Effortlessly Organize & Nurture Your Succulents

succulent collection

Like most people, you probably started by just buying one succulent or were given one or more by a friend or relative as a present. From there, your collection has no doubt grown to the point where they are starting to take over.

While you might not necessarily see this as a bad thing, it would probably help if you were to get your collection and the area that they occupy more organized. This will help you care for the plants more effectively and give a few pointers to anyone you may have appointed to look after them while on vacation.

Dedicate an area

While you need to keep your succulents in the area where they are most likely to thrive, you also need to set aside some space where you can re-pot or provide some first aid to your plants. This wouldn’t have to be a large area but would ideally contain storage for any extra pots, tools, earth, and other supplies, even if they are just stored in a Tupperware container.

Label your plants 

If your succulent collection is growing apace, you might lose track of what each plant is called and any special instructions you need to account for when looking after them. This will also be important if you have somebody else looking after your plants for any reason so they know how to care for them.

If you are including instructions on these labels, you will need to select larger ones. You might find that some sticky labels from Label Planet worked great, but they cost £29! However, you may also consider that money is well spent to make sure that your plants are looked after properly.

Catalog your plants

A natural extension of labeling your plants is to catalog to provide further information for your own reference as well as anybody else. You might want to include photographs in this, when you got them, and any points of note. You could even use this catalog to monitor the growth of particular plants, especially those that start sprouting baby versions of themselves.

Group your plants

If you have a considerable number of succulents to tend to, you might find that further reorganization is in order. This could mean putting all of those with the same watering and environmental needs in the same area so that you can look after them more efficiently. If you find that all of your plants only thrive in one particular area, you might consider building some shelves out of racking so that their access to sunlight is not obscured.

Set up a routine

Your plant collection may have grown so suddenly that you don’t have a routine for watering them other than having a note pinned to your refrigerator or computer monitor. You could set up a basic schedule for watering and general care on the calendar app on your phone, which will send you reminders so that you don’t forget. You could also forward the schedule to anyone who also looks after your plants to make their lives easier as well.