Succulents FAQ

How to Keep Succulents Small

how to keep succulents small

You stopped paying attention and all of a sudden your little rosette-shaped succulent has become very tall and completely out of proportion! Sounds familiar? In this article we’ll explain to you why succulents elongate and how to keep succulents small. It’s happened to us several times before — we bought a small rosette-shaped succulent (like …

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10 Surprising Benefits of Succulents

benefits of succulents

These days, succulents are one of the trendiest houseplants due to their beautiful exterior and low maintenance requirements. A lesser known fact, though, is that there are plenty other uses and benefits of succulents besides making an amazing home décor. Today, we’ll be covering ten of the amazing benefits of succulents in your home. If …

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Can Succulents Grow in Sand?

can succulents grow in sand

Can succulents grow in sand? Do they need soil to grow? Or can you plant succulents in colored sand? Find out! Succulents are one of the most forgiving plants when it comes to growing conditions. Their ability to store water in their leaves and stems makes them one of the best drought-tolerant plants. Can Succulents …

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