82 Types of Mesembryanthemum Succulents [With Pictures]

If you’re looking for a cute little succulent variety of a plant that is easy to maintain and has flowers, the Mesembryanthemum, also known as the Ice Plant, is a good fit. It’s a popular succulent that has beautiful little flowers and can be grown in many different kinds of containers.

And here are 82 types of Mesembryanthemum succulents and all you need to know about caring for them.

Types of Mesembryanthemum Succulents

How to Grow and Care for Mesembryanthemum

This plant belongs to the Aizoaceae family and is a succulent that comes in many shapes and colors. It has fleshy leaves that can store water in the tissues and does not have too many watering needs. The Mesembryanthemum is native to arid parts of South Africa, Australia and South America. So it can grow in rocky regions quite well.

The leaves are thick which helps the plant hold quite a bit of water like cactus plants. They are also shiny and look like ice, which is where it gets its name from. It is also native to arid regions of the planet which makes it impressively heat and drought resistant.

If you intend to grow the plant on the ground, you must water it mostly on the surface unless your region is facing a severe drought. But if you intend to grow it in a pot, give it a good deal of water regularly but make sure the soil is never excessively wet.

When it is time for the plant to bloom, you will notice flowers with multiple petals in white, yellow, pink, red, purple, orange and peach colors.

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These plants need a nice sunny location that gets full sunlight. If you are growing it indoors, make sure they are placed near a sunny window.

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This plant needs to be watered like a succulent, which means the soil must be soaked properly when in a pot. The next round of watering is required only when the soil is dry. Stick your finger into the pot to make sure that is the case.

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The seeds of Mesembryanthemum plants need to be sown in well-draining soil whether it is on the ground or in a pot. The soil must ideally be dry, sandy and poor with some amount of salt. Soil that works for cactus mixes will also work.

But if you’re growing them in a pot, ensure that the pot is also well-draining.

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These plants are ready to bloom in the summer, which is a good time to add fertilizer in liquid form, which gives them an extra serving of the required nutrients.

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Since they are originally from arid regions, the Mesembryanthemum plants grow well in a warm climate. Make sure the room is around 85 degrees but it doesn’t have to be more than that simply because it’s a plant from tropical regions.

However, remember that they don’t do well in cold winters, which means you need to keep them from frosting. If you are growing them outdoors and the winters in your region are brutal, it is a good time to bring the plant indoors.

How to Propagate Mesembryanthemum

These plants are grown through seeds. Now, if you are planting multiple Mesembryanthemum plants and doing this outdoors, make sure the seeds are planted sequentially. Do this at the end of May, after the spring frosting comes to an end. This will prolong its flowering season.

But if you are growing the plant indoors, you must get the process started about three months before that. Start in February-March and give the seeds about three weeks in the dark to germinate. The temperature of the room should be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smaller species of this variety can be moved to the outdoor garden in the spring and must be planted about 6 inches away from each other. Some species are larger plants and those must be planted about 8-12 inches apart.


Is Mesembryanthemum a Perennial?

These are half-hardy annual plants and are known to be perennial succulents or vygies. Their flowers are their best feature.

When Can I Plant Mesembryanthemums?

Depending on the indoor or outdoor setting, anytime from February to April is a good time to plant the seeds. Make sure the surface is well-draining and the seeds are damp before they go into the ground.

If you have compost or vermiculite available, sprinkle a little bit of that to the damp seed. Place the seed in a sealed container and make sure the temperature is ideal. The growing conditions should remain this way until the germination process is complete. That takes 15-30 days.

Do Bees Like Mesembryanthemum?

Yes, they do. So much so that the Bumblebee Conservation Trust has put Mesembryanthemum plants on a blacklist along with other garden staples like Livingstone Daisy, Begonia, Impatiens, Hydrangea, Geranium and Pansy.