MIXJOY GL-4000 LED Grow Light Review [2023 Edition]

The market is flooded with tons of grow lights. In such a saturated environment, it can be truly confusing to find the right grow light for your home. It is therefore important to know exactly what purpose you want your grow light to fulfill in your home to find the one which best suits your needs.

mixjoy gl-4000 led grow light review

MIXJOY GL-4000 LED Grow Light is one of the best options available in the market. It is multidimensional, value for money and designed to make your life easier and simpler. The best part about this light is that you have the freedom to control it remotely. If you want, you can even sync this light with your smartphone.

MIXJOY GL-4000 LED Grow Light is a remarkable invention of technology that not only consumes less energy but also is a massive upgrade from old-school technologies that were harsh on the planet and heavy on your pocket. Easy to install in homes and spaces, these lights are designed to give a higher yield while consuming less energy.

A lot has been said in recent times about the efficacy of grow lights but is the MIXJOY GL-4000 LED grow light truly worth it? The following is a brief that covers the features of this light, its pros and the benefits it offers which will help you make the right decision for your home.

The MIXJOY GL Series at a Glance

The MIXJOY GL series has some truly remarkable grow lights that meet the needs of your home. Almost all the lights in the series are high efficiency and high yield while functioning on low energy. Take, for instance, the MIXJOY GL1000s/110W grow light.

One of the most prominent features of this light is that it can control the intensity of up to twenty lights together. This means you will be spared the hassle of putting in an extra control panel and can use this light for large areas as well. It also is zero on noise and therefore makes the experience worth it.

In the same series, the MIXJOY GL2000s/220W is a worthy entrant. It is a full spectrum panel light that looks beautiful when installed in your garden space. More options in the same series include GL4000s/450W and GL6000s/600W.

All these grow lights are great at providing targeted wavelengths and an ideal environment for plants to grow and flourish. The fact that these consume less energy and are flexibly designed gives them an edge over their competitors.

We will now move on to discuss the GL4000s/450W grow light, its defining features and advantages and disadvantages.

All You Need to Know About the MIXJOY GL4000s/450w Grow Light 

mixjoy 4000s

We take you through the key features and advantages of the MIXJOY GL4000s/450W grow light and what makes it a must have in your home. Armed with the highest technology advancement, this grow light boosts of longer shelf life. It doesn’t emit any sound and comes equipped with a robust aluminum heat sink.

GL4000s uses upgraded Bluetooth smart control system GROW LAMP App, which can easily remotely control all grow lights via smartphone, including group control, dimming, VEG/Flowering status and timing setting.

Smart Remote Control Makes Usage Easy

One of the most promising attributes of the MIXJOY GL4000s/450W grow light is that you can control it with your smartphone remotely. You can even customize your plant’s growth status making use of its inbuilt control technology.

mixjoy 4000s controls
Cr: Peter Redpete

Full Spectrum Coverage for All Your Gardening Needs

Constituting Samsung LM301b 3000K and 5000K diodes, this light provides enhanced full spectrum coverage to your plants, more IR LEDs, and includes UV LEDs. You can get an idea about its efficacy through its coverage specifications. The vegetable coverage it provides is 6*6 ft while that for flowers is 5*5 ft.

Multi-Functionality Adds an Edge

The MIXJOY GL4000s/450W grow light is fully equipped with providing multiple choices for vegetables and flowers. If you put it on VEG mode, the intensity of blue lights will increase which in turn will aid in the germination of seeds and promote vegetative growth. Likewise, if you put it on ‘FLOWER’ mode, you can expect more brightness to promote speedy growth for your plants.


The Timing function is extremely useful. You can set any time to control your grow light On/Off on different modes. The grouping function is also very useful for having more lights to work together.

You even have the option to dim the brightness depending on the individual needs of your plants as per their growth cycle.

Value For Money

One of the best parts about the MIXJOY GL4000s/450W grow light is that it offers great value for money. It comes fully equipped with the latest technology which means it offers high yields. Considering these lights are compatible with smart control technology and armed with high-quality drivers, these lights are quite reasonably priced.

At a power consumption of 450 W, it is almost 30% more effective than other lights and works at lesser power consumption. Lastly, the fact that it is robust and long-lasting makes it a dream product for your indoor gardening space.

mixjoy gl4000s
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3-Year Warranty Makes It Irresistible

The MIXJOY GL4000s/450W is a robust grow light with multiple special features. Despite this, it comes with a 3-year warranty period which makes it a great product to invest in. You also have the option to claim back your money in 30 days should you need to.

MIXJOY GL-4000 LED Grow Light Review – Conclusion

Now that you are aware of the many features of the MIXJOY GL4000s/450W grow light, we are sure it will help you make an informed decision for your home.

The advantages definitely make it evident that the grow light has a lot to offer. Not only does it make use of superior technology but is also extremely mindful of user experience which gets reflected in its having 3 modes: Veg/Flower/All bright, and more IR and UV LEDs. It is a product of the future that goes beyond its brief to offer you a unique customer experience.

It is extremely mindful of your space needs and is designed in a manner that slides into your home space flexibly and can cover huge operations. It is also easy on the environment and offers full brightness without emitting harmful substances into the air.

Once you have it installed in your house, you have the flexibility to control its features to suit your needs. The fact that it can be controlled with your smartphone makes it a breeze to use.