How to Be Well Versed in Succulents

Are you interested in succulents and want to become an expert in these plants? We’ll share some tips on how you can do it.

how to be well versed in succulents

Thousands of people worldwide adore succulents, and it’s not surprising. There’s a widespread opinion that these plants are popular only among youth, but it’s wrong. If you opened this page, you probably knew something about these cool plants. People like their undemanding nature because low-maintenance plants are what we all need in the modern world. Growing succulents has even some psychological benefits: they can improve your memory, mood and focus. Moreover, one research proved that succulents improve pain tolerance. Finally, these plants can freshen up the atmosphere of any home.

It may seem that being well-versed in succulents makes no sense because the Internet is always at hand, and you can easily google the necessary information. However, many people want to become true experts in it, and, therefore, they search for various guides and tips to distinguish succulents. The most obvious way to become well-versed in something is to delve into this topic and study it in detail. Let’s imagine that you’ve already done it but still consider it difficult to memorize all types of succulents.

Another solution we can offer to you is to find training courses and take them. First of all, the true experts will tell you everything about succulents. Second, you’ll find a lot of like-minded people who can become your friends or partners. Quite often, training and studying is the best way to master something. That’s why school graduates continue their way to success in college. It becomes tough sometimes, and the professional help they can get from the report writing service saves them. No matter what disciplines people study, they can ask for insurance essay writing help or use a criminal justice term paper writing service to get out of trouble.

Today we’ll lend you a helping hand and tell you how to distinguish different types of succulents.

1.   Write down the key characteristics to note

People who distinguish succulents on their own may not remember the names of all plants, but they always have a notebook with the most important characteristics of plants. If you plan to master succulents, we advise you to start by identifying the notable features. Let’s imagine that you have a plant itself or its photo. Here’s the list of characteristics you should pay attention to:

  • Color of each part of the plant (leaves, stem, or flower).
  • Flower, its shape, petals, and blooms.
  • Leaves (shape, thickness, size, and any marks on them).
  • Stem (thickness, color, and texture).
  • Hairs on the plant.
  • The concentration of mucus in leaves, its viscosity.
  • Plant’s size and shape.
  • Spikes.

Sometimes experts also evaluate the growing conditions, cold hardiness, and epicuticular wax on the plant. Still, the most important aspects you should always check when identifying the plant was mentioned in the list. Write them all down and start studying different types of succulent plants. Just open any websites devoted to succulents and learn the key characteristics of different types: color, stem, leaves and others mentioned in the list above.

2.   Ask for professional assistance

We already stated that all people who learn something new sometimes have difficulties and need professional help. It applies even to those who study succulents. Do you know there are many communities in social media where people gather to discuss the things they like?

Facebook, Instagram and other websites have many groups devoted to succulents, so you always can find the necessary community and ask for help. Succulent-lovers are ready to practice their skills in distinguishing the plant types, explain to newbies how this or that type differs and tell new members many interesting things. Stop thinking that communities admit only professionals: all these people who now can distinguish even the rarest succulents were newbies sometimes.

3.   Take the advantage of software

Nothing stands still in the modern world, and people are developing various solutions in different spheres. Therefore, even succulent lovers now can download specialized software to distinguish between the types of plants. There are many websites serving this purpose, but they aren’t very convenient. Since we often use our mobile phones, web developers decided to create mobile software to help succulent-lovers differentiate plant types faster.

Check your mobile app store, and you’ll certainly find a few such apps. They are easy to use: you open the app, take a photo of your succulent or download it from the internet, upload a shot and software analyzes it. After a few seconds, you see the name of the succulent and sometimes even its characteristics. People who claim to be professionals in these plants state that the majority of such apps work well.

The Bottom Line

These were three of the most popular and effective ways to become well-versed in succulents. However, one thing you shouldn’t forget is to improve your knowledge and skills constantly. Read blogs devoted to succulents, purchase books written by professionals, and you won’t have any problems with your favorite plants.