Growing Crown of Thorns Plant Outdoors: 5 Useful Tips

The Crown of Thorns likes it warm, so it doesn’t mind dry heating air. Nevertheless, there are a lot to consider when planting the Crown of Thorns plant outdoors.

crown of thorns plant outdoors
The Crown of Thorns likes to stand outside in summer

The Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) comes from Madagascar, so it prefers a warm location and is not frost hardy. Temperatures near freezing do not do it well. As a tropical plant, the Euphorbia milii does not experience extreme temperature fluctuations but dry or rainy seasons.

Fresh air is good for the Crown of Thorns plant and helps keep it healthy and resilient. You are welcome to put your plant in the garden or on the balcony, but only in summer when the temperatures are consistently above 15°C, including during the nights.

Place the easy-care Crown of Thorns in a warm and sunny place. It comes from Madagascar and can also tolerate direct sun. However, it doesn’t particularly like it when the air is very humid because it is easily attacked by powdery mildew. If this is the case, treat your plant immediately to prevent it from infecting other plants.

When to Bring the Crown of Thorns Plant Indoors

Temperatures above 30°C are not good for your Crown of Thorns plant. If it is very hot for a long time, think about whether you would rather put your plant in the apartment. As soon as the nights get cooler than 15°C in autumn, the time to move has definitely come. The Crown of Thorns can lose its leaves if there are strong temperature fluctuations.

Crown of Thorns Plant Care in Winter

The easy-care Crown of Thorns does not need a winter rest, but a dry rest. During this time it can stand a little cooler than usual. However, if the plant is not watered enough, it will lose its leaves.

The so-called dry rest is a time of scarce water that simulates the dry season in the Madagascar home of the Euphorbia milii. Without a period of drought, the Crown of Thorns will not bloom. For at least four weeks you should reduce the watering and at the same time give your plant a maximum of ten hours of light.

Crown of Thorns Plant Outdoors in a Nutshell

May go outside in summer, but not before the last frost
Ideal temperature: between 15°C and 30°C (59°F and 86°F)
Location: sunny and warm
Water regularly, a little more abundantly when it is warm
Bring it indoors in the autumn in good time
growing euphorbia milii outdoors

Pro Tip:

The summer freshness in the garden or on the balcony will do your Crown of Thorns very well and help keep it healthy. However, remember to bring it back indoors in good time in the fall.