30 Creative Succulent Decorating Ideas

Among the sturdiest plants and the easiest to grow, succulents need minimal effort and care. These gorgeous all-year-round plants come in a wide array of shapes and colors and look amazing both outdoors, as well as indoors. And, if you’re looking for cool planter ideas for your succulents, check out our unique and trendy succulent decorating ideas of how you can add these plants and brighten your home.

Succulent Dish

This cool arrangement of mixed succulents in a tin dish with pebbles is not only modern but stylish too.

Planter in a Planter

This unique succulent garden art recreates and brings to life the paintings of the old masters depicting vases of flowers.

Framed Succulent Planter

Perfect to place on any windowsill or hang up in your living room, this framed one-of-a-kind succulent planter is sure to be the centerpiece of your décor.

Themed Succulent Terrarium

The gorgeous Buddha-themed succulent terrarium is sure to enhance the peaceful ambiance of your home. If you want to try out some other theme, then go ahead and get creative!

Succulent Chair

This adorably cute DIY succulent chair is sure to add loads of color and fun to your garden, patio or deck.

Succulent Table

The vintage, antique table doubles up as a planter for your colorful succulents and can brighten up any space that you place it in.

Birdcage Succulent Planter

bird cage succulent planter
Cr. Ekta

Don’t you simply love this adorable birdcage succulent planter? This super-cool planter is sure to transform your balcony, outdoor garden or patio and give it a magical feel.

Succulent Wreath

A gorgeous piece of succulent art, the succulent wreath is sure to be the talk among your neighbors when hung on your front door or outdoor garden. On special occasions, the succulent wreath can make an amazing festive dinner table centerpiece.

Succulent Purse Centerpiece

Perfect to place on the table indoors, like a picnic table centerpiece or give as a gift, this succulent purse is guaranteed to turn any occasion into a special one.

Succulent Basin

If you have any old basin lying around, you can completely transform it into a beautiful succulent garden. The succulent pitcher only makes this planter even more gorgeous.

Succulent Wall Planter

This rustic wooden frame succulent planter is guaranteed to brighten up any outdoor or indoor space that you hang it up in.

Light Fixture Succulent Terrarium

This light fixture succulent terrarium is not only a creative way to use any unused light fixtures lying around in your home, but it is also a unique live showpiece that is sure to transform any corner of your home that you place it in.

Jute Bag Succulent Planter

jute bag succulent planter
Cr. Ekta

Now you can convert any old jute bag into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind succulent planter. A great display piece, this jute bag succulent planter also makes a fantastic gift for any special occasion.

Mini Magnetic Succulent Planters

While the common places to place planters are tables, windowsills, stands, etc., these mini magnetic succulent planters are not only uber-cute but they can transform your refrigerator magically into a green place.

Succulent Beach Shells

If you’re looking for a sea-inspired, beachy succulent decoration, then you’re sure to love the seashell succulent planter. This creative planter is sure to add to the fresh look and feel of your beach home.

Ceiling Fan Succulent Planter

Instead of throwing away that broken ceiling fan, now you can use it creatively to house your gorgeous succulents. This fan succulent planter will look cool when placed on a side table, patio table or in your outdoor garden.

Vintage Flyer Wagon Succulent Planter

vintage flyer wagon succulent planter
Cr. Irene G

This vintage flyer wagon can transform the corner of your garden or patio completely, especially with the mixed, colorful succulents spilling out of it.

Rain Gutter Succulent Garden

Now you can brighten up your garden fence with this cool and colorful rain gutter succulent garden in an inexpensive way by simply using old repurposed or vinyl gutters.

DIY Scrap Wood Succulent Planter

If you love DIY projects, then you can use your creativity to convert any old pieces of wood lying around your home and transform them into beautiful planters. You can add to the beauty of the wood planters by planting gorgeous succulents interspersed with colorful pebbles.

Clock Fairy Garden

This beautiful clock fairy garden of succulents will turn any nook in your home into a magical place. All you need is a clock from the thrift store, some colorful succulents and some fairy dust… and lo and behold the magic it creates in the space.

Fountain Succulent Garden

This succulent garden in a fountain can make a fantastic decorative piece for your backyard, patio or garden. Simply plant colorful succulents in the fountain and watch your outdoor space completely transformed.

Book Succulent Planter

Succulents can bring life and color to any old, damaged book that you don’t have the heart to throw away. Placed on your center or side table or desk, the book succulent planter is truly a unique piece that will get your guests talking.

Light Fixtures Succulent Planter

If there are any broken light fixtures or defunct solar lamps in your patio or garden, you can put them to good use by planting succulents in them. Paint them in bright colors and they can make your outdoor space pop.

Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planters

The copper rain chain planters can add some cool bling to your patio or living room. And, you can amp up the beauty of the planters by planting some gorgeous colorful succulents.

Wine Glass Succulent Planter

The wine glass succulent planter not only looks really cool on your dining table, side table, mantlepiece or your kitchen countertop but also makes good use of wine glasses you have lying around unused. These wine glass succulent planters make great giveaways too.

PVC Pipe Photo Planter

This PVC pipe photo planter is a unique and lovely personalized gift that any person will treasure for life. All you need are PVC pipes cut to the required size. Print out photographs of your loved one or friend and fix them on the PVC pipe. Plant the colorful succulents and you’re all set to go to the party.

Copper Jello Mold Umbrella Planter

This planter idea is really cool and out-of-the-box. Great for your outdoor space or your garden picnic table, you can use the copper jello mold to plant your colorful succulents. But before you do that, make sure that the outdoor umbrella goes through the jello mold hole, then fill the mold with little rocks, pebbles and succulents.

Vintage Colander Succulent Planter

vintage colander succulent planter
Cr. Linda J

This adorable vintage colander with its cool speckled blue color makes a cool succulent planter. And, the big plus is that the colander comes with ready drainage holes too. Placed on your kitchen countertop, living room center table or side table, the vintage colander succulent planter is guaranteed to be the centerpiece.

Tire Succulent Planter

tire succulent planter
Cr. Susan S

Have any old tires around? Don’t throw them away. You can transform the old tires into really cool succulent planters. All you have to do is give the tire including the rim a nice lick of paint and paint some cool designs on it. Fill the tire rim with dirt, pebbles and plant your succulents.

Coffee Pot Succulent Terrarium

Nothing can beat the joy of starting your morning by having a cuppa near your gorgeous coffee pot succulent terrarium. This coffee pot succulent terrarium goes with any décor and is great for both your outdoor, as well as indoor space.