Fun Activities with Succulents for Kids and Students

Succulent projects for your kids are a great way to develop their social responsibility and creativity. It can also inculcate a love for nature and encourage them to spend more time outdoors with plants. Moreover, succulent planting can be done using any items in your kitchen.

Brighten the home

You can find them growing in seaside cliffs, humid jungles, deserts, and frigid mountains. They can grow in any climate and under a variety of conditions in nature. The leaves of succulents are filled with water, so they require very little water. They do not require an organic medium to thrive or even to survive.

They make popular houseplants, too, because they thrive at room temperature. They can bloom and add green to your room in any season, splashing the indoor landscape with color and vibrancy. For cost-effective succulent projects, use materials such as loaf pans or muffin tins as containers.

Simple succulent outline

To grow them outdoors, select the variety of succulent that suits your outdoor area. The best time is either in the spring or summer. It is easier to grow them in containers for good drainage. Boost its growth in the container by improving the density and nutrition of the soil.

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They enhance memory

Before you engage your kids with succulent planting tasks, take them to places where they are planted and tended. Besides the ability to generate succulent ideas, such interaction with nature improves memory retention.

Place them in the study, library, home office, or any room where kids usually do their homework. They can kill two birds with a single shot. They can have an eye on the plants and water them when needed. Plus, they can also concentrate on their studies. Students can get carried away tending to succulents, especially if they are passionate about them. If they need extra time to spend on succulents, get in touch with professionals on homework help websites.

Try different compositions

If you are looking for succulent craft ideas and do not know where to start, create a miniature garden in a simple glass bowl. Succulents mix with each other, and a variety of them in a glass bowl is perfect as a centerpiece. If the bowls are heavy enough, you can use them as bookends.

Another way is to make a hanging succulent platter using a tray and hang it with threads. Place a couple of candles in the center, which will look great at night. Here is another brilliant idea. Use living frames to plant succulents and display them vertically on the wall. Even a birdcage can be used to plant hanging succulents to embellish your balcony. Also, if you have an aquarium without a fish, you can use it to grow succulents.

Readily available supplies

Succulent DIY ideas do not require any expensive stuff to make it a big décor hit. You can use useless or commonly used items lying at home for these projects. The list of kitchen things you can perfectly use includes cups, bowls, trays, jars, and dishes. Besides, cans, tins, bottles, trass tubes, old books, or even such unusual things as old phones can also be used if you are creative enough.

Use companion plants

Use low-maintenance companion plants to add height to the ground-hugging succulents. They can be good succulent ideas DIY as the flowers of some companion plants can stand upright alongside them. Numerous varieties of ornamental grasses with autumn blooms are good companion plants as they can provide shade from the sun.

Some flowering herbs such as yarrow, salvia, and lavender can be grown alongside succulent beds as they take the same ground conditions as succulents. Other succulent companions include shrubs or bushy plants that are drought-tolerant.


Succulent planting is a fun way to engage your kids and spend time with them in a meaningful way. Seize the opportunity, especially if your kids like gardening, as it can give them some added time to stay in touch with nature and explore the surroundings. It is a good way to pique their interest and sensitize them to the beauty around them.