8 Easy Steps How to Make an Indoor Succulent Garden

Succulents are some of the most rewarding and resilient plants that one can care for and having a succulent garden in your home will only make for a fascinating addition to your interior decoration.

But how does one go around building an indoor succulent garden and what should you keep in mind? The following are some of the things you may find useful:

1. Pick the Right Container

how to make an indoor succulent garden

The first step is to pick the right kind of container. You can pick any colorful container, as long as it is shallow. Succulent roots do not grow very long, so a shallow container will work perfectly fine.

However, it is advisable to pick a container that has a hole at the bottom through which the water can be drained out. If the water accumulates at the bottom of the container, it will cause the roots to rot and the plant will start to wither.

In case of overwatering, the succulent can also become susceptible to fungal infections. So, even if you find a container that does not have holes, simply go ahead and drill several holes in the bottom so that the soil can get proper drainage.

2. Pick Soil that Drains

The next step is to pick soil that will provide proper drainage to the succulent. Regular potting soil will not be the best for planting succulents. There are readymade succulent soil mixes that you can purchase in the market.

Since this is an indoor garden, you may want to place some kind of mesh screen over the holes so that the soil does not spill out and litter the entire room. Coffee filters will do the job perfectly. Add the potting mix on top and fill to the halfway mark.

3. Arrange the Succulents

Now, pick out the succulents that you want to pot. The great thing is that succulents are available in a variety of colors and shapes, so you can go wild with your combinations and build a truly vibrant succulent garden.

You can arrange the succulents however you like. Place the tall ones in the center and the shorter ones around it, or do it in ascending order. You can even place the succulents close to each other as they grow slowly.

This is even better as it will give the pot a fuller look. If you are going to put objects like small rocks or trinkets in the pot as well, find how you will arrange them and then go onto planting.

indoor succulent garden

4. Plant the Succulents

Gently remove the succulents if they are already potted elsewhere. At times it may be difficult for you to pull the succulents out, so press the sides of the pot to loosen the soil. This should help the succulent to come out of the soil more easily.

Massage the root ball gently so that the succulent is encouraged to take to the new soil and grow well. Place the succulent in the new pot, then add the soil mix around it to secure the succulent into place.

Keep adding the succulents till you have the garden formation that you are happy with. Make use of miniature gardening tools to get control over the soil and secure the succulents into place. If you are using cacti then remember to wear protective gloves so that the thorns do not end up pricking you.

5. Decorate

indoor succulent garden ideas

Decorate the succulent garden how you see fit. You can add colored pebbles and miniature animal figures to give it a fairyland vibe. Decorative sand is also a great option to add a pop of color to your succulent garden.

Apart from the decorative value, the top dressing of the succulent garden also has an additional benefit. It allows you to stabilize the succulents and hold them in place. The great thing about this process of decoration is also that you can play with themes and levels. Involve a child in the project if you want to make it a collaborative project!

6. Bright Light

Once you have planted the succulents, you also need to provide them with the right kind of environment. A succulent growing indoors will still require natural light, perhaps even more so.

Be sure to find a spot near a window where the succulent can get some bright light. Ideally, the window should get a few hours of direct light so that the succulent can get enough light for photosynthesis and generate its food and nutrition. In fact, this is even better than keeping the succulent outdoors in direct light.

If there is no source of light indoors but you still want to grow succulents indoors, then using a grow light for succulents is a great option.

grow light on indoor succulent garden

7. Take Them Out for Air

Apart from giving them ample light, whether through the window or through fluorescent light, you will still need to place the succulent outside for some time. The succulent needs to also get natural air in addition to natural light, so you should keep it outside for some time (although avoid putting it in the intense afternoon heat, especially if you live in a hot climate).

Fresh air will also allow the soil to be ventilated and any water that may have accumulated to dry up. Besides, no living organism can thrive in stale air, no matter how much they like to be indoors. Similarly, succulents need to be taken out for air and sunlight every now and then so that you maintain the correct balance for their care.

8. Water Once a Week

Whether you leave the plant indoors or keep it outdoors, there is one thing when it comes to succulent care that does not change, which is that it should not be overwatered.

Ensure you water the plant not more than once a week, especially since it is indoors. It will not get direct sun or air that will dry the soil out, so watering the succulent once a week should be more than enough.

If the water gets accumulated in the bottom, there is a chance that the roots will also start rotting. So, all said and done, it is important that you give just the right amount of water and err on the side of caution.

indoor succulent garden arrangement

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to make an indoor succulent garden. By following all the steps above for planting a succulent garden, you should be able to create a beautiful and vibrant space within your home. You can also pot succulents in multiple pots to expand the garden. Perhaps, even dedicate a corner in the room for such a garden. Succulents do not require a lot of maintenance and are generally fuss-free plants to care for if you provide them with the right environment.