Mermaid Tail Succulent – These Dreamy Succulents Look Just Like Mermaid Tails!

Are you a crazy plant lady or just a big fan of Disney? Then the crested senecio vitalis is something to get straight into the house. “The crested-what?” The crested senecio vitalis, a beautiful succulent that resembles the tail of a mermaid.

mermaid tail succulent
© Olena Shmahalo via Unsplash

Whoever says 2020, says Urban Jungle. Plants are more popular than ever and the more different types we can house, the better. From spiky cactuses to a simple alocasia to a hip monstera or pancake plant, we collect them in large numbers. If you still want to add a more unique plant to your collection, you can look for a pink houseplant or bring the crested senecio vitalis into your home.

Mermaid Tail Succulent: A Natural Mutation

It is especially the latter that caught our attention on Instagram. It seems to be a cross between a succulent plant and a cactus and it has the shape of a mermaid tail. It requires little to no care and provides your home with a fairy-tale touch.

It is most common in South Africa and only grows during the winter. Small problem: the dreamy plant is very difficult to find. It is a natural mutation of the ragwort senecio vitalis, also known as the blue chalk stick, and is therefore not so easy to grow yourself. They do sell it on Etsy, but it is now – not surprisingly – sold out. Tip: keep a close eye on this online store if you want to get one yourself!

It is not the only plant that resembles the tail of a mermaid, because the coral cactus Euphorbia lactea cristata also resembles Ariel’s lower body. Like the crested senecio vitalis, it is a succulent plant that needs little water to survive. We think it might be even more beautiful with its purple edge! And you can find the beautiful coral cactus in these online stores.