Best Pots for Jade Plants: My Fav Picks

Hey Plant Pals! Today, I’m super excited to chat with you about one of my favorite green friends – the jade plant! These cool plants are like little tree-buddies for your desk or window, and picking the right home for them (that’s their pot!) is a big deal. I’ve tried a bunch of different pots and I’m here to spill the dirt on which ones rock and which ones we can skip.

best pot for jade plants

Why the Pot Party Matters

First off, let’s talk about why picking a pot is more than just about looking pretty. The right pot means your jade plant grows up strong, the water drains out like it should (no soggy roots here!), and the plant doesn’t fall over just because it gets a bit top-heavy. Yeah, those jade leaves can get chunky!

The Best Materials for Your Plant’s Crib

Okay, so you’re at the store staring at a wall of pots. Which one do you grab? Let’s break it down:

Terracotta Pots

These are the reddish-brown ones that feel kinda rough. They’re awesome because they breathe – not like you and me, but they let air and water move through them. This keeps your jade’s feet dry and happy. I’ve had great luck with these, and bonus, they look classic and cool.

Ceramic Pots

Shiny, often painted up nice – that’s ceramic for you. These pots are strong and they keep water longer, which can be good if you forget to water your plants sometimes (it’s okay, we’ve all been there). Just make sure they have holes at the bottom, so water can run out.

Plastic Pots

They might not win a beauty contest, but plastic pots are light, easy to move around, and cheap. If you pick one, make sure it’s tough and doesn’t mind a bit of sun. You don’t want it to crack or fade after a month.

Getting Potty About Size and Shape

Your jade isn’t going to stay tiny forever. You need a pot that gives its roots room to groove and grow, but is not too big – think Goldilocks here. Too big, and the soil stays wet too long. Too small, and your plant is all cramped up. And shapes? You can go round, square, or even weird wavy ones – just for fun!

Other Cool Pot Features

  • Drainage Holes: Superheroes for plant pots. Without them, water builds up, and no one likes wet feet all day, right? Avoid a pot if it doesn’t have a hole at the bottom.
  • Saucers and Trays: These are the little dishes that catch extra water. They keep your table stain-free and save you from cleanup duty.
  • Self-Watering Pots: They sound like the future – a pot that waters your plant for you! They can be cool for when you’re on a trip, but I’ve found that jade plants like to dry out a bit between drinks, so they might not always be the best choice.

Wrapping It Up!

So there you go, my experiences and tips for picking the ultimate palace for your jade plant. I’m kind of in love with terracotta pots for my jades – they’re like jeans, go well with anything, and do their job without any fuss. But hey, you do you! Pick the pot that makes your heart happy and your jade plant thrive.

Happy pot hunting and may your jade plant live long and prosper!


You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers! Let’s dive into some common queries about pots for your beloved jade plant.

Does the pot provide adequate aeration and drainage for your Jade plant?

Picture this: your jade plant is a cool kid who needs air and a way for water to escape. If the pot you choose lets air flow through and allows water to drain out (just like we discussed earlier), you’re on the right track to a thriving jade plant! So, make sure you pick a pot that’s a pro at promoting these crucial factors. Your jade will thank you!

How do I prevent root rot from occurring to my Jade plant?

Oh no, root rot! It’s like the bane of our jade plants’ existence. But worry not, my fellow plant parent! Here’s the deal: keep your plant elevated, away from sitting in constant water. This nifty trick significantly reduces the chance of root rot. Some pots come with built-in elevation to make your life easier and your jade plant happier. Two thumbs up for prevention!

Will one pot provide all the needs for my Jade plant?

Guess what? Your jade plant has big dreams – reaching heights of up to five feet tall! That’s like having your own friendly green giant. But here’s the thing: those dreams take time and patience. As your jade grows (yay, success!), it may need a bigger home to provide stability. Isn’t it cool how plants and people have growth spurts? So be ready to upgrade to a larger pot, one that can handle the weight of a full-grown jade plant. It’s like giving your plant a big, cozy mansion!

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