What Plants Are Fit Good For Offices and Why It’s Important For People There

Living plants in the office can have a beneficial effect on health and increase the working capacity of employees. Properly selected flowers will not only organically complement the interior but also have a positive impact on the environment in the workplace. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, read this article to the end.

plants for offices

What Are the Benefits of Using Plants in the Office?

The office is the place where we spend the whole day. There are many different office machines that are required for efficient work, facilitate and speed up paperwork, as well as administrative and managerial activities. However, radiation from technology is contraindicated for many. Fortunately, some equipment can be successfully replaced today. For example, there is a useful app to send a fax that can be effectively used by office workers. It is very easy to send fax from an iPhone. Once you’ve tried the app, you’re unlikely to be able to give it up and go back to using the bulky office fax machine.

Plants in the workspace are needed to at least slightly defuse the situation, cheer up, and make the interior close to home. But this is not the most important thing. Office flowers in pots are needed to maintain a healthy indoor climate, in particular:

  • Saturate the air with oxygen and remove dust;
  • Destroy harmful microorganisms;
  • Humidify the air;
  • Neutralize toxic gases;
  • Suppress the smell of cigarettes, etc.

Features of Choosing Plants for the Office

First of all, you should remember that the representatives of the flora in the office should please everyone. It is worth giving preference to options that do not cause irritation in appearance or smell. Another important point is determined by the fact that green plants should also feel comfortable. Therefore, it is better to focus on species that tolerate artificial lighting and dry air well.

7 Best Workspace Plants

Find below a list of the most popular types of green ornamental plants. They are beautiful, safe, and unpretentious. In general, ideal for growing in the office.


Monstera is an evergreen liana with large carved leaves up to 45 cm in diameter. This plant grows quite quickly and even bears fruit when kept warm. All the monstera needs is diffused light, regular watering, and adding soil once a year. If the plant is kept warm (+20-25 ° C), it will quickly grow to a height of several meters and will delight the people around.


More commonly known as the “dollar tree”, Zamioculcas pleases the environment with beautiful dark green leaves. The plant tolerates drought well, so in winter you can almost forget about watering it. Zamioculcas rarely blooms but looks great in any interior.


Bright viola surprises with its tenderness and fragility. This plant likes light, therefore, it usually lives on window sills. In order for the viola to look and feel good, it is worth protecting it from frost, drafts, and temperature changes. If the plant is not flooded, it will delight with beautiful flowers of various shades and create an atmosphere of comfort in the office.


This plant has gained popularity due to the white flowers in the shape of a boat and beautiful large leaves, located on graceful stems. Its flowering can be observed for several weeks. Spathiphyllum tolerates shading and dry air well but likes the soil to always be moist.


Perhaps, this is the most unpretentious plant for the office. Chlorophytum will grow, even if you do not particularly care for it. It withstands temperatures up to +8 °C. The plant can be placed both in partial shade and in the sun. In the second case, the color of its thin leaves becomes brighter and fully compensates for the impossibility of flowering. Chlorophytum does not need frequent watering. 


This evergreen plant likes warmth and moisture. However, it’s important not to over-irrigate. Dieffenbachia prefers spraying and regular rubbing of the leaves. If you do not cut the top of the plant in time, it can stretch up to 2 meters in height. The peculiarity of dieffenbachia is the release of poisonous milky juice, which can cause irritation when it comes into contact with mucous membranes. For this reason, the plant is more suitable for offices than for the home, where children and animals can come into contact with its leaves.


This is a classic example of an ornamental plant for any room. Large glossy leaves of dark green color attract attention, so the ficus becomes an excellent accent element of the interior. The plant likes spraying, and the leaves must be wiped with a damp sponge to maintain their healthy and presentable appearance. Ficus feels best in warm, constantly moist soil.


Thus, we have told you about the importance of having plants in the office. They humidify and purify the air, allow getting rid of radiation due to office equipment (the office fax app will also partially help to cope with this problem), etc. With the right selection and placement of plants in the office, you can create an environment that is pleasant to be in. Plants from the above list will certainly complement the interior and help employees escape from the hustle and bustle.