Best Indoor Low-Maintenance Plants Seniors Can Care For

Everyone wants to experience a feeling of freshness around their space. At times you don’t want the noise from the AC or any other artificial air freshener doing that for your home. That fresh and natural feeling can only be enhanced by nature, especially by incorporating houseplants into your home.

indoor low maintenance plants for seniors

Besides the freshness they bring, indoor plants are believed to pass on tremendous therapeutic effects, suitable for mental health. This is why professionals taking care of seniors in an assisted living community in NJ try to incorporate them into their home care. You don’t have to be a skilled gardener to pick up this hobby because there are many easy plants that you can work with! Let’s look at some of them:

1. Peace Lilies

peace lily

Just like their name, these lovely plants are not only known for the beauty they bring into a home, but they also clean the air in the room to keep it fresh. Also, ensure the soil they’re planted in is moist at all times. They also don’t require lots of light for their white flowers to blossom, so they are also popular amongst homeowners considering indoor plants.

2. Boston Fern

boston fern

The Boston Fern is yet another easy maintenance air purifying plant that seniors can consider adding to their homes. They also improve and restore the natural humidity levels giving you a soothing feeling. Like the peace lilies, they also thrive well under low light conditions and only require watering twice a week or daily when the weather is hot. You need to ensure that the water levels are well balanced out since if the soil the ferns are planted in is soggy, they may quickly destroy the plant.

3. Succulents


Most of us are used to seeing plants, such as cacti, in the desert and remote areas and think they can’t keep them in their homes, but the opposite of this is true. If you reside in a dry region or a place experiencing a sweltering climate, then these are the best plants for you.

They can thrive well at any corner of your home if you grow them in pots with a drainage hole. However, since you’ll be planting them indoors, a pot with a drainage hole may not be ideal since it will add dirt to your home. Therefore, ensure that the soil you plant them in can efficiently evaporate the excess water so that the succulents can bloom as they should.

4. African Violet

african violets

If you’re looking for that extra pop of color for your home, then African Violets will do that for you. Their petals vary in color based on where they’re grown, and if you grow them in a well-lit window, they are bound to blossom. You can find them in blue, pink, bright purple, pink, and white, though blue and bright purple are most common. To give them the best care they need, all you need is to ensure that the soil they’re planted is not soggy since their stems rot easily.

5. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is another succulent famous for the longest time, especially among skincare companies, due to its skin-healing properties. For this reason, more people have also gotten an interest in them to use them for the same purpose and extra décor in their homes. Luckily, this plant doesn’t need much care since it rarely needs water and thrives best under direct sunlight. Also, don’t be afraid to place them under some direct light near the window.

6. Spider Plant

spider plant

These plants have created interest over time because of their long, thin, and vibrant leaves. They are hung from windows to spread over beautifully and side to side from the pot. Besides indoor decoration, they are also used for air purification in the home. Luckily, they are good at holding in water, so they can skip a few days before you can water them again, and they also can survive under low sunlight conditions.

7. Amazon Elephant Ear

amazon elephant ear plant

Their name originates from the resemblance their leaves have to elephant ears. They mostly thrive in a warm and humid environment away from direct sunlight. The soil they are planted in should remain moist at all times and not soggy for the stem not to rot. It would be best to moisten the leaves with water once in a while to maintain the humidity they are used to in their natural habitat.

8. Mint plants

mint plant

Mint for a long time has been used for its wide range of health benefits, including; cold relief, maintaining fresh breath, improving the digestive system, and improving brain functions. They also add beauty to the home and are easy maintenance. Therefore, for all those reasons, they are a super addition to any home for any senior. Most seniors wouldn’t mind some herbal tea once in a while, so once these are grown, they can easily pluck a few leaves and add them to their cup of tea.

9. Jade Plant

jade plant

The flowering jade plant has been said to bring wealth, good luck, and great friendship. For these reasons, it has become famous amongst people considering adding some indoor plant following its positive energy. They are succulents that don’t require lots of maintenance and don’t need overwatering since it can make them die off.

10. English Ivy

english ivy

The English Ivy leaves are recognized mainly by their thick, glossy, and lobed appearance, often green. Considering they can grow up to six feet or longer, most people let them crawl up the wall or shelves to give their home that simple but beautiful look, and they can purify the air by getting rid of harmful toxins in the atmosphere. They only need a moist environment to grow well.

With some encouragement, assistance, and effort, anyone can bring in the indoors look they need. The most crucial point is to pick the plants that suit the environment you live in, and you will enjoy adding that new spark to your home.