5 Best Pots For Cactus (Buyer’s Guide)

Cactus lovers, rejoice! These spiky green buddies are champions of survival, thriving in places where other plants might give up. They don’t need much water, fancy food, or shade. But wait—before you think they can handle just about anything, it’s important to know they do need the right home to really shine.

Picking the perfect pot for your cactus is kind of like finding the right house for yourself. It’s not just about picking something pretty. You’ve got to think about the size, the material, and whether it will keep your cactus cozy, considering the air and moisture levels in your space.

The good news? There’s a whole world of beautiful pots out there that will make your cactus—and your home—look amazing! Let’s dive into the top picks that will give your cactus the happy home it deserves.

Our Top Picks

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terra cotta pots for plants with drainage hole

Terracotta pots are constructed of high-quality clay and fired at high temperatures, giving them remarkable durability and fracture resistance.

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These succulent pots use high-temperature ceramics to ensure the most sturdy, robust, and long-lasting quality. This material has a strong density to prevent water infiltration into the pots, successfully protecting the interior and exterior of the pot, and is simple to maintain and reusable.

e-liu succulent pots and stand set

The four ceramic pots with a stylish planter stand come in a durable gift box as a relationship bridge for family members or friends.

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This Macramé pot hanger with container included set does not include the fringes seen on numerous other macramé plant hangers, conserving space and preventing pets from harming your plants.

Factors For Choosing The Best Pots For Cactus Plants

best pots for cactus

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pot for your cactus, it’s a lot like a treasure hunt. But instead of a map, you’ve got a checklist of factors to keep in mind. It’s not just about snagging a pot that looks good with your living room paint—it’s about making sure your spiky friend is happy and healthy.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ve got to consider:

1. Drainage

Those tough cactus plants can go a while without a drink, but when you do water them, you want to make sure that extra water has somewhere to go. Cactus pots with drainage holes at the bottom are your best bet to avoid soggy soil and unhappy cactus roots. Forgot to check for holes? Grab a drill and make some yourself.

cactus pots with drainage holes

2. Material

This is where things get fun, with a ton of different options:

  • Terracotta*: These are like the classic jeans of the pot world—basic, but go with everything. Thanks to their breathable build, you can easily tell when water has been absorbed. But be careful—they can crack easily, so place them where they won’t get knocked over.
  • Ceramic*: Eyeing something fancy? Ceramic pots can seriously dress up your space. Just remember they’re heavy, so you might not want to move them around too much. And check if they have a shiny or matte finish, as this affects drainage.
  • Plastic*: If you’re on a budget, plastic is your pal. They keep looking new for ages, although they might not let your cactus’ roots breathe as well as other materials.
  • Metal*: For a sleek look, metal pots are cool but remember to add drainage holes. They do tend to hold heat, so think shady thoughts in the summer to keep your cactus comfy.
  • Glass*: Glass pots are pretty, but they’re sort of like that awkward pair of shoes—great for a night out but not for everyday wear. They don’t drain well and get hot fast, so they’re not the best choice for your cactus.
  • Wood*: If the outdoors is calling, a wooden pot might be right for you. They insulate well against cold but can break down over time, so water with care.
  • Fiberglass*: Want a chameleon pot? Fiberglass can look just like other materials and is super light to move. But you’ll need to channel your inner handyman and make those drainage holes.
  • Concrete*: For the year-round outdoor cactus, a concrete pot can weather storms. They breathe well and won’t let you down, but they might tweak your water’s pH—so water the pot first to avoid any surprises.
  • Stone*: Stone pots are heavy and sturdy, keeping your cactus grounded. Just make sure the drainage is up to par so your cactus doesn’t get swamped.

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3. Size (Width & Depth)

Choosing the best pot for cactus is like picking out a new house—the size has to fit just right. Your cactus needs a little breathing room—about 1/4 inch from the edge of the pot. Don’t forget that some cacti have wider roots while others are deeper, so choose accordingly.

4. Type

What kind of cactus do you have, and where do you want to show it off? From standard pots to hanging baskets*, make sure you match your pot to your plant’s personality and your display location.

5. Color

Last but not least, color matters, but it’s all about your taste. Think about your cactus pot like an accessory—pick something that highlights the best parts of your living space.

Final Words

Finding the ultimate pot for your cactus is a bit like hitting the jackpot—it can be tricky but totally worth it when you get it right! You’ve gotta juggle a few balls here: the kind of pot, the right size, and where you’ll place your spiky companion.

Don’t just fall for a pretty face; your pot has to be as functional as it is stylish. Luckily, the cactus pot world is full of unique finds that blend form with function, so whatever your vibe is, there’s a pot out there with your name on it.

Make sure the pot suits your cactus’s needs, and once you’ve found the perfect match, don’t forget to show your cactus some love with proper care. If you’re the type who gets a little splash-happy with the watering can, go for a pot that breathes well to save your cactus from a watery end. Or if you’re dreaming of a cactus basking outside, pick a heavyweight like a concrete pot that won’t budge an inch, no matter how blustery it gets.

So take a breath, roll up your sleeves, and start the quest for that just-right cactus pot. Your prickly friend is counting on you!