4 Impressive Benefits of Indoor Plants

The healing benefits of plants have been enjoyed for thousands of years, and have recently become a popular trend for home interiors. Houseplants can do more than give your room a lifted, cozy feeling. Many studies have been conducted over the years about the many benefits of indoor plants and gardening. You can improve your overall indoor air quality and reduce your stress when you invest in some indoor greenery.

Your indoor plants will continue to need care during the winter months. Whether you are repotting succulents or tending a winter herb garden, you can reap the rewards of your indoor plants. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of indoor house plants.

benefits of indoor plants

Air Quality

Indoor plants can help to improve the air quality of your home. Plants go through a process known as phytoremediation, which allows them to scrub the air around them to remove harmful toxins. In a world where our air is filled with pollutants, allergens, and toxins, having house plants can be a beautiful and affordable way to keep the air in your home fresh. Some of the most effective air-purifying plants include the Boston Fern, Ficus tree, and the Spider plant.


Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, millions of people have converted to working from home. While some employees have started to head back to the office, many have chosen to continue their careers remotely. Staying productive at home has now become a priority. When you are working on your own schedule at home, it can be hard to stay focused and complete your work. Most of us are used to the structure that we have in our normal office setting. Working from home should be as productive as normal.

There have been multiple studies that show that living and working with plants in your environment can help to boost your productivity. A study from 1996 showed that students that worked with plants nearby were more than 12% faster at their assigned tasks than those without plants. If you have a home office, adding some greenery could help you to stay productive.

Reduce Stress

One of the reasons that so many people have a passion for gardening is that working and living with plants has been shown to reduce stress levels. With today’s hectic lifestyles, stress management is a challenge for many people. Studies found that when given tasks to work with plants or on a computer, the gardeners showed lower physiological and psychological stress levels.


Over 40 million people in the U.S. have a mental illness. Working and living with plants can be very therapeutic for anyone dealing with mental health issues. Many practitioners are now recommending horticultural therapy for their patients with dementia, depression, and anxiety to help them cope and recover. Horticultural therapy is believed to heighten feelings of well-being and a calming effect on the nervous system, making gardening the perfect therapy for anyone struggling with feeling overwhelmed by life.

If you can’t recognize the beauty that indoor plants already give to your home, consider these benefits to your health and your environment and fill your home with natural plants.