Parodia aureispina: Care and Propagation Guide

The Parodia aureispina is native to Bolivia and Argentina and belongs to the Parodia genus and Cactaceae family. This cactus has a unique shape and color with the central stem being perfectly round with some varieties having notches on the surface. The stem also has yellow and white spines and some white hair.

The cactus also bears yellow flowers in the first couple of months of summer.

parodia aureispina

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How To Care Ror Parodia aureispina

If you are habitual of nurturing cacti and are aware of what their growing and nurturing needs are, you will be able to care for these cacti just fine. To begin with, they don’t have very high maintenance needs. They prefer sunlight and warmer climates and will thrive if you get the basics right.


Parodia aureispina is a cactus that loves light. This does not mean, however, that you place them in the scorching sun. You need to keep this cactus in a place that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

During early mornings and late evenings, you can place them in full sun. However, during the hours when the sunlight is at its peak, do not place them in direct exposure to the sun.

If you are treating your Parodia aureispina as an indoor plant, you ought to keep it in a container that is easy to move around. This is because you can’t expect the plant to thrive when it is kept in a damp corner in the house.


Ball cacti do not like a lot of water so you need to water these cacti with caution. Overwatering can be counterproductive and may lead to rot and pest infestation. Spring and summer months call for watering, but only when the top layer of the soil is dry.

The plant enters dormancy during the winter months and does not have specific water requirements. The choice of container is an important one while nurturing the Parodia aureispina and you ought to ensure there are several holes in the container to ensure the passage of water.

parodia aureispina


Dry and airy soil will be ideal for the Parodia aureispina cacti. You can, therefore, go for a regular cacti mix. In case you have other cacti at home, you can use the soil you use for the other cacti.

If you are getting a store-bought mix for your cacti, make sure you sprinkle it with pumice or sand to help aerate the soil. Acidic soil mixtures are the best bet for the Parodia aureispina cacti.


The plant does not have major fertilizing needs. However, you can spray some during the growing season to aid its growth. This does not have to be a concentrated fertilizer but you can go with a diluted fertilizer that together with a good cacti mix will ensure the plant archives its full potential.

Pests and Diseases

The Parodia aureispina cacti are mostly resistant to disease. However, occasionally you may notice mealybugs or infestation in the roots and stems because of overwatering. Therefore, it is important to water the cactus very carefully. At no point in time, you should overwater this cactus.

parodia aureispina

How to Propagate Parodia aureispina

Parodia aureispina is a gorgeous-looking cactus that is made more attractive by its flowers. This is why several plant lovers get attracted to this plant. The fact that this cactus is easy to grow and propagate makes it even more ideal for those who love cacti.

Offsets can be used to propagate this cactus easily. These can be found in the clusters in a mature plant and you need to use these offsets carefully to propagate new plants.

Follow these steps to propagate Parodia aureispina from stems:

  • Remove an offset from a mature plant and let it dry for some time by placing it on a towel.
  • Let the moisture evaporate from the offset completely before propagating it in a new container.
  • Wait for the callous to form over the offset.
  • Once you see the callus, take the offset and place it in a cacti mix and spray it with light fertilizer.
  • Keep the container in a warm place to ensure that the plant receives ideal conditions to grow and thrive.
  • If you manage the light, water and soil well, you will see roots emerge in the plant within a few days.
  • Once the cactus gets a little stable, place it in a full-sized container.

Remember, warmer seasons call for repotting of the Parodia aureispina cacti. The soil that you use for repotting needs to be dry. While you are repotting the plant, ensure that you remove any rots and diseases in the roots completely. Add some fungicide to the plant at this stage. This will keep it healthy and safe.

Once you have finished repotting, leave the plant as it is for at least a week. Water the plant after a week once the plant has adjusted to its new container. This will make sure there isn’t any rot in the Parodia aureispina.