Jade Plant Leaves Turning Red: Should You Worry?

If the leaves of the Jade plant change color, this is an alarm signal for most hobby gardeners. But it depends a lot on how the leaves change color. Jade plant leaves turning red are more common without endangering the money tree. It is different with yellow leaves or brown spots.

jade plant leaves turning red
Red leaves on the Jade plant are no reason to panic

Jade Plant Leaves Turning Red from Direct Sunlight

Especially in summer, red edges appear on the leaves of the Jade plant, sometimes even the whole leaf is red. This discoloration has a natural cause.

The reddening of Jade plant leaves is triggered by strong direct sunlight. The sugar crystals that are present in the leaves react to the sun and cause the discoloration. That is completely fine.

If you are bothered by the red leaves of your money tree , simply place the pot in a little more shade so that it is bright but not directly sunny. The red discoloration then disappears immediately.

How to Make Jade Plant Leaves Red

There are some types of Jade plants whose leaves are naturally red in color – mostly around the edges.

In order for the coloring to be retained, these varieties need a lot of direct sunlight. Otherwise, the decorative color will fade.

Causes of Yellow Leaves

Too much moisture
Too much nutrient supply
Pest infestation

If yellow leaves appear on the money tree , the plant may be receiving too much water or you have fertilized it too much.

Spider mite pests can also cause yellow leaves.

Brown Spots on Jade Plant Leaves

Small brown spots can be a sign of sunburn. They arise when the plant stands directly behind the window pane and the leaves are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The glass window acts like a magnifying glass. If this happens, move the plant further from the window or provide some shade.

Larger brown spots are caused by over-watering or frequent watering. Only provide the money tree with water when the top layers of the soil are completely dry. Empty the coasters immediately to prevent waterlogging.

Pro Tip:

White spots on the leaves are also not that dangerous. They occur when the Jade plant exudes too much moisture through the leaves. Reduce watering for the money tree accordingly.