10 Easy-to-Grow Succulents for Busy College Students

Plants are an ideal way to make a room more lively and natural. However, not all plants are easy to grow or maintain. Thankfully, not all plants are difficult to care for. There are some low-maintenance plants that thrive and make the environment warmer and more appealing to the eye without taking too much time. In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best plants for college dorms you can get today.

Need a Low-Maintenance Plant?

As a student, you probably have a very, very busy schedule. The majority of students don’t have enough time in the day to complete their academic obligations, not to mention go get a plant and care for it. There’s a solution for that too, one that can save students some valuable time and help them reduce the stress that comes with writing endless tasks. The answer lies in the essay writing service Edubirdie where you can just say write my essay for me and hire writer who will take care of the task for you.

Once you save some time by delegating your writing tasks, go to the flower market and equip your room with an easy-to-grow succulent. Succulents are good dorm plants, perhaps the best of them all. They store water and don’t need frequent watering, and will fit perfectly in any room.

Top 10 Bedroom Succulents for Your Dorm Room

A succulent is the easiest, best plant for dorm room, but there are many choices. To make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best dorm plants you can use to decorate your room.

1. Snake Plant

The snake plant is beautiful, unique, and very easy to maintain. Some grow in curled patterns, others have sword-like leaves and grow straight ups, and they have different shades of green. One of the main reasons why these are the best dorm room plants is the easy maintenance. Snake plants don’t need much light or frequent watering, making them perfect for novice or busy plant owners.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is similar to the snake plant in the sense that they don’t need a lot of sunlight or water. You can easily spot this plant. It has thick leaves with tapered points that grow outwards. They grow in harsh desert conditions, so they won’t die just because you missed the watering day – or two or three.

aloe vera

3. Agave

Agave plants are similarly shaped to aloe vera but their leaves are thinner and they have spines along them. This gives them a rather appealing look and creates a contrast of prongs along a muted green surface. While they don’t need a lot of care, agave plants can grow really big and high, but you might find some types that will exist at only a few inches if you have limited space in your dorm room.

4. String of Pearls

Next is the little round plant that will fit perfectly into your college dorm room. String of Pearls is a succulent with a trailing stem of spherical bulbs, one that grows quickly and doesn’t require a lot of care.

5. Echeveria

Echeveria comes in over 150 different forms and is one of the most popular succulent plants. You’ll probably find them crowded together in rock beds or decorative planters. The Echeveria will grow in adverse conditions and requires very little nutrients.

6. Pincushion Cactus

If you are up to a bigger challenge, opt for the pincushion cactus. It’s not very hard to grow, but it requires more work than the rest of the plants in this list. If you treat it well, it will give you elegant pink flowers that look amazing.

7. Jade Plant

Jade Plants are also fans of warm conditions and they are perfect for a sunny dorm room. You can keep them for long, long years and take them home once you finish your studies. Keep them in medium-sized, deep pot to allow its roots to anchor.

8. Aeonium

Next on this list is Aeonium, a sweet succulent with unique appearance. In some ways, Aeonium is similar to an echeveria since it sprouts out of the end of a chunky stem. Aeoniums prefer moist, not dry soil unlike the other plants in this list, and will need some water every week.


9. Burro’s Tail

If you are looking for a very strange plant that will turn heads when people enter your room, this is it. It’s named after a donkey’s tail and after a while, their tail spills over the planter’s edge, making it look even more curious.

10. Zebra Cactus

Last but not least is the zebra cactus, a small version of the aloe vera with little explosions of striped leaves. It’s not at all demanding and can be watered once a month. They don’t require a lot of light or shade.

No matter which plant you choose from this list, you can’t go wrong. All these are easy to keep and will make your room a lot brighter.

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