Floral Haven: Creating a Romantic Outdoor Space for Dates with Curvy Girls

There’s something so romantic about a garden. Surrounded by verdant flowers and plants, the trilling of birds, the gentle hum of insects, and beautiful fragrances, these environments personify romance. They provide the perfect backdrop to any type of date but seem especially apt for entertaining curvier singles. There’s something about basking in sunlight that is effortlessly relaxed, and seems more in tune with entertaining a naturally full-bodied partner than some diet-obsessed waif! Let’s take a closer look into how to make the desired impact when you’re hoping to court a voluptuous single lady outdoors.

romantic outdoor garden

Where to plan your hook up

Before you’ve even contemplated setting up your garden furniture in the optimum warm but shaded area, you’ll need to think about the best places to touch base with singles. There are many online outlets dedicated to finding BBW – to the uninitiated, that’s big and beautiful women – but this begs the question, which ones would be most suitable? The answer to this quandary lies at your fingertips. By consulting a review resource such as 10bbwdatingsites.com you’ll gain an excellent overview of the services aimed at introducing singles to larger partners. This is such a convenient way of dipping into these platforms before you decide which of them would work best for you. Check out the reviews and browse through their home pages to get an idea of site navigability and overall design. There will also be a guide to any advanced features that streamline the process of tracking down your ideal large lady.

Why a garden is romantic

There’s a reason why even the most built-up metropolis, from Paris to London to New York, will always have an abundance of garden spaces. These are like oases within urban settings, a place where people can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to recharge their batteries. Have you ever heard the statement, ‘back to nature’? In a world where we all seem to be leading increasingly frenetic lifestyles, despite technical innovations, time out needn’t involve booking some expensive holiday. It can involve glorious moments of solitude, allowing sunbeams to dance over your face, and the alluring aroma of flowers to tantalize your senses. What could be even better than this tranquil form of escapism? Doing so in the company of someone precious to you. For a first date, a picnic in a garden erupting with life would be hard to top!

Creating the right vibe

Once you’ve got together with a single with an hourglass figure, your next task is to prepare the outdoor space for your romantic liaison. To create the right vibe, you’ll need to do some prep. Gardens can be notoriously hard to look after unless you dedicate some time to attending to weeds, or the stray leaves that can clog the entire area during the autumn. Head outside with gardening tools and do some tidying. Taking pride in your garden needn’t be time-consuming. A few moments here and there are all it takes to plant seeds that will bloom into explosions of color. Bird feeders crammed with succulent peanuts or Nyjer seeds will attract finches and other small birds. These tiny songstresses will add a captivating playlist to your romantic rendezvous. Garden chairs are a must, as lounging back in comfortable seating is always preferable to a rug, especially when caterpillars, centipedes or other crawling creatures might spoil the atmosphere by roaming too close to your picnic! Make a priority a trip to a garden center, where you can select from an abundance of accessories, from lighting to ornaments to water features. Finally, consider the delicious treats you could offer your BBW. A bowl containing fresh, juicy strawberries, melon, grapes, orange segments, and a variety of other succulent fruits, drenched in sweet cream, would be guaranteed to win her heart. Wash this down with a glass or two of refreshing sparkling fruit juice or chilled wine.

To make the most of your outdoor space, you should also pay attention to the seasonal aspect. Some flowers will look fabulous not long after they’ve been seeded – Nusturtiums, Petunias, and Sweet Alyssum tend to bloom quickly. But when the sun dips and the more inclement weather hits around autumn, many of these colorful flowers will begin wilting. It would be a good idea to consider which plants are hardy and guaranteed to last all year, such as the many forms of cactus. These are more than capable of enduring the harsh conditions in some of the least hospitable places on the planet, such as sun-baked deserts in the southwestern USA or Patagonia on the Pacific coast. What’s more, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look particularly striking when embedded in garish pots that mimic their spiky styles. Strategically placed around your garden, these will look eye-catching at any time.