Garden of Love: Exploring the Symbolism of Flowers in Polyamorous Relationships

If there’s one profound thing that can be said about romantic partnerships in the early 21st century it’s this simple statement. Anything goes. Not so long ago, anyone straying out with the norms of monogamous relationships might have been viewed with apprehension. Even suspicion. Over the years, subjects like swinging, threesomes, and polyamory have lost their taboo status. This openness and sense of liberation have been reflected in the rise of dating outlets catering to a dizzying array of niche interests. If you’re part of a couple and feel like experimenting by adding someone to your intimate encounters to create a ‘love triangle,’ or more, you’re certainly not alone. Another aspect of modern polyamory is that there are also so many ways of enhancing the experience. You’ll have heard the familiar term: say it with flowers. Here’s how flora displays can work wonders for polyamorous relationships.

garden of love

Dating Sites to Find Your Soulmate – Flower Lover

Let’s begin by taking a step back. You might not be in a poly relationship at the moment, but it could be a topic you and your partner are keen to explore. Your first port of call should be to sign up for a dating outlet dedicated to matching any women seeking couples with suitable candidates. These services are always discreet, providing a relaxing platform where members can reach out to kindred spirits in a welcoming and safe environment. You’ll find it straightforward to get to know other site users who might be into poly get-togethers, and the chemistry will grow as you exchange direct messages. As you get acquainted, you could broach the subject of being keen to find fellow flower lovers. You’ll gain confidence to be open and honest in your communications, and this is where you could use flowers as a symbol of bringing freshness and color into your polyamorous partnership. Everyone has a favorite flower, whether you go for traditional blooms like red roses, or have more refined tastes, such as orchids. Discussing flowers you adore can be an excellent icebreaker leading up to chatting about poly dates.

Flowers to show your feelings and bring your polyamory relationships to a new level

Going online can be a terrific way to break the ice about wanting to get into consensual adult relationships. When you’re in the early stages of such a partnership, it’s always important to set the scene. You’ll want to get together to agree on the framework of how things are likely to develop. While this might seem as if it’s a little formal for romance, it is a crucial step before any polyamorous relationship can progress. Everyone involved needs to understand boundaries that will avoid jealousy or miscommunication. These must also be reviewed regularly, as people’s perceptions can change over time. When you’re having these discussions, what better way to set a positive tone than doing so with flowers in the background? Dahlias come in so many different sizes and palettes that can provide an instant rainbow. Orchids are also perfect because they look so stylish – and are also relatively easy to manage. These iconic flowers don’t require much watering.

Flowers to Express Your Desires in the Dating World

Flowers have symbolized love for centuries, with the Middle Ages seeing the introduction of roses to signify passion. This has persisted through the ages, so if you’re keen to let your poly partners know how you feel, presenting a bouquet is guaranteed to make a strong impression. Chrysanthemums, lilies, and carnations are all hardy examples that will last some time. The person who receives them will have a lingering sense of what you mean to them. Gardenia, jasmines, roses, and sweet peas exude potent scents. In any polyamorous get-together, any of these will create an amorous atmosphere.

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To reiterate, flowers can make romance blossom, right from the early stages of connecting with new partners, through to your initial poly liaisons. Introduce flowers straight away, and you’ll set the tone for this romance. If you take advantage of a poly dating site, be sure to have flowers in the background when taking your profile photo, or indulging in video chats.

The bottom line is that polyamory shouldn’t be treated any differently to what might be termed ‘mainstream’ relationships, typified by monogamy. Those involved are consenting adults, going through the same emotions and anxieties as any other individuals, no matter their romantic arrangements. So, if you’re into polyamorous get-togethers, relax and embrace your life choices. When it comes to preparing a cozy environment for these enjoyable encounters, flowers can remain a wonderful inspiration. Decorating an interior with suitable house plants will bring color and vigor to this setting.