Viparspectra XS1000 Review – Best XS Series Grow Light [2023 Edition]

With the ever-growing need for the quantum board LED grow lights for indoor gardening, the VIPARSPECTRA brand has caught many buyers’ attention due to its excellent features & great designs. The latest addition to their wide-known popularity is the XS series grow lights, among which is the Viparspectra XS1000 which we will review today.

viparspectra xs1000 led grow light with samsung lm301b diodes & meanwell driver, dimming daisy chain full spectrum for indoor plants veg bloom growing lamps for 3x3/2x2 grow tent

Viparspectra XS1000 Features

The main reason for the growing demand for these LED grow lights is their affordable value and solid features like Samsung chips & Meanwell drivers.

Overall it makes for an excellent budget-friendly option for most buyers. If you aim to grow indoor plants, this LED grow light is the best option right now.

Moreover, it offers a heat dissipation system, dimmable features & an entire optical layout. The excellent heat dissipation system makes this XS series an ideal choice as it can remain 70% cooler than most HID lights.


  • Excellent industry-grade Samsung LM301B diodes
  • Waterproof LED because of silicone sealant
  • ZERO noise
  • Four types of lights, including IR
  • Sunlike spectrum
  • Meanwell LED driver
  • The large aluminum surface heat sink
  • Passive cooling
  • 50% more PAR outputs than current competitors

Benefits Of The Viparspectra XS1000

The main features and benefits of VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light are listed below:

Greater Efficiency

VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 is regarded as one of the most efficient LED lights in the current market. This high efficiency is the result of utilizing Samsung LM301B diodes. The primary features of these diodes are low electricity consumption & deep canopy penetration.

VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 consumes only 100-150W power, while the traditional HPS/MH lights consume almost 250W power. As a result, you get an additional 50% yield from these lights. As energy consumption is significantly less, you see the cost savings in your electric bill immediately.

viparspectra xs1000 ppfd

Noiseless Operation

Traditionally light operating systems are noisy because they use fans. VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 offers a technology that does not require using fans. They don’t have any fans, so the noise is 0 DB.

This is because of the ideal cooling system that uses large areas of aluminum heat sinks. So, a longer lifespan & substantial growth of the plants is never a doubt.

Warranty & Service

One of the best parts of buying VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 is its aftermarket customer service that is friendly and helpful. These LED grow lights come with 30 days money-back guarantee in case a light doesn’t work. You can also obtain a three-year warranty for buying VIPARSPECTRA XS1000.

A Sunlike Full Spectrum

Having the feature of four different light types & wavelengths, VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 provides a “sun-like” full-spectrum facility. Therefore, you can use these LED grow lights for all stages of growing plants.

Achieving greater yield with VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 is therefore guaranteed.

viparspectra xs1000 full spectrum

Light Spread Provides Great Coverage

VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 can provide you with 75✕75 cm coverage if you want to grow plants. Be sure to set up these lights at a 45cm distance.

For flowers, it provides 60✕60 coverage at a 35cm distance. However, the vital factor is to adjust the height of these LED lights. To do so, first, consider the growth level of your plants & then proceed. Adjusting the brightness is crucial for the steady & firm growth of these plants.

PAR Output & Area Coverage Make It Highly Efficient

Let’s first understand what PAR output is & how it works. PAR denotes the measurement of light emission mainly between the 400 to 700 nm ranges. In this range, photosynthesis happens for the plants.

Plants use these ranged lights for effective photosynthesis. Their growth is primarily dependent on this range & VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light does the job finely.

You can measure PAR output by the number of micromoles of light per square meter per second within a specified area. However, VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 ensures the perfect balance between PAR output & area coverage. Therefore, the LED lights provide plants the required amount of energy for photosynthesis, just like natural sunlight.

SMD LEDs Technology

VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 has four different types of lights: warm white LED, white LED, deep red LED & IR LED.

Warm white LED provides 3000K, while white LED provides 5000K, deep red LED provides 660nm & IR LED delivers 730nm. All these light emission lengths make sure the plants get the most ambient condition possible.

VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 uses Samsung LM301B diodes to boost your yield up to 50% from seedling to flower. This modern & intricate technology outperforms any of the traditional “blurple” style lightings.

Dimmer Function

While integrated Samsung LED technology facilitates extended lifespan, it also improves overall light penetration facility. The added dimmer knob feature lets you manipulate the brightness level from 0 to 100%.

Thus, you can have extra flexibility to adjust the light according to the growth of your plants. The power consumption is also significantly minimum (150W) compared to 250W HPS/MH lamps.

  • VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series XS1000 uses all premium grade materials.
  • Aluminum heatsink instead of fans has made these lights far more durable and quieter.
  • Light spreads out evenly & covers a larger area.
  • Hassle-free VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series XS1000  provides ten years of steady performance & service without even thinking of changing any bulbs. Thus their durability is intact & praiseworthy. 
  • Passive cooling enabled.
  • Much more energy efficient! 
  • Excessive brightness. Therefore, it is advisable not to look directly at the lights.
  • Only for indoor uses
  • The overall temperature of the surroundings should not be more than 40℃.

Why Should You Get It?

Users have gladly accepted VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light. Firstly, Samsung’s high-quality premium-grade diodes make VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light impressive in performance and quality.

Also, the zero noise facility is an excellent addition. As no fans are present, no need to change fans often & the horrible sounds are no more. Minimum energy consumption, higher yield & greater efficiency makes this product an ideal choice for everyone.

For a more budget option, check out our review on VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P1000.


Among numerous LED grow lights that flooded the market, VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 LED Grow Light is an excellent choice in terms of value for money. You get the industry-graded, energy-efficient, and durable grow lighting at a low cost all in one package!

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