Hey there! I’m Janie Low…

Since 2012, I have been cultivating succulents. I still vividly recall the day I brought home my first batch of three. With a mix of anticipation and no real idea of what I was getting into, I made the purchase. Succulents piqued my interest after a few glimpses in magazines, well before they became a buzz on Instagram. So, on a cold February day, I purchased my first ones.

Quickly, I became immersed in the world of succulents.
My journey of knowledge and exploration started from there. I began dabbling in propagation and succulent collection, expanding my plant family to over 200 in just a year!

My growing environment was far from ideal; my first “nursery” was a window sill in my basement apartment. Up until now, I’ve never had what could be considered the “perfect” conditions for succulent growth. Yet, my impressive collection now boasts over 600 thriving succulents.

My journey hasn’t always been smooth. I’ve made several mistakes, from overwatering to undernourishing, causing the demise of some of my succulents. These experiences led me to create this website, providing solutions to avoid making the same mistakes I did or offering succulent recovery tips if needed.

I believe, for every mistreated succulent, I’ve managed to save and nurture hundreds more, implying that you can, too!
I know the joy these tiny plants can bring into your life, and I aim to aid you in making their care seamless.