Product Review: The VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

In the summer of 2022, VIVOSUN launched a new line of products they named the “Smart Grow System,” which aims to connect indoor growing equipment through the Internet of Things together on a single platform, the VIVOSUN App. There are four pieces of equipment that make up the foundation of the Smart Grow System: The AeroLight, an LED fixture with a built-in circulation fan; the AeroZesh, a PWM-controlled ventilation duct fan; the GrowHub Controller, which unifies all equipment together, and; the VIVOSUN App, which controls the GrowHub Controller and the rest of the equipment. VIVOSUN says there will be more equipment released in the near future that will expand the Smart Grow System’s capabilities and will eventually create an automated indoor ecosystem for plants.


The major benefit of the Smart Grow System is in its automation through the GrowHub Controller. The controller allows adjustments of key operational factors to equipment, this includes on and off cycles, light intensity, spectrum adjustment, and fan speed. Growers are able to make adjustments to these parameters directly on the GrowHub Controller, which includes a plethora of icons and indicators reflecting the current use. By adjusting these parameters, growers can alter their equipment to meet the changing needs of their plants. What is more, each piece of equipment in the system, including the controller, has a built-in thermometer and humidity gauge that can be read through the VIVOSUN App. This data is collected automatically within the App and can be used to define temperature and humidity limits that trigger increased or decreased fan speed, light intensity, or on and off periods. All of these adjustments can be made through the VIVOSUN App from anywhere that has cell reception. What makes the Smart Grow System stand out amongst a flood of new controllers is the depth of control, adjustability, and automation that is built into the Smart Grow System.


While the GrowHub Controller and VIVOSUN App could be considered the brain of the Smart Grow System, the most striking element is the AeroLight. This fixture is designed with a built-in circulation fan housed directly in the center of the system. The circulation fan pulls air from above the system and pushes it down into the canopy, which helps balance humidity in spaces that are covered by foliage. VIVOSUN claims and demonstrates that the air that passes through the system into the canopy is cooler than the operating temperature of the light, in turn cooling the space beneath the LED board. The lighting system is optimized for full spectrum use but through the controller growers can adjust coloration to match the stage of growth, increasing the fixture’s efficiency. The AeroLight is limited in its coverage, though, as it is a 100W LED fixture. Yet, at its price point and because it can be daisy-chained together and connected with the GrowHub Controller, a system of AeroLights is able to cover multiple 2×2-foot spaces and VIVOSUN states that up to 12 AeroLight devices can be connected to a single controller, covering more space than most home growers will need. This connection to the GrowHub Controller is what establishes the AeroLight as a smart product worthy of the Smart Grow System – it means all operations can be automated, including switching spectrums to match growth stage, light intensity, photoperiod, and even circulation fan speed and air volume, making the AeroLight much more than another LED fixture. It has garnered so much interest that the device was awarded the Red Dot 2022 Design Award.


The final piece to the Smart Grow System is the AeroZesh, a PWM-controlled EC fan that utilizes a mixed flow design to create high static pressure, so air volume increases while noise is reduced thanks to a dual ball bearing design. The design brings VIVOSUN’s ventilation to a new level, one that allows growers to control the minutiae of airflow, which in turn helps them control temperature and humidity. And, like the AeroLight, the AeroZesh houses an environmental probe that sends operational data to the GrowHub Controller and VIVOSUN App. This information is utilized by the controller to run settings that have been programmed by the grower, so growers can maintain their environment thereby achieving growing goals with less effort.


This entire system would not be possible without the fusion of the GrowHub Controller with the VIVOSUN App. The VIVOSUN App expands the operational capacity of the GrowHub Controller by allowing greater customization and access to data – the controller would not be complete without it. Within the app, users can find “Grow Recipes,” expert-crafted on and off cycles, light intensity, spectrum, and airflow that all match stage of growth. The App not only expands upon automation but also builds in planning and alert systems: A simple to use calendar helps growers record data collected through the environmental probes to make day-to-day or grow-to-grow comparisons easier. The entire process of creating and adjusting settings is done through simple sliders and on and off toggles that will be familiar to anyone who uses smartphones regularly.


Overall, the Smart Grow System marks a major shift in industry capacity for automation, personalization, and convenience. The GrowHub Controller seamlessly integrates these various products onto the VIVOSUN App in such a way that makes controlling their operation as simple as setting an alarm clock on a cellphone. At the same time, VIVOSUN has kept the devices simple: the AeroLight and AeroZesh operate in a familiar way while showcasing deep customizability and efficacy. The Smart Grow System demonstrates what should be considered the industry standard for new growing equipment and will most certainly give rise to greater industry innovation in the coming years.