, the reason is that their roots are prone to rot in soils with high moisture and poor aeration. If in your case the climate change is from dry to wet, then this point is for you. From the solutions, it is a revision of the watering schedule if your substrate is of good quality. As a last resort, you can change the substrate to a more aerated and drained one.

The Importance of Soil Quality in Different Climates

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Do not neglect the quality of the substrate. Although succulents are not particularly fastidious, a good substrate will save you a lot of problems, for example from pests. Often it can be that the substrate was poorly treated during manufacture and it leaves larvae and eggs of pests, which then get acquainted with your plants. Among other things, if you want to refine the substrate yourself, for example, to the clay soil for aeration can be added perlite or vermiculite. Once again we remind you that you need to monitor the PH level at all stages. Keep orentir from 6.0 to 7.0 units. If during watering water flows out of the drainage with a significant deviation from the norm, it means that there is a bad chemical reaction in the substrate due to improper care. In this case, for further solutions you need to study the topic of ionic exchange of plant roots.

Also do not forget that trying to strictly control the PH of the drainage will lead to problems, it should still be slightly different from the original water, as the substrate can be a buffer.

Heat-loving, but not really

Avoid sudden changes. If you allow a change, the plant will fall into a stupor. If this happens, it is necessary to create gentle conditions, a little less light and nutrition, well, and of course comply with all the same mode of heat and cold. If you take your plants outdoors, keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you can get home in time for any changes. If you are interested in official sources of information about different temperature zones, they’re in this guide.

A few words

Our potted friends love care and nurturing. And only the amount of love you have for them will decide their fate in their new home. Your love for your plants may manifest itself in the decision to entrust this task to the movers.