Agave desmettiana Variegata 101: Care and Propagation Simplified

If you’ve ever seen a unique plant with long, green leaves growing in rosettes and a pretty cream or pale yellow border, you may have come across the Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’. This special succulent has its roots in Mexico and is quite popular there. As it grows older, it forms clumps and spreads across the area it’s planted in.

But that’s not all! These amazing plants also produce gorgeous pale yellow flowers. To keep them happy and thriving, they love basking in indirect sunlight and need just a little water every now and then. Want to learn more about taking care of the Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’? Well, keep reading because we’ve got you covered with a complete care guide!

agave desmettiana variegata

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Agave desmettiana Variegata Care Guide

Taking care of Agave Desmettiana Variegata plants is easy, but they do have specific needs to thrive. Let’s go through them:


Agave plants, including Agave Desmettiana Variegata, love direct sunlight. It’s best to place them near a south or southeast window. During summer, you can move them to a balcony or veranda for some sun exposure. If your apartment’s windows face north, northwest, or west, you might need a grow light for extra lighting.

Remember to provide a little shade during the day to prevent the plants from getting burned by too much light.


These plants don’t need frequent watering. Only water them when the soil is completely dry, especially if the climate is dry as well. Good drainage is important to prevent waterlogged soil, which can cause rot.

As the plants mature, gradually decrease the watering frequency. Start watering them every four days after propagation, then once a week after a month, and even less often after that. Adjust the watering schedule based on rainfall and humidity levels.

agave desmettiana variegata


Agave Desmettiana Variegata prefers hot and dry climates. They thrive in USDA hardiness zones 8-10, but this may vary depending on the species.

During winter, when the plants become dormant, protect them from frost by moving them indoors. Controlling humidity is also beneficial for their health.


These plants need well-draining soil to avoid excess water retention and root rot. Opt for mildly acidic to neutral pH levels.

To improve drainage, mix in some sand to make the soil coarse and loose. Use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent water from accumulating.


Agave Desmettiana Variegata generally doesn’t require frequent fertilizing during the growing season. They can get enough nutrients naturally. However, you can add a balanced and diluted fertilizer once a year.

Minimal fertilization helps maintain slow growth and prevents premature flowering, allowing the plant to have a longer lifespan.

agave desmettiana variegata


Agave Desmettiana Variegata grows slowly and seldom needs repotting. If necessary, transplant young plants as soon as they outgrow their containers during spring. Use a new pot that is 1-2 inches larger in diameter.

When repotting, be careful not to bury the rosette or cover the stem with substrate. Instead, use pebbles to promote quick drying at the roots and ensure oxygen supply.

Make sure to plant the neck of the plant slightly above the ground to prevent rotting.

Pests and Diseases

These plants are usually not bothered by pests and diseases. However, watch out for the agave snout weevil, which looks like a beetle and lays eggs on the plants, eventually causing collapse.

In addition to pests, proper care is essential to prevent infections and fungus growth, which can lead to root rot.

How To Propagate Agave desmettiana Variegata

You can propagate Agave Desmettiana Variegata using two methods:


To propagate through pups or offsets, follow these steps:

  1. Gently remove the pup from the parent plant, making sure to keep its roots intact.
  2. Place the pup in a shady spot for a few days to allow a callus to form.
  3. Fill a small pot with soil mix.
  4. Plant the pup in the soil and put the pot in a sunny location. Water it when the soil becomes dry.
  5. Once the pup starts growing, you can either repot it or plant it outdoors.


Here’s how to grow Agave Desmettiana Variegata from seeds:

  1. Determine the specific requirements for your species.
  2. Sow the seeds in a pot filled with soil mix.
  3. Sprinkle some water over the soil and cover the pot with plastic.
  4. Keep the pot in a warm place with indirect sunlight.
  5. After about a month, when you see the seedlings growing, remove the plastic cover.