5 Orchid Growing Myths

Houses having no plants or flowers seem and look empty. What do you think about placing an orchid in your room? Let’s bust some myths.

orchid growing myths

Orchid Growing Myths

This plant is undoubtedly one of the most favorite ones among gardeners and ordinary people who are far from plant care. The number of places where you can see it flowering is huge, ranging from personal apartments and ending with offices of large companies. The process of growing orchids is covered by numerous secrets and myths. Well, if you delve deeper into the history of this name, you won’t be surprised by it.

Do you know what orchid means? Orchid was the son of a satyr and nymph who died and turned into a flower. This legend is the most popular but isn’t the only one. Europe, Latin America, and Asia have many other stories about orchids that had emerged centuries before B.C., making it impossible to identify the authentic ones.

Today we need to tear ourselves away from discussing legends and devote time to defining and debunking orchid growing myths. We are sure that more people would like to have this plant, but some misconceptions stop them.

So, if you’re ready to spend your time and efforts on plant care, orchids are for you. We’ve scoured the Internet for any piece of information about orchid growing myths, defined the most discussed and interesting ones to review them all again today.

1. Orchids require special conditions

You shouldn’t give up a dream of having several beautiful plants just because you’ve heard they are difficult to grow. Well, they aren’t succulents and other low-maintenance plants, but it doesn’t mean the ordinary person can’t plant and care for them. Orchids even suit people with a busy schedule: entrepreneurs, office workers, and students. The latter often purchase them to make the dorm room look cozier and be comfortable for themselves and guests.

If you have been dreaming about the nice orchid long ago, it’s the right time to put aside all the myths and do it. You can always order essay online and get the necessary academic assistance to free some time to care about this plant. We advise you to plant tried species of orchids and don’t experiment for the first time. Forget about any ‘special conditions’ — all you should ensure is the light, air, water, and the necessary fertilizers. Perhaps you’ll need time to learn what fertilizers to use and in what quantities.

2. You can’t grow them at home

The opinion that orchids should be grown in a greenhouse is deeply rooted in people’s minds. Well, not all of them agree with that, but the percentage of individuals supporting this opinion is high enough.

orchid greenhouse

We want to tell you that it’s a myth and nothing more — orchids can successfully grow at home.

No matter where you place them: in the living room or on the terrace. If you protect them from harsh conditions and give the plant everything it requires — a big and beautiful plant will please your eyes for a long time. What’s so special about a greenhouse? It’s warm and protected, as well as your home.

3. Orchids don’t last long

Please, don’t listen to people who understand nothing in caring for this plant and start stating that it’s blooming not that long and die fast. Orchids are wonderful, they can stay fresh and bloom 2-3 times a year. If your plant is in a dormant state, it doesn’t mean it’s dead.

Learn more about the life cycle of an orchid to find out that it blooms for up to 6 months and then needs rest to rebloom. This period can last longer than six months and is exactly what people call a dormant, or rest state. The task of the owner is to continue providing care to plan in this period to make it end faster. Your care will help the plant to start blooming again faster.

4. You don’t need ice to water these plants

Some gardeners consider it a good idea to use ice cubes for watering. People who support it state that the ice cubes method is the only way to give all parts of the plant an equal amount of water and ensure the water is cool enough to make it bloom. Orchid is a plant, requiring little water (depending on the stage of growth), overwatering is too dangerous for it, so ice remains to be the only way not to overdo it.

5. Frequent re-potting is necessary

repotting orchid

If you believe this myth, you probably are a newbie in orchid growing or only plan to purchase this plant. It’s quite the opposite: orchids don’t require to be repotted too often. It’s one of the most widespread reasons why so many people worldwide adore this plant. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your orchid will grow in the same pot forever, although there are some cases.

If you see that the roots are messed up or grew out of the pot, it’s a sign for you to buy a new pot for your orchid. It’s not the ordinary plant: you don’t repot when the pot is too small.

The Bottom Line

Well, now all the most widespread myths preventing you from purchasing this stunning plant are busted. Stop looking for excuses and decorate your house using orchids. As you see, it’s not so difficult to care about it. We hope you’ve drawn some valuable insights from this article, and you already know something about orchid care.