The Sweet Fragrance of Flowers: The Role of Floral Gifts in Dating an Older Lesbian

Are you a woman who is drawn to other females? Perhaps you have a penchant for dating ladies older than you. The good news is that making an impression on a mature woman can be done without resorting to overly grand gestures. Forget about making suggestions about 5-star restaurant bookings or theatre events. As a familiar adage goes, you can say it with flowers! Floral gifts are a fabulous way of attracting someone’s attention, offering such a diverse array of colors, petal shapes, and especially when it comes to setting a romantic tone: scents. What better way could there be of declaring your passionate intentions towards a prospective partner than arranging a surprise delivery of a beautifully fragrant bouquet?

sweet fragrance of flowers

Using streamlined routes to search for your soulmate

Let’s take one step at a time. Before getting to the stage of considering which particular flowers would work best for the object of your attention, you’ll need to establish a potent rapport. When it comes to connecting with someone via flower power, you should take advantage of the socializing platform gaining huge traction: online dating sites. It’s not always so straightforward connecting with older women in outlets like bars or social clubs where you’ve no way of telling if someone you like is single, let alone open to same-sex relationships with a younger partner. But your chances of getting to know a lesbian sugar mama will increase dramatically if you refer to a website where a high percentage of the members are hooked on the age-gap dynamic. These outlets rely on compatibility to unite their amicable members – the charming ladies who have uploaded their details will be keen to make connections. The next question: what are the best ways to make an instant impression with a mama who has caught a young girl’s eye, especially going down the route of ‘romancing with blooms.’

Flowers for personality

Nature is the world’s most inventive designer, so your gift options come in an amazing range of colors, styles, scents, and shapes, from softly alluring tulips to sensual orchids. Think of the character of the older lesbian lady you’re eager to impress. Is she a fan of alternative dressing, and covered in piercings and tattoos? Perhaps she is already sporting lurid body art displaying roses or some other favorite bloom? What better way to show you’ve been paying attention than choosing the appropriate flowers? If you’re not sure which particular bouquets would be most likely to arrest her attention, pore over her details on the dating site. This will give you a sneak preview of her tastes, and provide valuable clues towards choosing the flowers and scents to bring a massive smile to her face. You can also get hints from your digital chats or messaging. Does she come across as fiery or temperamental? Crimson roses would be well received. Quieter individuals might prefer a softer bloom, such as lilacs or daffodils. The latter would also be ideal for anyone with blonde hair.

Appeasing your sugar mama

There can be a certain misconception that the mama/sugar baby dynamic is a little imbalanced. Sometimes the older lesbian is seen as being relied upon by her younger partner for presents and generally spoiling her. This is where understanding the best floral gifts to give to your mama will prove that this relationship is far from one-sided. You can also package the flowers in so many interesting ways – boxes tied with lovely matching ribbons; cellophane protection that will keep your petals protected in transit – while smaller indoor plants can be customized with your choice of eye-catching pot designs. Well-wrapped gifts will surely grant you ‘brownie points,’ and put you in a much better position to get the type of attention you crave from your sugar mama.

Flowers with the best scents

Horticulturists will debate which plants should top any best-smelling list, but beautifully white-petaled gardenia are renowned for their sweet aroma, a feminine scent that exudes grace and romance. Lavenders have a familiar smell that is crisp and fresh, while jasmines are slightly more pungent, their heady spiciness perfect for mamas who are passionate about their partners. If you’re looking for flowers with unique, instantly recognizable perfumes, you can’t do much better than roses. The scent is stored in those vibrant petals, and one sniff of this gift will set your loved one’s heart racing.

To make the most of the possibilities of floral gifts, you should also think outside the box. Elaborate bouquets will capture your girlfriend’s heart, but there’s also an adage about the best things coming in small packages. Indoor cacti are becoming increasingly popular. These plucky little plants are not only capable of flourishing indoors with minimal upkeep, but they also come in an incredible variety of often colorful, highly unusual shapes and sizes.