Should You Remove Dead Leaves from Succulents?

When we talk about succulent care there is always the topic of dried leaves in succulent plants.

Doubts arise such as: Does my succulent lack water? Does it have a fungal infection? If I have a dry leaf, will my whole plant dry out? Should I remove the dry leaves from my succulent?…

First of all, let’s understand why succulent leaves dry up, and should you remove dead leaves from succulents.

should you remove dead leaves from succulents

Why do Succulent Leaves Dry Up?

For starters, keep in mind that dead leaves doesn’t always mean that the plant is dying or something goes wrong. Like the rest of the plants, the succulents lose the leaves and as the plant grows, new leaves appear and the old ones fall off. Therefore, if the leaves at the bottom dry up you don’t have to worry, it’s normal.

should you remove dead leaves from succulents
Dry leaves at the bottom of succulents are completely normal. They are part of the natural growth process of the plants.
should you remove dried leaves from succulents
How does that process work? It is like a cycle, some die and others are born…
succulent leaves drying
The lower leaves are the oldest and dry to give way and life to new leaves that are born at the top. These are the new leaves

Should You Remove Dead Leaves from Succulents?

When you notice dead leaves on your succulents, here’s what you should do:

  1. Remove the dried or dead leaves from the bottom very carefully. If they have not yet finished drying but are already deflated and yellow, you can also remove them, thus helping your plant to save energy that it can invest in its new leaves.
remove dead leaves from succulents
  1. Check the new leaves – if they are healthy, your succulent is on the right track.
    * Healthy: They are not dry, neither purple nor yellow, they are simply the same color as the whole succulent and they are plump.

In the following article we will tell you “How often do you need to water succulents?” so you will be an irrigation expert.